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Found 26 results

  1. Hey everyone! This is my first post, so bear with me if this has been mentioned before: I have two tamagotchi meets (magical). I LOVE them, but something funny is happening with my white one (I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but maybe it's worth mentioning...)! She just refuses to progress from teen to adult! My green one has grown into an adult, married, had a baby, and now that baby is an adult. A little insight: I sent both tamas on a cruise while I was at work. I came home to find my male teenager has been replaced or grown into Mametchi! "COOL!" I thought. He was only around for maybe 30 minutes before he was proposed to by a character in the game. He (I) agreed, and off he went to get married and they had a little baby hybrid of themselves. Now, Mametchi and his wifey are doing their thing, and my little girl baby has grown up! It's only been maybe 2 or 3 days since she hatched. She has been able to unlock locations and other fun activities. limited tama has been stuck as a teen girl for DAYS! This is the first hatchling I've had on this particular device, and she's not wanting to age up! I'm not playing either device any differently than the other (I often play with them simultaneously). Could this be a glitch? Am I missing something? As adorable as she is, I want her to progress! Anyone know what the deal is?
  2. In my free time I've come up with two different characters (both made extremy far apart from each other which is why the first looks a lot nicer then the second). One of the charicters is a m!x between Gozarutchi and Masktchi, the second is a m!x between Gozarutchi and Androtchi! I hope you like them!
  3. Tamagotchi M!X Did Launch In Japan But Launched Worldwide Now... In Brazil? But How to buy?
  4. I've been running my Tama Spacy M!X for 5 generations now, and no matter how well I take care of it, I get the same teen, Waamuwaamutchi. The past gens I thought maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention to it, so for my fifth generation, i made sure there were no miss cares. I kept her fed fully the entire time and had her happy bar at the teal column (I'm pretty sure it doesn't go higher for toddlers, I could be wrong though.) So, when the time came for her to evolve, I was expecting a Haretchi or Eriitchi, but instead I got another Waamuwaamutchi! Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm so tired of seeing Waamuwaamutchi...
  5. I've been running my Spacy M!X version for a while and have come to notice an odd line of pixels appearing near the lower right of my screen. The odd line is horizontal and it like rainbow colors. I turn my Tamagotchi in the light the colors will change. The rainbow colors are faint as the screen itself still broadcasts it's normal color or whatever color is should be showing, but there's like a rainbow filter over it. Does anyone know what this is and how I could fix it? ~Verk
  6. I've been scarse on here for a while, and in the meantime, my collection has grown. I'm planning on making a blog or post or something showing off my collection. I was exclusively buying just the original style tamas; the ones without color. I love the simplicity of them, and I still think those are my favorite. But I decided to try out the Tamagotchi Plus Color. I loved it, but ran out of things to do after a while. So after more research, I decided to get a M!x, specifically the Sanrio one because I love the idea of having resemblances of Bandai and Sanrio characters together. And I absolutely love it! I like how there's so much more that you can do on there, so it will take longer to have done everything on there. Anyone else have one of these awesome tamas?
  7. Hi everyone, and welcome to my Tama log! I've been wanting to do one of these for, well, literal years, but couldn't drum up the motivation to actually bother, until a rather momentous Tamagotchi-related occasion happened a few days ago. You see, after fifteen consecutive generations, I got my first not-so-cute character on my Spacy M!X. I'd heard of this happening to others, but it never happened to me.... until now. Meet MameGuriritchi, a.k.a. Harris: Harris looks like someone took Mametchi's head and plopped it onto the bottom half of an acorn. The effect is rather...unnerving, to say the least. I try to convince myself that he's kind of cute in a bizarre sort of way, but the disembodied-Mametchi-head just gets me every time. Gah. And you know how, in a large family, one kid will take after mum, another will take after granddad, and yet another will totally have great-aunt Doris' eyes? And then, there's always one child who doesn't resemble ANYONE, simply because their physical characteristics have skipped too many generations for anyone to remember? Yup. That's Harris. The only Mametchi in the family was FIVE GENERATIONS AGO, but the Mame genes are going STRONG in him. Anyway, while genetics were not so kind to poor Harris, he's still my Tamagotchi, and I still adore him. Besides, he's really quite sweet - he likes nothing more than relaxing in the Patchi Forest Onsen and drinking tomato juice (....tomato juice?!?). Also, did I mention he's the worst hide-and-seek player ever? Evidence below: EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU, HARRIS. I hope you'll keep reading as I chronicle the adventures of my awkward acorn! This won't be a daily log, but there will likely be updates here every few days or so! Until next time! ~TheYatagarasu
  8. Hi I've got the Sanrio mix and I read on a guide that when I unlock Flower Hills I should have got a new icon background. I don't have it though in my options (it's still greyed out in the settings) and I don't why? My tama is 1st gen and still a toddler. I've met everyone, bought things at the shops and went to the odd flower thing you can do there. Should it already be unlocked and I've broke it somehow or does it come later when my tama is an adult or something...? Any help is appreciated thanks!
  9. Hey guys! So, a very dear friend of mine is moving to Scotland at the end of the school year, and I want to get her a very special gift to commemorate our 15 years of friendship. Seeing as we first bonded over Tamagotchi at recess in first grade, and either of us never really stopped collecting, I'm going to get her a Tamagotchi M!x !!! She doesn't have one of those yet, but I have no idea what version to get. I would ask but I REALLY want it to be a surprise. I have three versions and think they're all fantastic. It would be a huge help if you could choose which Tamagotchi M!x version is your favourite, and even add a little comment why! Is it the characters? The features? The pretty shell? Personally, I'm partial to the Dream M!x, because I love Dream Town and all its inhabitants and Yume Kira Dream is my guilty pleasure show, yes I watch children's anime okay shhhhh but I'd love to hear what you think!
