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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, welcome to the Mametchi VS Mimitchi War. It's like Hemisphere/Gender War but with Mimitchi and Mametchi! If you like Mametchi, you go downwards by 1, if you like Mimitchi, you go upwards instead. If it reaches 0, Mametchi wins, but if it reaches 1000, Mimitchi wins! VS I'll start! 500
  2. Halo! I want to know about your dreams! (Not the ambition one) the dreams you have at night! Good or bad, short or long, vivid or not, lovely, scary, weird, everything! I just want to read about other people's stories from their deep slumbers. 😁😁😁😁 :D
  3. Post your tamagotchi art here!
  4. 1. I am not allowed to refer to me, Ruby, and Rachel as the Lookalike Trio. 2.The Bad Touch Trio is not appropriate either. 3. When I am walking with Rachel or Ruby, I am not allowed to introduce us as Gred and Forge. 4. I should not yell "HI Gred and Forge!" if I see Rachel and Ruby walking together. 5. I will get severe injuries. 6.I am not allowed to call Kaye "senpai-chan" 7. I am not allowed to call the guy in my orchestra class "Rainbow". 8. I shouldn't mock Serena. 9. I already got reported to the counselor because of that. 10. I am not allowed to call Kaye a man-whore. 11. I can't call him the school boy toy either. 12. When someone swears, I am not allowed to yell "For God's sake Harry, what is with this language!? Yer a f$*#**$g wizard!" 13. I am not allowed to call The Ultimate Doomer the lovechild of Sirius Black and Serverus Snape. 14. I am not allowed to challenge The Ultimate Doomer to a duel on Pottermore. 15, It will end up with me sulking. 16. I should not try to contact J.K Rowling to ask her to add the Avada Kedavra/Unforgivable Curses to Pottermore. 17. I will get banned. 18.I am not allowed to play Ebola-tag. 19. Ruby will cry. 20. I am not allowed to make Ruby or The Ultimate Doomer cry. 21. Drama will ensue. 22. The Ultimate Doomer X Ruby is not a ship. 23. I am not allowed to make the above thing my otp. 24.I am not allowed to ship TT members. 25. I am definitely not allowed to create fanfics about the ships. 26. Foxy the Pirate Fox is not my spirit animal. 27. I am not allowed to eat fried chicken while playing FNAF. 28.I am not allowed play my violin at my dad's restaurant. 29. My dad will have to pay for the medical bills and eardrum replacements. 30. i am not allowed to shout "OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE" whenever someone asks about Korean culture. 31. I should not shout this in Korea. 32. I am not allowed to bring my baby cousin back from Korea as a "souvenir" . 33. My baby cousin's English name will not be Shrek. 34. His name will not be Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber either. 35. The comment-on-everything-in-Doomer's-profile-feed-challenge is not an actual challenge. 36. I am not allowed to make fun of The Ultimate Doomer's username. 37. I am not allowed to call him Domer either. 38. I should not tell those new to TT that The Ultimate Doomer is a girl. 39. Even is he looks like one. 40. I am not allowed to say The Ultimate Doomer looks like a girl. 41. My bow is not a wand. 42, I should not attempt to cast spells with it, as my violin would be taken away. 43. I am not allowed to call the guy in my math class "selfie". 44. Flipping each other off constantly is not a "lost language" 45.I am not allowed to skip the mile run. 46. I am not allowed to do the mile run with a scooter/bicycle/my mom's car. 47. I am not allowed to scream "I DON'T GOT NO BAE NO MORE" to people after a breakup. 48.When the group leaders are raising their hand for us to be quiet at After School Care, I am not allowed to walk up to them and high-five them. 49. I will not refer to After School Care as Concentration Camps Inc, 50. The bathrooms at ASC are not to be referred to as "the gas chambers" 51. I should not gasp and cry with relief whenever someone walks out of the bathrooms unharmed. 52. I am not allowed to send my teachers the link to so they can see what students say about them. 53. I should especially avoid doing this to my orchestra teacher. 54. I am not allowed to laugh when my orchestra teacher calls himself an idiot/stupid man. 55. I have to laugh at my orchestra teacher's jokes. 