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  1. I got my Tamagotchi ON today. The Green Magical. The Tama was a boy. So far there is a slight bit of lag with the buttons but nothing to hair pulling levels. The screw was really wedged in there, by the way you need a small flat head screw driver to remove the back to put batteries in and you need to pull down on the backing to slide it out. I fed him, he pooped twice so far and got a tooth ache from me trying to max is happiness out with snacks as I don't think games are available at the baby stage. Update: He pooped a few more times and I fed him some more before he grew up into a toddler, Hoshipontchi, the good care toddler so it looks like he's off to a good start! He went to sleep after that. Sadly because my Tama was delivered late in the evening I couldn't do much except the usual care for a baby before growth to a toddler. I'm sure if it was delivered earlier I could have played with him more. Also stinks because I have work tomorrow so now I have to unlock the hotel before I leave to make sure he's paused before I go. At least him becoming a toddler got me 300 gotchi points so that's enough for my work day plus travel time to and from work.
  2. Hello everyone And welcome to my first log! I’ve been reading some amazing logs of the members and that got me excited to start one for my Tamas and show you all how I take care of them. This log will include the Tamas I'm running, not necessarily one just so no one get confused I will try and post daily, if not it’s going to be every two or three days. I hope you guys enjoy and if there’s anything you would like to add or say please leave a comment
  3. Hi readers, I'm Hapi and I'm back with another log! Here's a list of my past logs for reference: the og take 2 take 3 take 4 and here we are with take 5! So excited to restart with a new and improved log. If you've never read any of my previous logs, you'll have to know that I make my updates in a way where my tamas talk in their own respective colored text (to me and with each other) about almost anything and have adventures in almost every post! If you've read my previous logs before, then welcome back and I hope you'll enjoy this one just as much! In the past I've experienced posting photos through Photobucket (doesn't work anymore) and Instagram (follow me @hapihapitchi!), so I'm trying out something new yet again. In the past I just dumped pictures out, but I think I'm gonna minimize how many pictures I post (1-3 per tama a day, none if there's nothing new!) for the sake of my phone's storage. I've decided to use Imgur to post pictures of my tamas so get ready for a colorful picture-filled log! Also, I do not post status updates ("stats"), but I may share their age, weight, gotchi points, etc. if I feel it is necessary. Remember that this is a no comments log, but I would love to hear your praise, criticism, questions and thoughts on my log and tamas, so feel free to PM me instead, I'd love to chat with you! I aim to post everyday, and once school starts up again that may become difficult, so please be patient, I am really gonna try my best to get a post with at least some dialouge and a picture or two out as often as possible, but sometimes I may only have time for a quick update! That's all for details, folks! Now, onto the tamas! Currently, I have a V2 and a V3 running, with a boy Oniontchi named Kacey and a girl Young Mimitchi named Kazzy, respectively. They are the best of friends and hopefully will become more than that soon. I can't remember what they were as toddlers, oops, since I didn't take pictures and they've been paused a while. More coming later!
  4. Hey readers! It's Hapihapitchi back at it again with a new log, haha. Welcome to take four of The Hapi Log, you can view previous takes here: the og take 2 take 3 You should expect some pictures here and there, color coded stories or "adventures", daily-ish posts, and a whole lot of craziness. I still don't have a new image hosting site to use since photobucket's a pain and I ditched it but I'm thinking of including instagram links like Rory's log does (which isn't active anymore). I'm not exactly sure what to call the conversations and interactions my tamas and I have. You can read a bit of my 3rd log, that should give you more of an idea of what I'm talking about, or if you've read the amazing Cheesy Noodle Log then you'll know exactly what to expect. I have a similar style to her's and most of my inspiration comes from her because she's a legend. Let's not emphasize "daily-ish" but rather "posts" because that's what you should expect, lol. True dedication is posting everyday and I definitely struggle with that. Lastly, the craziness is real. I got a lot of creative juices and I love messing around with my tamas. One more thing I forgot to mention! I do NOT do stats. This log isn't the formal here's-what-happened-to-my-tama-today log. If you're looking for one of those, Miri's log is for you. Miri posts everyday for the most part and it's incredible. She always has pictures and her log is a must read. Kajah995's log is kind of the hybrid between a more formal log and informal tama convo log. Also a must-read. Anyways, no stats for this girl! Posts will just be a quick introduction and whatever trouble my mischievous tamas decide to stir up. Of course I'll update you on characters and what version tamagotchi and whatnot. Because I seem to be giving out tons of honorable mentions right now, I guess I should bring up the fact that WingsThePhoenix and zacksims123 are the reason I started logging and some of my first and best TT friends. Salad isn't active anymore but you can read their old log anyways. I've probably read it 3 times now. Wings has an older log too and also a current-ish one! Love y'all! Ok I'm done rambling! On to the tamas! Right now I'm running my 2017 English mini and have a Nyorotchi named Florence. She's super cute. I also have my 20th anniversary M!X with Zyler the Yotsubatchi who starred in my previous log. They won't talk now because I gotta go! Good night!
