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Found 1 result

  1. LINE, a popular calling and messaging service available across several platforms have just announced a new feature, and Bandai is delivering some Tamagotchi goodness as one of their launch partners! LINE Quick Games is the new feature that allows users of the popular messaging service to enjoy games right from within the LINE app. These games within the LINE app are developed using HTML 5. There will be basic games, but in addition to puzzle games and shooting games, LINE plans to offer games utilizing LINE’s chat function. Bandai has partnered with LINE to launch a Tamagotchi game! This new Tamagotchi game will be quite simple, and definitely sets itself apart from the My Tamagotchi Forever app released earlier this year. Within the app you can raise, feed, and play games with your Tamagotchi. You will be able to marry your friends Tamagotchi’s and mate! LINE plans on launching this new feature in the summer of 2018, with 8 initial games, including this Tamagotchi game. This new feature will be available later this summer as an application update. SOURCE: