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Found 3 results

  1. hi guys i was wandering to make a totoro hat.can i make one?for download? and send it to p's....what i gonna use/ should be jpg. or all file? my tamagotchi p's my tamagotchi id l oh i forgot can i have a template for the hat?
  2. Just make a letter grading system and make the letters stand for something then grade anything you want. Rules: - Make the letters in order of how high the grade is, the highest at the top -It doesn't matter which letters you use -It doesn't matter how many letters you use but please, not too much or too little (5-7 letters are recommended) -NO BAD WORDS AND STUFF -When you're gonna grade something else you can just use the grading system YOU ALREADY MADE, don't make another one -You have to explain WHY you gave that grade for that thing and it has to be a valid reason -Please don't hurt other people's feelings, do not grade people, only things! -If you disagree with the grade someone gave to something then just post what you would grade it yourself instead of saying something like "No, you graded it wrong!" -You don't HAVE to put number equivalents for your grades, only put it if you want to -When putting the number equivalents for your grades please use the word 'to' so people won't get confused with the negative numbers or something, ignore rule if your's doesn't HAVE negative numbers or number equivalents Example: Passing grades S- Super duper awesome (80 to 100) R- Really nice (60 to 79) L-Love it so much! (30 to 59) Failing grades H-Horrible (19 to 29) T-Terrible (10 to 19) I-I just died because it stank so bad (0 to 9) Thing I would like to grade: Chair-S Just imagine standing up for the rest of your life. So let's start, here's mine: Passing grades B- Brilliant (99 to 100) G-Good (71 to 98) A-Adequate (50 to 70) Failing grades I-Insufficient (30 to 49) P-Pathetic (1 to 29) E-EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!! (0 to -1,000,000) Thing I would like to grade: Pepperoni Pizza-B The crust is bread, tomato sauce is fruit/vegetable, the pepperoni is meat, the cheese is milk, and it has oil. So you basically have the whole food pyramid. And it tastes good.
  3. Can someone please make me a tamago faceplate with this picture on it Thank you to whoever does If someone does