  5. Hi! I'm Rita and I'm currently running a Tamagotchi V5! I wanted to start this log today because my first generation is going to be having a kid tonight (I'm going to go to the matchmaker here in about two hours) and that'll be really exciting I think! My history with Tamagotchi's is- short. I never had them as a kid, but I got into them pretty recently. I bought a Tamagotchi M!X because at the time I didn't think I would care for the classic black sprites but now I adore them. I tend to be an impulsive spender and am working on expanding my collection, I'm trying to get a 4 or a 4.5 and a music star right now. That aside though, I only have my pink anni mix and a cotton candy V5, and I love them to pieces Anyways, so, in the meantime while I wait for the matchmaker I figured I would go ahead and post some things! I have taken pics of my babies from before I was even on TamaTalk and thought of doing a log and today at school too because, I just wanted to get people acquainted with my kiddos! So, here we go I guess? I'll start putting my pics on a different post, but. I'm excited to be doing this! Hope you guys are too. Since I'm real chatty I'm going to leave comments on, I'd love to hear what y'all think.
  6. This is my ( lucky cats) tamagotchi log. You can read it if you want, but I ask you dont comment please! Tamagotchi fact file: Name: Mushy Gender: Girl Hobby: playing find ice cream Mother: Chocco, Pianitchi Father: Biscut, Righttchi Favourite meal: baguette Favourite snack: chocolate bar Ill keep track of things in the comments!
  7. *Drumroll plays* Hello, Tamatalk! It's Tamacass, with a new blog that I'll certainly be cringing at in the future! Yes, I know that you are all just so EXCITED to read on! And I am too! It's been a few years since I did this, yet I still have all of the basics down in long term memory. So, I may as well intro- OK, you've spoke long enough! Yeah! Rinny and I haven't had the chance to talk! Oh, come on! *AHEM* Please ignore the human over there, she has no idea what she's doing. As Noki said before, my names' Rinny! Yeah! And I'm Noki! I JUST SAID THAT! *Brawl insures* Hey, hey HEY! Cut it out, the both of you! I still need to tell the readers what Tamas you are! So, Rinny is a smol cinnamon roll Rolltchi, the bad care toddler! She's on my Pink iD L, which I'll show later. Meanwhile, on my pink P's, Noki is a Nokobotchi, the second teen you can obtain. I actually painted her pink at the painting place (Which I'll show right now). Anyway, I'm sure you're all screaming, saying "TAMACASS SHOW THE PHOTOS ALREADY DAMMIT" so here they are! Rinny's on the left, Noki's on the right (obviously). The bed's super comfy! Weeeee! STOP BOUNCING ON THE BED RINNY! Woah-oa! Hi! Look at me, look at me! Stop hogging the camera, please! Ta-da! Aren't I mystical and wondrous? ... ...Yeah. Sure. C'mon, let's play! I'm connecting you two right now! I hope I win! NO! I'M GONNA WIN, AND BEAT CHU! Oh no! My flowers! Yay! I win! *Bawls* I-I WAS GONNA BEAT YOU AND I WAS GONNA MAKE A REALLY GOOD FLOWER CHAIN A-AND... WAAAAAAAH!!! Ignoring Miss. Princess over here, Noki got 30 G for her efforts. Yippie! I didn't take anymore photos, so I may as well wrap it up here. However, I did do a drawing of the two on my Lenovo Yoga Laptop using Paint Tool SAI: *Sniff* ... We look great! I HATE IT! *runs off into cyberspace* Wait, Rinny! How did she do that?! Don't ask me. I wasn't asking you! OK, now that's over with, look forward to another future post! I'll probably have an update later if Rinny evolves. I'M EVOLVING LATER?! Oh no. YAY!!! I'm gonna evolve later, I'm gonna evolve later... -Tamacass
  8. Yay! A new log! On my last log i was sooooo happy to find that i got over 500 views, so because you guys liked that one, im starting a brand new one!!! (FOR ALL MY TAMAGOTCHIS IN 2016)
  9. Welcome to the Easter 2016 Group Hatch Log!!! So far, in this group hatch, I have: Me: Music Star tamaninjacat: Music Star or v4 ksh12july34: v1 Hapihapitchi: ID or P's or both Late hatchers are always welcome!!! REMEMBER, Logging is NOT required (I will definitely log though )
  10. So today I finally got my Mothra Tamagotchi back from the Watch Repair man/Jeweler (I really liked his shop it reminded me of a Steampunk watch shop.) and he said that I could bring in any Tamagotchi's with stripped screws and he would put in new ones for me, and new batteries so if I ever have a problem like that again, I will definitely take them to him. I have the JIS screwdrivers now though so hopefully it won't be a problem again. Anyways before I set the time on the Mothra I just want to comment that I love how they made the Tamagotchi casing resemble Mothra's eggs in the movies, I got the one with the light blue stripes because it resembles it the most, also it has the picture of Mothra on the top which I like also, that's why I didn't buy the one with more greenish stripes or the more dark bluish one (Which is apparently the rarest, and I didn't see it on Ebay at all.) Anyways for people who haven't seen the movies here is a picture of the Egg so you can see. The Tamagotchi doesn't look exactly like it, but