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Found 8 results

  1. Hey folks! Got a Morino a little more than a week ago, and I recently got it to the adult stage. Now, at first, I didn't know that unlike a regular vintage tama, you have to keep its weight UP to GROW it. So as a result, I got the worst possible character. (wouldn't ya know its a dung beetle...) So my question here is, can anyone post a list showing the average/max age each of the Mushitchi adults can reach to? Or at least all of information known
  2. So who here brings their tama babies to work? I'm 23, I work as a cashier at Petco, and I keep my 4U in my pocket while i'm working. On monday it'll be my new mix's first time out! I mostly pull it out on my break, and sometimes my co-workers will ask what it is, or they'll say something like "Oh, my daughter had one of those!" I'm kinda shy so I usually try to keep it to myself.. Not because I think it's silly but because I have no idea what they'll think or say. Do you take your tamas to work with you? Share your stories!
  3. Random: What are your biggest fears in life? Edit Mine would probably be losing my mind, failing high school, and watching people die.
  4. Read this! Apparently, it's to be released on February 26th! I can't wait Pehaps it opens the door to upcoming Ocean and Garden apps too?! I wonder what Bandai has is stock for us in the futur. And will this app be a success? Face it, the P1/P2 one was boring. Will you run it, or was the first app enough trouble? x)
  5. The app started to glitch, I have no more tamas on the encyclopedia and the number of raised tamas is 0.I don't have my shells and wallpapers anymore, but I can still play the app on toy mode, but not on smartphone mode, when my tama was a teen on toy mode there was a blue Babytchi on the smartphone ver.But it was all glitchy, it used to have eating expressions sometimes, and it used to disappear every 2 seconds, now my tama is an adult and there's a Kuchitamatchi on smartphone mode, and it still glitching. What happened?
  6. (I tried searching for an existing topic to post in but couldn't find it, so sorry if this is a repeat). I am still kind of undecided on what I want to be. I want to work in a setting where I can help people but also have a steady job. I'm also interested in law/society. How about you?
  7. Hello everyone. I'm only talking about v1-3 because those are the only versions that i know about. I don't remember playing my original yellow p1 lol. For v1-3, the growth stages are (stages may slightly vary): baby-1 hour toddler-1day teen- 3 days adult- varies with matchmaker's timing, your choice in her matches, and if you intend on keeping an oldie. secret character-1 hour as baby==> straight to adult stage. So the basic tama life(all stages in succession) on these versions is a little over a week to as long as you can keep it alive. It seems that i only get attatched to them when they're adults, usually when they're teens, but when they're toddlers, a day is nowhere near enough. It's pretty meh when they're a baby, turn into a toddler, then i blink and they're already a teen. I feel like the entire tamagotchi life span is too quick. Many tell me that i'm crazy and that they think opposite, they think the life spans are too long (compared to the newer versons then?) Anybody feel the same way?? To combat this i'm thinking of keeping my toddlers on pause at home when i go to work (if i work that day) and when i go to sleep. I'm going to do that as well the first day they enter the teen stage. The only disadvantage would be the timing would work so you would have more training opportunities than normal. What do you guys think??
  8. Hello everyone! I've decided to make a log. It will probably be mostly about my Tama-Go, however I am getting a Tamagotchi iD L soon, so I will start playing with that, too. This log is just for fun, so really you don't have to comment about it XD I'll probably use it for memories, too. Logs are good for that. One thing I should note is that this log is almost always going to be from the Tamagotchi's point of view, which is why it's called "The Life of a Tamagotchi". Every once in a while I will add some extra details, however. Oh! And one more thing. I will be posting pictures every so often, however my camera is out of batteries currently. I'll add some soon, I promise! Anyways, have fun reading! -mimirabbit <---- My current tamagotchi, which is a Wooltchi named Jared.