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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys! I am actually trying to find someone to marry my LOVELITCHI. I haven't had any luck yet! Also, I'm open to making new friends <3 ADD ME! NNM673422 😫
  2. Recently, my well loved Pianitchi left me and died, and Im very sad 😢. I am here to remember it and share her interests with fellow Tama fans, who ( hopefully ) feel the same as me. Pianitchi loved playing piano 🎹. Her favourite song to play was the tamagotchi dance. She loved eating corn, and always went to the park. Her mother, cofrietchi was sad when she heard the news ( obviously ). Pianitchis best friend was memetchi and they always exchanged presents. Here is here photo album: 🌽 her first corn on the cob 🎹 her piano 🏡 her house her best friend I am still getting over the grief of losing her. I hope you feel the same way. Lucky Cat
  3. I want my Mametchi to marry coffretchi in my tamagotchi p's and yes the dream coffret pierce is linked to my p's but she's not in the dating place. ._. Is there any way my character could marry a pierce character? ._.
  4. Tama Logging Day 1 Finding my screwdriver made my room a mess, but it was worth it. I love typing and forum sites, so a Tamagotchi log would be perfect for me. Allow me to lay down some guidelines and reminders for you, and for me as well: -I will try to log at least twice a week. -I will raise my tamagotchis to be oldies. I've never liked breeding and marrying my pets off as much. -Please do not post on my log. -I will put effort into my log. Dang. That was simple. If I think of any more, I will make note of them. Now, let's move on with my Tamagotchi. I will be raising a V4.5. Around 3:00 PM, which wasn't long ago, I hatched my very first tama for my log. I'll probably only be using this one the whole way through: Wow. Finding out how to get these pictures to show up on my log was seriously the most annoying thing ever. I had to refrain from punching my computer screen. Anyway, here you can see my girl Scout being born. I named her off a character from "To Kill a Mockingbird", since I had to think of something. We're reading that book in my English class. Anyway, that was a very stressful hour and a half, don't judge me. :X I'm going to go eat bread now. Update later.
  5. Ones 3 and the other 4 --- In LOVE sorry hahaha Malfoy Edit: MERGED. Please avoid posting consecutively - you can edit your posts within 24 hours. Thank you!
  6. So.. What are your favorite sweets to eat away at and get fat on? I love ice cream, chocolate, and a bunch of other goodies. It's a wonder I'm not fat.
  7. Hey Guys! So, I am getting a Tamagotchi ID L that is blue that I just bought on amazon last night. I am very anxious because it is my first color (I have previously owned a v5 and v5.5) and the website itself said that it was going to be delivered at my door in two weeks for even three but everyone that bought an ID L there commented that they got it super uper duper fast and got it in a WEEK! Im going to blog some things ( I dont know how to upload pictures though... ) so lets all hope that this doesn't FAIL! Also, can someone help me??? IDKY but this topic was put in non tamatalk area......
  8. hello, i am connecting two of my tamago's (one a boy and one a girl) both of adults and of 2 years old. they have 4 (super fappy faces)with each other, but there are no hearts, even though when they visit, they kiss at the park! what is going on and why is there no hearts? PLEASE HELP! -tamatownpuppy
  9. I remember my very first Tamagotchi. It was a v. 3, i think i was around the age of 7. It was a boy, and i named him Nisse. I spent every waking second with him, and when he went to sleep, i actually requested that my family be quiet to not 'wake him up'. He was like a son to me, allmost. And then one day, i woke up, to find a little angel on the screen. I was crying rivers that day, i was really quite upset. I think about him sometimes, as silly as that sounds. Rest in peace, Nisse. I miss you. <3
  10. Hello everybody! My v2 Tamagotchi evolved into an adult today (finally!). I then got this crazy idea that my v2 and v4 could marry. I used the love potion on both of them and they now love each other. Whenever one of the characters go into the other's house a love heart appears between both of them. When I go to friends it shows 4 love hearts on the bottom bar for each of them. The only problem is that I don't think the v2 and v4 can get mate together and receive a child each! (Oh well) By the way I got this really ugly character on my v2! Haha, I'll see if I can get them to mate. 28/12/11