the one with the bluish stripes was close enough for me. I also like how they have Mothra's cross symbol in the background of the screen, I will be going for the best Mothra adult with this first hatching (well technically second, but I had to take it to the Watch repair place, and it was only in the teenager/child stage, I prefer to call it the child stage since it isn't even in the teens yet!) I am setting the time on the Tamagotchi now, the time where I am (In Coeur D Alene, North Idaho.) is 2:13 PM. Mothra's egg appeared on the screen throbbing, now I just wait a few minutes for her to hatch... Alright the Shobijin/Elias girls came out after a few minutes and started dancing around, and singing (beeping) to get the Egg to hatch, the little Larva came out so I fed it four times (Leaves at this stage.), and played the game with it three times (The game is finding Mothra in four holes.) right now the baby is 5 tons (Those must be some pretty big freaking leaves, and the snack is cakes so they must be pretty big also considering that the stages above the baby gain a ton with each cake! or at least I think it's one ton for each snack, it might be two.) I think that the baby larva doesn't have an exoskeleton yet, because it looks pretty squishy, and if you lose the game it looks like a blob on the ground that gets big and angry, I will draw a picture for each stage in MSPaint. Edit: Ok here is the picture I made for the first stage, I know there is already some official art, but I wanted to make my own interpretation. Since it is a squishy larva it doesn't seem to have mandibles at this point. The larva had a poo so I flushed for it, and as I was uploading the picture it went to sleep, so I turned out the lights. Edit #2: At 3:13pm there was the strange beeping, and Mothra turned into the next larva, now it looks like it has more of an exoskeleton and mandibles, it still eats leaves, and cakes, I also figured out that the cakes make Mothra GAIN TWO TONS!!!! holy crap, those are some big honking Cakes! The Shobijin must be baking them for Mothra, maybe they use their magic to grow the cakes to titanic size? same thing with the leaves, because I have no idea where else you would get leaves that ginormous! Also Mothra's minimum weight at this stage seems to be 10 tons what a darling little baby! Here is my picture of the next form. I was going to draw a picture of how she looked like when she was angry, but I swear I tried losing the game on purpose about fifty times, and I never lost! it's like Mothra teleports to the hole you are choosing! the game gets a bit harder once you hit the next stage though! Anyways I just drew her happy animation instead. Edit #3: Quick update, but I finally lost the game after playing it about fifty more times, and the animation isn't much different from the happy animation, just the eyes are angry. Edit #4 (How many edits do I do before making a reply lol?) Mothra got sick again, I wouldn't normally mention it, but when you heal her the Shobijin come out, dancing and singing to heal her, I'm not sure if the beeping melody is supposed to sound like their song (The one that they use in every movie, though they sing others.) from the movies, but it doesn't really sound like it to me. While I was typing this out I heard some more beeping, and Mothra was tearing down a building, it always looks like Tokyo Tower, but I don't know if it's supposed to be the same building every single time, or if it's different buildings, and they just didn't feel like programming any others. Edit #5 (Last edit for today.): Ok she went to sleep right at 8:00pm and she will probably get up around 8:00am (Although before I go to bed I will change the time so that it gets up around the same time that I do.) I made sure she wasn't hungry, and that she was completely happy, and that she was at the lowest possible weight for her (ten tons.) before she went to bed. Other than that she tried to tear down another tower, so I had to discipline her, and she pooped some more. One interesting thing I found out is that if you press the A button on the clock screen that it changes it from a twelve hour clock, to a twenty four hour clock, I hadn't seen that posted anywhere so I thought it was kind of neat. Another thing I noticed that I never found out even in 1997/98 when I had my first Tama is that playing the game decreases weight even if you lose! I don't know if this is shared with the other Vintage Tamas, but I never knew this before. Anyways the final status for today is. Age: 1 Day (On the American Tamas it says years, but the Kanji for day is used here.) Weight: 10 Tons Hunger: Full Happiness: Full Justice: Halfway Full (The kana says "Seigi" which is justice.) each time she is disciplined it is filled up 1/4th of the way. Oh and if anybody is reading this, and is interested, I just ordered a Tamagotchi Ocean on Ebay, it was a clear blue and grey Japanese one for $69, all the other ones were Red (which I wouldn't want a red ocean one.) or too expensive, so I scooped it up as quick as possible, now I'm waiting for it, my Angelgotchi, Tamagotchi Forest, and Genjintchi to finally arrive.