56. Even if they're not funny, 57. The orchestra teacher's jokes are always funny. 58. I am not allowed to make inappropriate comments about getting "the D" in a subject. 59. Grades are serious. 60. I am not allowed to tell my dad that I'm going to get a D at one point or another, whether in a report card or in bed. 61. I am not allowed to swear in front of my little brother. 62. Yanking my brother's hair is not "stress-relief". 63. I should not repeat the incident with the plastic recorder. 64. This time I might blind him. 65. I am not allowed to go to Great Britain just to visit King's Cross Station. 66. I am not allowed to walk around the station quoting Dumbledore from Deathly Hallows. 67. I am not allowed to reenact Harry Potter Puppet Pals at school. 68. Especially with Dumbledore. 69. I will not spent 20 minutes trying to explain 69 to The Ultimate Doomer. 70. I am not allowed to say "boing" 71. I am not allowed to say "do you even shrek" 72, This topic will probably get deleted. 73. I am not allowed to follow Storyteller's guide to mourning your favorite topic that was locked. 74. I don't have ADHD anyways. 75. I am not allowed to sing my Let it Go parody in public. 76. I am not allowed to touch Ruby's hair. 77. I might get a broken arm. 78. I am not allowed to say that Ruby's broken arm was caused by a fat guy crushing it at Ice Palace. 79. It was a tall guy who bumped into it the wrong way. 80. I am not allowed to accuse Kaye of breaking Ruby's arm. 81. I am not allowed to go to the Oahu Club just to see Kaye shirtless. 82. I was just trying to see if he really does have a 6-pack. 83. It is almost impossible for a 12-year old to have a 6-pack. 84, I am not allowed to request that the orchestra play Happy Happy Harmony. 85. Hattafutte Parade is not to be requested either. 86. #bringbackTbay will not be accepted because #conpeople. 87. I will not ask Admin to rename TamaCHAT! as DramaCHAT! 88.My Patronus is not Freddy Fazbear. 89. I do not have a Patronus. 90. SkydoesMinecraft is not the next President. 91. I should not create #SkyforPresident 92. #ShrekforPresident is not acceptable either. 93. YOLO is not an appropriate response when asked why homework was not done. 94. Neither is singing "Too Cool For School" From Harry Potter Puppet Pals. 95. I am not allowed to use the Wizard Swears. 96. I am not allowed to use the Elder swear. 97. I shouldn't memorize the Elder Swear. 98. I not allowed to yell "Swiggity Swooty, I'm comin' fo dat booty!" whenever I see Kaye. 99. I am not allowed to make Harry Potter jokes/puns. 100. I am not allowed to make another topic like this one.
  5. Hi there peeps! I have noticed that there are LOADS of topics on Tamagotchi Names and that people are asking people to write some, so (being as clever as i am lol) I have bunched a-load up and am putting them in this forum. Lets Begin! P.S Tamagotchi has a 5 (or is it 4?!?) letter name rule so most of these are short. Girls: Zoe Jo Jan Gemma Gem Sara Tilly Rose Lily Lara Mary Jewel Becca Mimi (mine at the moment) Coco Sweet Mrs (what the...) Peppa Laur Nana (*cough, cough*) Nimi Greta Mint Minty Gummy Petal Mini Thats all for girls at the moment! If you have a girl Tamagotchi then feel free to write down THEIR name but not one your just simply adding. Boys: Joe Joey Bob Bobby Zeph Fin Adam Marl Ant Boy (...) Male (me: who came up with these??? brain: you did. me: ...) Mark Bro Russ Tiggy Josh Joshy Marty Quin Quent Nat Georg Dan Thats all for boys at the moment! If you have a boy Tamagotchi then feel free to write THEIR name but not some others that you like.
  6. I have a challenge. For all of you. Create a Tamagotchi-themed meme! It's pretty self-explanatory. The only thing is, if you are a brainwashed true Tamagotchi fan, you would totally get it. Ya'll know what I'm saying? So go forth into the creative universe-and create the TAMAGOTCHI MEME!
  7. Okay,I'll go first.You can play as anyone from an anime you know. "Riiiiiikkka....Re...Is.....Die..."As the sounds of her moaning and coughing up b***d...she had died. "Ahhhhh! Rena don't die!!! Keiiiiiiiichiiiiiiiii!!!!" Rika screamed as loud as she could,but to make sure he could now who was shouting she ended it with a ~Nipah~! Suddenly... Up to you now...