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Found 5 results

  1. Okay, so this game was inspired by "What are You Listening to Right Now?" (btw that is not a game). Anyway, the first players posts the first lyric line from a song. That first player also says which song the lyric came from. The next player has to post which lyrics come next in the song. Then the next player does the same thing. When the song is complete, the player who posts the last lyrics to the song gets to choose the next song. You may google the lyrics. Example: Player 1: Song: "Let it Go by Idina Menzel." The snow glows white on the mountain tonight Player 2: Not a footprint to be seen Player who posts the very last lyrics of the song: The cold never bothered me anyway. Next song: "Roar by Katy Perry." I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath Sorry if this is confusing not good at writing instructions. Okay I will start: Song: "Dark Horse by Katy Perry."
  2. What are your favorite lyrics of all time from any song? You can choose an entire song with the best lyrics or just a line or a stanza you really like.
  3. Yeah so I'm sure we've all heard a song and just sang what we heard. Most of the time we end up getting the lyrics wrong. Sometimes that can be pretty hysterical. So none of y'all are gonna know any of the following songs 'cause I grew up with 80s and country. But I was on a spree of my childhood songs today, and realized how much I butchered the lyrics. We Built This City, Jefferson Starship. I always thought the lyrics were "Macaroni plays the mamba". I remember hearing that and even looking it up. HA NO. That kid's name was not freaking Macaroni. My little kid self read "Marconi" wrong. Also, Red Dirt Road, Brooks 'N Dunn. I thought the line was "There's nothing orange on that red dirt road". Makes sense, yeah? orange is close to red on the color spectrum. There ain't no orange on that red road. This baby is one pure red road. That may be true, but there's also "life at both ends on that red dirt road". My dad laughed at me when I sang orange. Oh yeah, and I always heard the line "I found the path to heaven, it's full of sinners and believers", as "sinners and the beavers". Hey, countryside's gotta have beavers right? And my mom pointed out that I sang that all the time when I was three. I was singing about my first beer and wrecking my first car when I was three. Oh, childhood. Tell me your funny lyric mistake. You know you have one. Don't deny it, man.
  4. I remember playing Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon on the N64. But I can't remember the Japanese and Translated English lyrics. For those who play Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, will you please help me out by posting the original Japanese lyrics, the English lyrics from the game (starting with "fight on, fight on"), and even the misheard lyrics (English words that sound just like the original Japanese lyrics)?
  5. So here's how this works. We try and keep a conversation going using just one or two lines of song lyrics. Lets see if this conversation actually makes sense. My money's on 'no'. 'If given the choice, would you do it again?' (Now someone posts some lyrics in reply! Hurrah!)