  11. Hi! so I have decided to start a... TAMAGOTCHI P'S LOG!!! so here is some info you may need and/or like to know: I have a tamagotchi p's purple version my tama's name is nino (SAID LIKE: NEE-no) This tama p's is my favorite tama I have 2 tamagotchis: a connection v5 and p's my tama RIGHT NOW Is a teen (I will update if the stage changes) So that is the basic info. IF I am able to, I MIGHT TRY to add pictures Thanks for reading! mimitchi
  12. Hey guys, today I will start a log for my P's My aim in this log is to get all the characters in my book I hope you rate my log, like my posts and maybe even follow, Thanks! Right now I have a Himespetchi on my P's! She should get married soon, maybe tommorow Today, we just hung out around the house Just chillin' in our house but then it turned dirty, so I cleaned it up The occupation guy came and offered us a job at the TamaMori! We accepted and Himespetchi worked hard and served Yumemamatchi and Mitchi Sensei! With the money she earned, she bought some glasses and she thought she looked so pretty! We then played with our TamaPet, the Furilabutchi We then realised that she hadn't taken a bath so I put her in the bathtub Near the end of the day, we went to the park and met the Music Teacher We then went outside and we randomly saw a rainbow at night Before she slept, we went to the Music Cafe and ate some Deluxe Pudding for Supper. She should be getting married soon and I'm hoping for another girl Hayden
  13. Welcome to The Tamagical Log of Bella6328's Tamagotchis! (V4.5 edition) Please NO replying on here. I welcome PMs though! On this blog I'll be logging about my Stained Glass V4.5 Tamagotchi Connection! I'd love PMs about Group Hatching! --- So, I had a blog a while back but I was young and terrible at staying with it. I sadly had to pause my Tama V4.5 for a long time because I wasn't ready since my life was busy. BUT I'M BACK after guiltily passing the paused tama by my nightstand for like 5 months... Apparently, as I picked it up in the palm of my hand and tenderly pressed the un-pause button, I had last paused it on my Generation 3 female Horoyotchi named Akia right when her baby boy hatched. I stayed home from school today with a raging fever and cold, so I had plenty of time to hang and care for my Akia and her boy. I'm kind of annoyed with her being a Horoyotchi, so I have to admit I won't be crying or sad when she leaves. It'll be nice to have a fresh, knew start and carry on the generations to come. I don't QUITE remember when I paused it, whether it was right after the egg hacthed or if I waited, so I really have no idea when to expect her departure. If it doesn't come before I have to go to bed, I pay have to pause it. I don't want to wake up to a gone Akia and a dead boy. I'm probably going to be stuck going to school tomorrow, so I may or may not have a chance to sneak the occasionally peak at him to check up on him. I wouldn't want it to be "taken away for being caught." They'd probably think I had a phone or something. I'd love to see the look on their face when and if they ever realize it is just an addictiive tamagotchi. I'd have it on silent of course. Eh, I don't know what I'll do... I'm probably going to have to get new batteries soon. I had it on pause for like I said, about 5 months and I batteries still aren't dead. I lost the paper tab a while back so I have no way of shutting it off for a bit so it can be tabbed. So anyways, it's started up again! Today has been pretty uneventful. However, I kind of forgot how needy they are, even as adults. I must have been a suckish parent because Akia only has one bar of training! She keeps crapping all over the place, leaving little Hershey Kisses all over the screen. I don't know what I want to name her boy yet...I still have time, though. We opened the mail a few minutes ago to find a snake! Akia then only had one heart left, poor thing We played a quick game of Tug of Rope that I won and she was all better. Anyways, that's all for today. I hope once Akia leaves things will start getting exciting. She's 7 years old right now. Let's just say the boy will have a big inheritance with a whopping 17,000 Points ^^ My only Tamagotchi is my Stained Glass V4.5 because it's the only one I've been able to find at a Walgreens a few years ago. It's probably the only amount I can handle. However, I'd really love a Tama Go. Maybe on Amazon...
