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Found 30 results

  1. This is a poll for a game I really want Nintendo to make for the Switch to make up for Mario Kart Tour (which I hate a bunch, mostly for its heavy microtransactions). To differentiate from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, I want this game to be another Double Dash game and to re-feature EVERY past driver (a la Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) that has been playable at some point in the series' near-30-year history (Petey Piranha, Funky Kong, Wiggler, R.O.B., Pac-Man, Mametchi, etc.)
  2. Hi who loves mametchi I do so we need a way to get him to be the mascot Btw I'm new so pls don't judge
  3. Some Ugly art For Mametchi....

    © Bandai 2020

  4. Some random Tamagotchi characters I decided to ink in. I might color them eventually.
  5. my best friend and i are not the most fond of these 3D tamagotchi wii models so we decided to open EO Cake and absolutely demolish them . She's a really big fan of Mimitchi (as am i) so she gets to spectate and all in all? very good fun. by the way- mametchi is swimming in kuchipatchi who got turned into mochi. its so good. i love eo cake.
  6. IZfan4life

    Bean son

    > tama-gallery machine broke > frick > posts here anyways i drew my favorite bean when i got a new tamagotchi TUMBLR MIRROR DA MIRROR ( OG POST DATE: july 7, 2015 )
  7. Hello everyone, welcome to the Mametchi VS Mimitchi War. It's like Hemisphere/Gender War but with Mimitchi and Mametchi! If you like Mametchi, you go downwards by 1, if you like Mimitchi, you go upwards instead. If it reaches 0, Mametchi wins, but if it reaches 1000, Mimitchi wins! VS I'll start! 500
  8. adinatchi

    cute boys

    since there's no way to post in the tamagotchi art gallery, i'm just gonna dump this here tell me what u think~

    © adinatchi 2016

  9. I found a site that encourages hate towards Mametchi. The hatedom for him is actually big there. Here is a page that shows proof. [] Teasing you-know-who on Creation Wiki, like that page did, would previously startle me. Oh no, what we gonna do?
  10. I'm currently writing a book, Lovelitchi Gone Missing, on Wattpad Obviously, it's a Tamagotchi fanfiction :3 I'm not too far in the book yet, but check it out! (I'm constantly editing it, too.) Let me know what you think It's a tragedy/mystery/slight romance about Mametchi trying to find Lovelitchi after she's suddenly taken away. He balances that with trying to keep his cover as a virtual pet. Give it a little look-see here!
  11. A photo I took of the Mametchi statue outside Bandai Headquarters Tokyo.

