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Found 16 results

  1. It all started when I found a Japanese DVD rip of episode 104 of Tamagotchi! online. Then, 10 minutes into the video, I found this screenshot right here, and I thought, "This looks very useful for a meme." (NOTE: If any of you guys want to use this for a meme, go ahead.) Below is an example I made.
  2. At one point, I decided to watch an episode of the Tamagotchi anime on YouTube. After a while having done so, I forgot the name and episode number of it. The only thing I remember from it was this little scene where Kuchipatchi looked like he was trying to eat A HUGE CHUNK of a sundae before it showed Sunopotchi watching him and looking confused over why he would attempt to eat it like that. I think it also had...maybe a long title? Not sure about that part, though.
  3. my best friend and i are not the most fond of these 3D tamagotchi wii models so we decided to open EO Cake and absolutely demolish them . She's a really big fan of Mimitchi (as am i) so she gets to spectate and all in all? very good fun. by the way- mametchi is swimming in kuchipatchi who got turned into mochi. its so good. i love eo cake.
  4. I've been running my Tamagotchi 4U for a while now and I've been looking forward to get Kuchipatchi (he's my favorite character). Yesterday I finally got him but unfortunately I overfed him a little bit and he turned into his personality stage, Kuchipatchin. Even thou he's really cute I want to get him back to his original form. So how do I make Kuchipatchin turn back to Kuchipatchi?
  5. Does anyone know where I could purchase a 'Ciao' Tamagotchi Entama? I would really like a Kuchipatchi one but I can't find any
  6. In the midst of the epic battle between Mimitchi and Mametchi, two opponents have risen. Kuchipatchi and Memetchi! If you like Kuchipatchi, go down by 1. If you like Memetchi, go up by 1. If it reaches 500, Memetchi wins. If it reaches 0, Kuchipatchi wins. Here's a pic if you don't know what they look like: Good luck! 250
  7. This morning I was up early for work and decided to quickly fed my TMGC P's and send them to school, it must have been between 7am and 7.15am. On both of them when they got to the restaurant Kuchipatchi turned up and then they got a huge free meal which filled all 4 rice bowls! Has this happened to anyone else? If it happens to me again I'll try to get a picture but this morning I was in a bit of a rush >.<
  8. Bracelet with Kuchipatchi on it.
  9. I would just like to share this amazing Japanese web site, Sorette Kuchipatchi! It is great for Tamagotchi and Kuchipatchi fans. (Even though I don't like Kuchipatchi myself). It's mainly all in Japanese except for the tabs at the top! Click on "About" to read about Kuchipatchi and his family (only if you know Japanese, heh). Click on "Movie" to watch some fanastic webisode animated shorts about Kuchipatchi! You should really check them out! They're in a completely different style from the "Tamagotchi!" anime and have no talking. Click on "Gift" for some super cute backdrops for your PC, and click on "Goods" for a list of Sorette Kuchipatchi products available in Japan! I also added some of the webisodes to TamaTube. Have fun! (I hope this isn't advertising, because it's an official Bandai site, after all).
  10. I'm not a huge fan of Skrillex but in his "Do da oliphant" song it sounds as if he's sampled from a tamagotchi episode! The first few voicey kinda sounds sound like Pokemon or something, but the "patchi patchi" sounds exactly like --> !! Go to 1:43 and listen to 1:56 WTF I SWEAR IT'S KUCHIPATCHI AT THE END THERE!! What do you guys think? Maybe Skrillex secretly likes tamagotchi!
  11. Please I love Kuchipatchi and need to watch Tamagotchi! episode 90. Where can I?
  12. Hello I really love Kuchipatchi and I want it on every tamagotchi toy I have. But I don't know how to get it on Tamagotchi V4.5. I heard I must take super horrible care of my toddler but it died!
  13. So, my first Nano Tamagotchi character, a gorgeous little Kuchipatchi, left today. I think it's the good ending... It's a piece of paper with three Japanese symbols and an exclamation point. He was an awesome pal. Goodbye, little buddy!
  14. Hello! I have Kuchipatchi on my iD L but when I take him to the Henshin Jo he won't transform! I thought he turned into a dinosaur, because it shows him like that on the instructions... I'm sure I bought all the stuff and got everything from the plants. Can anyone tell me if Kuchipatchi has a Henshin Jo transformation? Do you need to download an item or something?
  15. Rip Maya the Ura Memetchi, and her boyfriend James the Kuchipatchi. Before they died they had two beutiful twin boys.
  16. I recently got a new v4 and I have some questions about it. Nothing technical as I am really advanced with the v4.5 but little stuff anyways. Any tips and tricks to the V4s games I find them really hard(I am not used to the v4s games I have played with every tamagotchi V1-V5 except v4 so I am not used to these games, I am so used to the v4.5's games these ones are hard) Another thing I plan on breeding my V4.5 together with my V4. I started them at the same time so they pratically grew up together(They are teenagers now) and I was wondering If I have to wait 3 days after they grow to an adult for my V4 to want to breed with my v4.5(cuz they grow at different rates). Also I git a free honey I was wondering when the best time to use it would be. Just in case your wonderiing My two tamas are: Glow in the Dark~V4 Name:James Character: young kuchipatchi Points Intellegence:46 Style:47 Kindness:72 Flames~V4.5 Name:Maya Character:Young Ura Mametchi Humor:40 Fashion:51 Spiritual:40 Also Are these two tamagotchi's rare I know flames is as new ones sell for 3 times the price I paid for it in the store, but I am not sure about my glow in the dark V4.