  14. Since one hasn't been made yet and the hatch is today I thought I would start it. Here is where you will log if you are apart of the Halloween hatch so the tamagotchi logs section isn't cluttered with millions of logs
  15. Hello! The date is Sunday, 12/15/13 ... ... Oh God what do I type now. I had a blog about ten years ago, (hyperbole, exaggerating to make a point.) what did I do then? -Looks at old blog- Oh... I hope you still enjoyed it throughout my atrocious grammar. Though I'm sure I'll look back at this in another ten years and think 'Wow, I was an idiot.' Well, I should stop with all the new paragraphs, otherwise my English teacher will kill me. Anyways, let's talk about my Tamagotchi. It is a scarlet melody Music Star, and it has a toddler boy on it. The boy started as a Petitchi, as all babies do, and then evolved into a(n)... -Checks tama- Kuchitamatchi. Which is a... -Checks growth chart- (If you have two eyes and a brain you can tell that I haven't played with my tamas in a while.) Bad care todler. Well, YOLO, right? Anyways, his name is John, named after any British television fandom that you please. I'm hoping to get a... -Checks growth chart- Mametchi. I just have to get perfect care. At least let me have a Shimashimashi, because those tamas are cool. Anyways, what would I normally do after a short exposition on what is going on with my tama? -Checks old log- Oh, well... Before I do that, allow me to tell you what I hope my updating schedule will be. I hope to get at least every other day. Probably unlikely. However, after 12/29/13, I will have access to TamaTalk on my phone, so I will likely update more then. Anyways, onto the 'chat' --- Me: Hello? Do you even speak? John: Mmm... Me: Do you need medical attention? John: Mmm... Me: What are you even doing? John: Mmm... Me: Fine, you know what? I'm going to leave you out in the December snow. John: Wait! Me: Ah, you can speak. Good. John: That was a sadistic way to get me to speak. Me: Mm... Thank you. John: It wasn't a compliment. Me: I was thanking your already large vocabulary. John: Oh... Thanks, I guess? Me: Alright, what do I usually talk about? -Checks old log- Me: Oh... excessive uses of capital letters... John: Umm... Were you that bad with English overall? Me: It appears to be so. John: Oh... Me: So, do you, uh, need any food? I think I may have... Pizza in the oven? It will still be four minutes though. John: That sounds lovely, thank you. Me: It's pepperon- John: I'm vegan. Me: OH GET OUT OF MY HOU- --- Heh, that's enough for now. You don't want to know what happened afterwards. It did involve lots of rope, simple mechanics, and a high-chair. What do I do after this? Oh yes, stats. 0 years 15 pounds 4 hungry 4 happy 03 stress 63 tone 73 rhythm 64 original Asian music Kuchitamatchi 1g 3000p Tell me if that's good or not. Um, didn't I have an ending shindig? Oh yes- There is one spelling mistake in this post. Find it, pm it to me by the time I post again, and you (and a thread of your choice) will be stated in my next post. Good luck!
  16. Okay, so ignoring the unoriginal title, I present Creative Burst's log of tamagotchis! Shadow: Can we get on with it? Creative Burst (Me): Well, I'll post your stats first. Name: Shadow Gender:Male Age: 2 years old Weight: 29 lbs. Hunger and Happy Hearts: 4 Stress: 0 Tone: 604 Rythm:550 Original:529 Music Genre: Pop Character and Generation: Kikitchi and 10th Shadow: I learned you can't do short stats. Peace: Clearly. Anyhow, I'm Peace the harutchi. The Music Star is Shadow if you didn't know from the stats. Me: Peace is female that weighs 22 lbs and is 0 years old. She has four hungry and happy hearts and is on generation 1. She is on the Version 4 with no training. Her skills are 24 intelligence points, 12 fashion points, and 2 kindness points. Lightning: Can you do me now, please Creative? Me: Sure. This is Lightning a tamagotchi plus color. He has four rice bowls filled in and 50% or 75% of his happiness bar and has no happy symbols or whatever they're called. He is a male kuribotchi who weighs 60 grams and is 0 years old. He is the first generation Gawain: *mumbles* And last but not least... Me: Well, this is Gawain the spacytchi. He is a male that is two years old. He weighs 37 grams. He has 2 rice bowls filled in and 0% happiness bar which both are being fixed. He has no tamatomo stamps, and he is on the 19th generation. Gawain: Can we talk now? Me: Sure. Just let me set Peace's and Lighning's time back, so they can wake up. ~Tamagotchi Talking Station~ Peace:Okay, okay, I'm up. Lightning:Can you belive we made it here with the long stats at first? Shadow: *practicing his karaoke and resisting the urge to play with his dinosaur* I'm doing this for you! Gawain: Shadow? How can you practice a karaoke machine? Shadow: *stops practicing his instrument* Well, there's a on/off swich. When the swich is on, the karaoke macine works like you think it works. When the swich is off, I use it like a microphone. Gawain:Ah. Lightning: Sorry if I disrupt something, but Shadow your cellular phone is ringing. Shadow:How do you know that? *talks to phone* Hello? Colleen and Toby: It's your band, Shadow. Toby: Anyway, you need to come practice with us. Me: Well, I'm sure this post is long enough, and it's time to go anyway. Shadow: Good. I'm going to practice with my band. Creative Burst 8 P.S.: Feel free to rate the log, like the log, follow the log, and P.M. me. I'm looking foward to seeing you next time.