  10. I don't know about you guys but I find that as I keep going through generations, my m!x characters seem to get... not as cute. At the moment, I have this one: "Mamefuwatchi". His fluffy chin, and fringe that looks a bit like an angry monobrow, irritate me. Adorable or no?
  11. I've been playing my new M!x (Spacey Ver.) for a few days now and made it through the first generation just fine- I was able to hatch a new baby tamagotchi after my first was full grown and married. It hatched, I immediately started caring for it to keep the hunger/happiness bars up. 8:00 PM hit and the baby went to sleep. I put it down and went to do some house stuff for a little bit when my partner brought it to show me that the baby tamagotchi was sick? It was in bed, but it aged to the next level (toddler) and it had the floating skull above it :-( I wasn't able to access the medicine or any other options, I just kept receiving some kind of urgent message (something with an exclamation point at the end-probably telling me my tama was asleep? idk) I couldn't find any information on this so I panicked and reset the time so I could wake the (now) toddler tamagotchi up and heal it/bump its bars back up. What the heck happened here? Are some just randomly prone to dying at any time?
  12. I bought what looked like a strawberry eye-patch from the store while my tamagotchi was a toddler. (it's the only accessory I've gotten so far) So I thought the accessory text wasn't lighting up for me because my tamagotchi was a toddler. But now that my tama is an teenager, the accessory option is still greyed out. So I am wondering where did that strawberry eye-patch thing that I paid alot for go? Since it's telling me there is still nothing in my accessories. This is my first Tamagotchi ever, and it's the m!x Sanrio ver.
  13. This is gonna be my first Japanese tama cause I was able to get it for $40 Is it going to be easy to figure out? and just in general is there anything I should know before I jump in?
  14. Hello! My name is Julio and I'm going to start a Tamagotchi M!X log about the Camero's family. I started my M!X a month ago so I'm already at the 9th generation but I think this won't be a problem. I will try to log as much as I can. The log will be a role log because as suggested by Eppie it will give my characters a personal touch. Here is how the logs will look like: INTRODUCTION An introduction to the log. ROLE The role of the day. STATS AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION The stats of the day and important information of the log. That's it, comments will be welcomed and any change in the log will be announced in the important information section. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR TAMAS!
  15. Hey guys! I searched the forums a bit and couldn't find any info on this one... I know where to find guides for the color-changing items on the regular M!X versions, but I haven't seen any information on these items for the 20th Anniversary version. Are there items you can feed your Tama in the Anniversary M!X to change their color?
  16. Well, to put it simply, I want to know if it matters what region you put in when signing up for a Bandai Namco account in order to use the Family Tree function of the My m!x Land website. I want to use it to sharte what mixes I get, but I'm not sure if I should use my actual region or just put "Japan". Can someone answer this for me?
  17. Hello everybody! I was quite obsessed with Tamagotchis when they became popular in my school (I was 6 or 7 years old). My first one was a v.4, and I later got a v.5 but found it VERY high-maintenance. Yesterday I found them lying in my drawer and felt really nostalgic, and decided I should buy a new one, with colors. My question now is, which one should I buy? I thought the 4U was a good choice since it was relatively cheap on Amazon, but after reading some reviews it turns out it gets boring after a while if you don't have a device with NFC, and that the Touch Cards are expensive as well. The iD was supposedly not as fun either since there aren't many characters, but the iD L was an improvement. From reading a bit more, I found out the P's was superior, but it costs A LOT, is it worth it? Also, is the m!x any good? There are many choices, but I'd like one with cute characters that is fun to play. Should I buy the iD, iD L, 4U, P's or M!X?
  18. Does anyone have any tips? This is my first m!x, and I'd like to know what I should do if, say, I have to work a night shift, since I read that the Daycare/leaving the character at their parent's house only lasts for a certain amount of time. Stuff like that!
  19. Both of these parents are female, aren't they?
  20. Hello community! So I've got a Tamagotchi m!x and I really like it But this is my 5th generation now and the first chara I had was Gozarutchi. My problem is that every chara which followed looked a lot more like Gozarutchi than the charas I married. Is that normal? My current generation's chara looked different for the first time as a toddler but then evolved into a teen and looked like Gozarutchi again. I hope you can help me and answer my question
  21. I just got a 20th anniversary white mix to connect with my blue spacey version. I'm trying to reset the 20th anniversary to unlock the mermaid location, but whenever I try to connect the two, I get two blue hearts with an X in the middle. I've tried waiting until they both have two pink hearts showing, and then pressing B on both or just one, but nothing's working. Has anyone else had this problem? Please help!
  22. I'm currently enjoying my tamagotchi P (and currently saving up for another one) but I was wondering if the 4u+ or if the mix was worth the money to add to my collection. Should I get the 4U+ or the Mix? What has the most content and what is the most fun I really want to know.
  23. Hi! I own a tamagotchi mix anniversary and was wondering how long it usually takes for a toddler to become a teenager. Would be super helpful if someone can list out the duration for each growth phase. Thanks!
  24. Hello everybody, When I woke up, I saw that the color of the room changed to a red-ish color. What is this? Why did that happen? How do I get rid of this? Here is a picture of it: I hope you can help me
  25. Let's see your cute little tama families! Family trees can be uploaded using the password from your family tree screen on your m!x, at . You just need a Bandai Namco account. Here's mine! I'm currently raising a third generation girl.