    © Taken by Yumecantchi000~

  12. Alright, after years I finally found batteries to power my tamagotchis. Since I was little I was aiming for a mametchi, this time I have done a lot of research to get one though. Any every page said something different. One said, that it has to weight 22LB when it evolves, other say that I need to set a certain time (??) and some recommend to feed certain foods and play certain games. I don't want to waste time trying ALL of them, because I'm afraid that most of them don't. I have two version 3, I restarted them on Monday, determined to get what I want. They are becomming alduts today, but something makes me feel like they won't become what I wanted them to. I want the male one to become a Mametchi and the other one to become a Violetchi / Leaftchi. Here are the stats and how I took care of each one: The Male one: Baby: Teletchi Child: Tamatchi Teen: Young Mametchi Aldut: - I check on it every 10 minutes, in fact, I even took it to school. It weights exactly 22LB and whenever I feed it I play games so that it weights 22 again. It goes to bed at 8PM, and wakes up at 9AM. It never lost more than one heart in each bar. I only play the game "Heading" with it (that's what one of the instructions said) It's training bar is full, and I never missed a cry. Yesterday I couldn't check on it before it wanted to sleep, and it had one Hunger-Heart missing. When I was home I set the time back, fed it and set the time back to normal again. I hope that doesn't affect it. It's in it's first Generation, means it's in an Odd generation. The Female one: Baby: ShiroTeletchi Child: Tamatchi Teen: Patapatatchi Aldut: - I also took it with me to school and check on it every 10 minutes. It weights about 29 to 30LB. I've read that people even had it overweight and it turned into Violetchi, but I don't want mine to be overweight, so I try to stay at 30LB. It also goes to bed at 8PM and wakes up at 9AM. It also never lost more than one heart in each bar. I mainly fed it Sushi and apple, sometimes I forgot though and fed it something else. Instructions I've read before contained that the diet should be Sushi and Apple. I mainly play the game "Get" to get it to loose weight quickly, but also other games. The training bar is also full, and I never missed a cry. Same like above, I couldn't check on it before it wanted to sleep, I also set the time back in order to take care of it. Am I doing everything right (if there even is a right way)? And if there are any set ways to get Mametchi / Violetchi for version 3, please let me know. I'm really desperate and determined.
  13. Nun Lovelitchi waited. The candles above her blinked and flickered out of the air. There was a vampire in the church. She didn't see him, but had expected him now for years. Her warnings to Melodytchi were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. Lovelitchi was a nun for fourteen years. When she was young she watched the churches and she said to dad "I want to be in the churches daddy." Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY MAMETCHI THE VAMPIRE" There was a time when she believed him. Then as she got oldered she stopped. But now in the dark church of the nuns she knew there was a vampire. "This is Melodytchi" the phone whispered. "You must fight the vampire!" So Lovelitchi gotted her garlic and knocked down the wall. "SHE IS GOING TO KILL US" said the bats "I will throw bats at her" said Mametchi the Vampire and he threw the bats. Lovelitchi garliced at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill. "No! I must kill the vampire" she shouted The phone said "No, Lovelitchi. You are the vampires" And then Lovelitchi was a vampire.
  14. There is something that will be Mametchi's There is Mametchi's that will be something Vampire Mametchi needs a girlfriend A girlfriend needs Vampire Mametchi And soon be a girlfriend for Mametchi And soon be a girlfriend: Himespetchi! Himespetchi will be happy thusly And thusly happy Mametchi will be
  15. Go back back 3 or 4yeara ago and almost everyone shipped it! It was practically canon because of how popular it was! I left the fandom a few years to find that everyone one now ships MametchixHimespetchi and no I'm gonna be a jerk and say stuff like "THIS PAIRING SUCKS!" or "I HATE HIMESPETCHI!" cause that's not true! I like Himespetchi and find her adorable! But I honestly think Lovelitchi is a better match for Mametchi. Anyway am I the only one who still ships that?!
  16. Hello, TamaTalk. First, I am not a new tamagotchi owner. I just reseted my tamagotchi few weeks ago and came up with a few questions. 1. Is it possible to get a Large family from overfeeding? (Because Chamametchi (teen) and ONLY Mametchi is (adult) (Large families only occurs in adult stage as far as I know.) 2. By just looking at the characters, it is very hard to tell when will Mametchi be able to marry, so I was wondering when will he marry? 3. After the baby age, they skipped every growth progress and right to Chamametchi (teen) and Mametchi (adult). So, the question is: Will it still evolve? 4. I was just wondering if I can get a Mame family again, at least if I get 100% bonds and marry Mametchi to Chantotchi again. Is it possible, or I have to wait a few generations? Thanks a lot tama-fans!!!