  17. Hello everyone and welcome to the third season of ICHIROiD!! Just like what I'm doing before, I'm running a specific version for the entire run with additional guests on the side for some surprises. For Season 3 I've decided to run my navy blue +Color. Without further ado, let's get the season rolling in! Let's hatch the first egg! A few minutes later, we have a healthy Nokotchi for our first generation! Interestingly, babies are always needy regardless of versions... but this one's Happy Meter despite being very short is a little more manageable than that of the iD and iD L. In no time at all the little one grew into Sakuramotchi. To get a sense of comfort with the new house and surroundings, we took her for a short trip to the park. Since there's nothing much to do in the new house for our first day, we decided to go shopping for a bit at the TamaTama Market. Oh look, for each purchase comes a free lottery ticket. Might as well try our luck with this one later on. We bought green tea from the store and have the little one give it a taste... Did you like it? Apparently she did. It gave her our very first Happy symbol! Oh right, happy symbols work differently for this version. This is going to be challenging! I wonder if we'd be able to complete all seven of them for this generation? We'll keep our fingers crossed. ** To be continued **
  18. Hey guys^^ yesterday, i got the notification that my Tamagotchi ID L are at the custom office. I was very mad, because the seller wrote the declaration wrong and thats why i had to go to the custom office today. After work, my dad drove me and my sister to the custom office - an one hour drive through hell. because there is really bad weather at the moment (hurricane Xaver) and unfortunately am i car sick. after the first 20 minutes i felt reeeeeeally really queasy. anyway, at the custom office, i had to open the package that the customs official could check the content. it was really cool that he knew what a tamagotchi is ^^ everything was all right, so i just had to pay the import vat and now i'm a proud owner of an blue ID L. at the ride home, i started to unbox the tmgc. it was quite hard, because i was so excited and it was really good packaged. but it has distracted me from my car sick ^^' after i have inserted the batteries, the tama was ready and after another minute hatched my cute new baby tamagotchi - a Momoirotchi *.* during the first hour until she evolves to a toddler, i have poked a round a little bit in the menu, bought some stuff and played with her. i was a bit scared because it's my first japanese tama, but like the most of you say, it's really no problem when you know how to take care about the older tamagotchis in the meanwhile i arrived at home and 10 minutes later, momoirotchi evolved into paletchi ^____^ here you can see paletchi in the garden with her first planted seed: it's hard to see, but it's snowing ♥ later i went shopping and was suprised to see that paletchi fell asleep during i bought some christmas-chocolate it was a rough day and now, my sweet little paletchi is sleeping in her bed and i put my lovely new tmgc in it's crochet cover for the night and placed it next to my pillow. thanks again to Carol_tama now it's time for me to say good night: good night everyone ^____^
  19. Hiii! Hayden wanted me to do a log of the Tamagotchi Friends so I will. In this log I will post updates on what characters I get, as well as other discoveries, opinions, and stuff. So yeah~ There were three eggs - one with spots, one with stripes, and one with a heart. I chose the spotty egg at first but it gave a girl, so I reset and chose the stripy egg. It gave a boy. I know that the heart egg gives girls as well so this is the most likely speculation: Spotty Egg - Random Gender Stripy Egg - Male Heart Egg - Female The egg hatched into Aokumotchi. For some reason he didn't seem nearly as needy as the baby stages on most other versions. He got sick once and he took a nap during the middle of his baby stage, like on generally all Tamagotchis we are familiar with, and then he evolved into a toddler, Mitsumarutchi. The evolution animation is fancier than on previous versions. When I was first playing with my Tamagotchi Friends I did notice that the character as well as the poops can blend in with the background. But after a short time, I had gotten used to it, and in a well-lit room the screen looks perfectly fine! (I have no electricity or light power in my room so I have an old lamp with an extension cord leading to a different room of the house). So yeah, the screen may look bad to some people at first but you get used to it! The battery compartment has a very different design from all other Tamagotchis but it reminds me of the battery compartment in many other toys I've seen. I wish I could take a photo of it but then the batteries be out and so I'd have to reset (or rather, download) but I don't feel like doing that at the moment. By playing Mimic, I have seen the sprites of the other raisable characters. The adult sprites are huge compared to the other stages but that's pretty good I guess. I have seen Maimaitchi, Cosmotchi, Bokuhoshitchi, Neotchi, Nokobotchi, Puchihanatchi, Painaputchi, Kuchipatchi, Memetchi, Mametchi, Acchitchi, Righttchi, and Coffretchi... maybe a few others but I'm forgetful. As for the Tamagotchi Friends design itself, it just feels so comfortable in my hand! The buttons are pleasant to press, and the sound is just perfect; not as sharp as the Connection sounds and not as fuzzy as the Tama-Go sounds. The back of the Tamagotchi is heavier than the rest so when you put it down on a desk or something it just goes PLONK! Somehow this Tamagotchi seems heavier than the Tama-Go even though it is obviously smaller. I think it would look better if the shell wasn't like, divided into so many sections. It's fine on the iD L-looking ones since the "sections" are different colors for the design and such but it looks strange on the white leopard design, as well as the pink heart design, but the blue with spots design is ok with this shell structure I think. I should talk about my actual character. XD He is age 0 and weighs 7lb. I noticed that the bread I gave him made his weight go up by two, and another time, something I bought from the meal shop didn't make his hungry meter go up?! Weird. Anyway I have 3,280 Gotchi Points and I have only bought one jewelry item, the Ring of Love or something like that. I will continue to buy more! Did I mention how much I love the sprites for the character close-ups and many of the jewelry items? Absolutely gorgeous! <3 The characters I have seen at the park so far are Amiamitchi, Hanafuwatchi, and Chochotchi. The characters that appear at the park are unraisable ones, like on the iD L and P's and unlike the Tama-Go. Random photo time! My first photo was taken when it was kinda dark, and I had the camera flash on. but the other three photos are better because I had the TF next to a lamp and turned the flash off my camera. If you wanna see my first Tamagotchi Friends video, check here!
  20. So this is TamaMama here, getting ready to start my log. I got my ID L on Christmas, and admittedly i haven't played them in a while. but I'm starting up again! Ill start with some pictures of it- so here is with and without the case(made by oddsandendswithlove) ">http:// ">http:// What about me? Me: i was just giving them pictures of your house first. ​don't they care about me? Course they care about you its just- Sniff sniff oh come on. Lip starts to tremble Ok ok! il post some pictures! Really! Yes! sheesh. The is my Emotionally unstable delicate but cute Cream Puff. shes a Perotchi. Why did you name me Cream Puff? Im not that Puffy am I?Is it my head? I alway thought it was a little thick…. sniff siff Well when you were little you were a Rorutchi, and you looked like a little dessert. Still. Anyway………. Here she is, very pretty in her blue dress and, is that a seashell? ">http:// It was on sale. Wait your doing THAT picture? NOOOO!!!
  21. Well hello its me again I will TRY to keep my log going this time 2nd time round here we go I have a v4- Music-Maiditchi v6- Lawliet-Makiko and a tama go- Denim-Kuromamatchi If you remember my last log then you will be able to see that they are in the EXACT same condition that I left them in... apart from denim who keeps freezing on me but oh well I sdfgfdrthbvtghrttyyuuui MUSIC what are you doing to my keyboard!!!!!!?????? s-s-sweeping it... it was dusty and- AND I DON'T CARE you can sweep the keyboard when I finish typing ok? Ok Hello Guys remember of course you have how could you forget me just the other day in fact- Denim! *yawns* Yes what is it now Can you please stop telling everybody about something completely uninteresting and tell them the news of the day ok? what ev Hello everyone as you can see I unlike some other certain people I COULD mention *stares meaningly and Music* am completely normal and ready to tell you the gossip of the day. now settle down, everybody ready. Well I was at the shop picking out clothes for when my band takes off and I saw Dazzilitchi. I KNOW RIGHT and then I saw what she was taking to the check out it was the most hideous disgusting REPULSIVE jumper on the face of the earth. Thats right you heard me correctly but it gets even better then she- Okay Lawliet your turn is over WHAT???!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *runs away crying* NO sweetie don't worry I make the bad human let you have your own log where *runs out of the room chasing after her* Those two are engaged as soon as a) THEY STOP BEING 2 DENIM STOPS GLITCHING and yeah so since Music is the only one left she can entertain us, I- I - can???? Yes sure you can now tell us something about your day w-w- well today yes go on I went to work and whats your job? I work at a bakery good and what did you do? I sold 8 cakes and was very- very what? very happy good what happened next? well I got some mail... and what was inside? a letter from? the gotchi king and what did he give you? 200p good. Now then we better be going then so say goodbye everybody b- b- bye Bye! Bye Bye -Caomi -Denim -Lawliet -Music