  17. HAPPY EASTER! Doesn't he look so cute ^__^
  18. This is a song/poem about Mametchi the Vampire Ma Met Chi The Vam Pire! He's waking up tonight To find a vampire wife He's searching for a girl Tama! Because he's so alone... He wants to find a girlfriend... So he's waking up tonight! He's gonna bite them in the neck And it's probably gonna hurt But it's time to find a girlfriend He needs to find a vampire wife Ma Met Chi - He's gonna bite them in the neck The Vam Pire! - And it's probably gonna hurt Ma Met Chi - But it's time to find a girlfriend The Vam Pire! - He needs to find a vampire wife! Mametchi needs a friend He needs to look for one! Because he's a vampire He needs a girlfriend! He's searching for a girl Tama! Because he's so alone... He wants to find a girlfriend... So he's waking up tonight! because he's... Ma Met Chi - He's searching for a girl Tama! The Vam Pire! - Because he's so alone... Ma Met Chi - He wants to find a girlfriend... The Vam Pire - So he's waking up tonight!
  19. Hello all! I am currently running a V3 boy and wanting to get it to evolve to a mametchi Any tips on how to do this? And can only boys evolve into mametchis? Thanks!
  20. This is horrific... Because Bandai Japan is making Tamagotchi more for girls, it looks like the mascot is changing from Mametchi to... LOVELITCHI?! I know Mimitchi was once the mascot, but I think the mascot was always meant to be Mametchi--the best care adult on the first Tamagotchi ever made. Lovelitchi's just some modern, newy-dewy character and now she's overtaking Tamagotchi! Those of you who have an iD L will notice how she appears on the packaging and throughout the instruction manual... and just look at the Tamagotchi anime poster for 2012: ...That's ridiculous; Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, and Kizunatchi are all in front of Mametchi, and Memetchi and Kuchipatchi are just specks! I like Lovelitchi--or want to like her--but I am starting to detest her because of how overused she is... Mametchi is way better!
  21. yeah..thats it lol it's just a video of how were all there for you anyone out there friends will always be there for you in good or bad times to bad its only like 19 secs i took about 100-203 shots for it i think wow. soo uh yeah here's a gift for everyone inspiration:chamametchiandmametchi because i liked her video so i wanted to make one too this is to all the tamatalkers out there thanks for always being there for me and its also a gift for tamatalk's 8th birthday sorry its so short
  22. I'm taking care of a Tama for my friend and he wants a Mametchi. According to the growth chart, I know I need high Intelligence points to get him, but is there a set minimum of the number of skill points do I need to keep him from turning into a Universal? And if so what are the requirements?
  23. Basically I got a mametchi On my V4 and I want to keep it a mametchi Is there a way that I can do that. I know when the matchmaker comes if you refuse her love you turn into and oldie but I have a plan. The matchmaker comes everyday at certain times like 7:30, 2:30, and 7:30 I believe, and he only comes from 5 to 8 years so if the time is 7:29 right now if I change the time to 7:31 the matchmaker won't come again till 2:30, and When that time comes I'll repeat it and change that time to 2:31. This way the matchmaker won't come. By the time he's 9 he'll be free, and If I forget I can reset and the matchmaker will go away and then I'll change the time. Once the time is actually 7:31 I'll change my tamagotchi's time back. My issue is if I do this when he's 9 or 10 will the matchmaker come back. If so it will all be a waste because I'm trying to keep him alive till I can get a mimitchi on my V4.5(which seems impossible I kept my v4.5 at only 1 heart he was doing that weird thing where he was shaking his head from one side of the other on the screen not moving, and he became that stupid moose teenager. I took horrible care of him He died once and I reset the tamagotchi. xD his stats were 10 and under, and he was 99 lbs. I saw this tip on the tips and tricks section that would help you get a universal in V4.5 but it didn't help much as you can see. Maybe my V4.5 is glitched it's really old). anyways thanks for those of you who help and take the time reading this.
  24. O.O Up there, I see Mimitchi watching down on meeeeeeeeeee... Anyway, which character do you prefer? Mametchi or Mimitchi ? Mametchi has always been my favorite character, and I never much cared for Mimitchi. In fact, she has replaced Memetchi as my least favorite character. (Memetchi is happy to hear that ) Mametchi is just soooooooooooo cute and yellow with the most adorable eyes! Mimitchi is...fat and plain...and she has become boring after all these years. Mimitchi here, Mimitchi there...ZZZZZZZZZZZ... Mimitchi staring at me from her place in the logo. Anyway, please vote and don't say bad stuff about Mametchi. Just kidding, say what you want, I won't get mad. Maybe. O_o ~ EMF :newmametchi: :newmametchi: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
  25. Here's a fun game where you say the first thing you'd do if you met Mametchi. It doesn't have to be serious, say what ever you want! It will be funny!