  22. I think I'm more going to hold than have a log, like we hold a journal. A journal all about Tamagotchis, how sweet! <3 This is mainly for record-purpose actually; I never remember much and anyways, who's gonna read this boringess? So I'm Itsumo-nana... Itsumo is Japanese for Always/forever and Nana's my nickname, and it happens to also be a real Japanese name so I'm happy!! ^^ ((It also means a girl that's what I'm not going to write here in french -/ way less charming indeed.). I've ordered a pink P's on CDjapan (49.25$ exactly, writing because I wouldn't remember haha) on Saturday night, like 3 hours before leaving to this restaurant/bar to watch GSP's fight again Hendricks (they let me enter the bar area even tho I'm 14 and theres this 18+ rule; I heard some rude men laugh and comment on how I was so young, and yes the fact that I was wearing a ballerina-like pink skirt didn't help-). I was so happy when I succeded in convincing mom and when dad pressed the Buy Now button in Paypal!!! I've also ordered a white Tama-Go off a seller on, on Sunday night. Costed me 20.44$ and I was reallyreally super happy because the tama was supposed to be PINK but then on Tuesday, the seller emails me telling me they've made a mistake and that they only have white and green Tama-Gos left, that there no longer are pink ones in stock, that they're so sorry and all the usual fake-sorryinglyness. I told them I'd get a white one then and they shipped it Wednesday night, along with a free gift (I think it's going to be a lanyard; and I also think all buyers get a free gift, so that's not a we-are-sorry gift at all). I'm still really excited to get it tho The white one's really cute too. And it has Kuchipatchi, I love Kuchipatchi!! My bro ordered his own green Tama-Go this afternoon, won a bid. He paid 17.45 for his, and it's used... It looks new on the pictures actually, but pictures can lie with the lighting and all. I think he got a good price, but not the best. Will have to log about it when it arrives from GB. Hmm also... YES I found this cute V5 Cookie Dough design but the seller denies all my best offers without even commenting... Gave him a last and final price, we'll see what happens next! Will log some more once I receive a Tama
  23. Tama Logging Day 1 Finding my screwdriver made my room a mess, but it was worth it. I love typing and forum sites, so a Tamagotchi log would be perfect for me. Allow me to lay down some guidelines and reminders for you, and for me as well: -I will try to log at least twice a week. -I will raise my tamagotchis to be oldies. I've never liked breeding and marrying my pets off as much. -Please do not post on my log. -I will put effort into my log. Dang. That was simple. If I think of any more, I will make note of them. Now, let's move on with my Tamagotchi. I will be raising a V4.5. Around 3:00 PM, which wasn't long ago, I hatched my very first tama for my log. I'll probably only be using this one the whole way through: Wow. Finding out how to get these pictures to show up on my log was seriously the most annoying thing ever. I had to refrain from punching my computer screen. Anyway, here you can see my girl Scout being born. I named her off a character from "To Kill a Mockingbird", since I had to think of something. We're reading that book in my English class. Anyway, that was a very stressful hour and a half, don't judge me. :X I'm going to go eat bread now. Update later.
  24. Introduction Welcome to my sweet little corner of the vast Tamagotchi universe! Thank you so much for stopping by; I appreciate your interest in my Tama life. My name is Lauren and I've been a Tama collector since 1997. My collection started with a purple and hot pink P1 and my love for virtual pets only grew from there. I've continued adding to my collection little by little over the years, and while I love getting new Tamas, my ultimate goal is to keep my Tama family small. I like knowing that I can play with and manage each Tama by giving it the attention it needs when it's in play. That said, I usually only focus on caring for one Tama at a time. I'm very picky about the Tamas I buy, so when I get a new one, it's a very special and meaningful experience. Just as my username suggests, I tend to be drawn to Tamas that reflect sugary sweetness (i.e., dessert themes, candy-like color palettes) and/or are primarily pink, as you can see from a peek at part of my collection below. (I'm not listing off all of my Tamas in this introductory post since the forums disable post edits 24 hours after a post is made. The list would prove to be inaccurate whenever Tamas enter or leave my collection.) About I plan to have my Tama log display the most current progress my Tamas have made. I'll be keeping the progress of all my Tamas in this one thread. Because my life can be pretty chaotic at times, I, unfortunately, won't always be able to keep my log up-to-date. That means that my posts, especially posts that include photos, will be somewhat erratic. I might not be able to capture and post every single evolution. I'd like to apologize for that in advance! I'll do my best to post photos of evolutions and other fun info about my Tamas whenever I get the chance to do so. If anything, my photos will at least serve as eye candy for anyone who likes cute pops of color! Thanks Again, thanks for viewing my log. Please refer to my profile for more info about me and my life, and feel free to leave a comment in my profile or send me a PM if you want to chat! From me to you: Have a sugary sweet day filled to the brim with cupcakes, macarons and cookies!