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Found 16 results

  1. During today's log I had a question about tama marriages, so I thought I'd make it a topic in case anyone else has thoughts on it. What is your approach with marrying tamas via connection after they've been connected once? This applies to any virtual pet really, both vintage and modern. For example, my Akai twin boys are now brothers. Their marriages will be via Matchmaker, and if their respective children are boy & girl, I'm definitely NOT marrying them. But how long does one wait before it's not weird? Should I just get a third Akai to mix things up genetically? Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I would feel a bit strange having cousin-tamas marry, no matter how distant they are. How do you all handle this?
  2. Hi guys! I am actually trying to find someone to marry my LOVELITCHI. I haven't had any luck yet! Also, I'm open to making new friends <3 ADD ME! NNM673422 😫
  3. hi guys i know where to marry and all that stuff, but i was wondering if it matters who your character marries, like does it affect what child you get etc.? Or do people just marry their tamas off to others of their liking? Also, i see people say that they have 5 year old adult tamagotchis on their p's, is that from not marrying their adult character ever? Because i thought when u get a new baby you only take care of that generation not the adults I only ever played the familitchi for 2 months, and tried looking for the answer to this q for ages but i cant seem to find one :< sorry if there ARE answers to this though Thank you so much!
  4. I have two Dream Towns with adult characters on them. They have full BFF hearts, but haven't gotten married yet. I was assuming that since they kissed after dates (Mametchi's kissing animation lol) they could marry, but online I've only heard about using the date place. Can the Dream Towns actually marry? How?
  5. So, should I let Egg marry, and have him die with his wife, or keep him forever? pros: new baby he may be happier I might get to raise a girl new generation fun cons: he'll die I might end up raising an exact same baby
  6. I'm new to this. It's just me and Jeanistkuchipa (sometimes the sitter Poketchi). We are 6 days in, he has all the badges and clover pieces so what do we do now? He's earning bank with the skills he picked up at school but it seems like he wants more. If he gets married I will happily raise his egg but I will miss him. If I don't marry him off to one of those 3 cuties what happens?
  7. So, I have 2 questions! #1: at what age for your tama does the date place show up? #2: when you marry your tama, does the spouse stay with your tama and have a baby and just hang out for a while as a family before leaving you with the baby? If so, how long do they stay? Thanks!
  8. Today, Sunday 16th March, It was my Harptchi's (Spring) 6th birthday which meant, she could get married. So I took her to the date place/Matchmaker to get her married the tamas that were there where Spacytchi, Monakatchi and Mametchi so thinking that Mametchi was over rated I picked Monakatchi (not spacytchi because my friend got her tamagotchi married to Spacytchi) so they did the kissing animation and it cut straight to the egg so when it hatched there was a celebration,the parents stayed. The next morning i woke up to see Samantha (The baby) crying and the parents had disappeared...there was only one thing...Monakatchi had murdered Spring and ran off with the baby's shout of alarm.
  9. My friend and I are trying to marry our two tama gos. Mine is a chamametchi and is 7 years old, hers is a gozarutchi and is 6 years old. They have 4 smiley faces in the friendship icon. We are trying to connect the two in order for them to marry. We click the visit option and they just go to a Christmas tree and sit and watch it. Then they kissed and left! What's going on? We married them before but this never happened. Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm pretty new to the tama go! I need some help about the dating place. I went there today and married my tamagotchi. They are both at my house right now. Will they eventually have a baby?? If so when? Thanks in advance!
  11. (I didn't see any other questions similar to mine so that's why I'm asking.) My two friends would like to mate their TMGOs, but they're only 3yrs old. I can't wait to see when they are old enough to mate, so I wanted to know if that was even possible (To mate them). Because they get married, wait two days, and then have a kid, is that even possible to mate them? Like would one tama have to re-start their family to go over to the other TMGO or something? Please help!
  12. So first off, I'm new to TamaTalk, so hi everybody! Second, I'm not necessarily new to Tamagotchi, this is just my first time playing Tamagotchi Connection V5.5 in a while and I want some help. So you know how in Tamagotchi V5.5(Celebrity) you have to wait 2 days after you tamas become adults to go on the dating show? Well, I wasn't sure how long it had been so this morning I changed the time to a few hours ahead, and when that didn't work I changed the date to a day ahead, but that didn't work either. So now I changed it to the correct time and my brother's tamas were able to get married (we started them up at the same exact time), so I thought in a few minutes mine would be too, since our tamagotchis evolved into adult a few minutes apart. But after waiting a while, they still aren't able to go on the dating show and now it's been an hour! So what I'm asking is, does changing the time and/or date affect if my tamagotchi can married? Like, will I have to wait another two days? --Please Help, Turtlestarf
  13. Okay, so my v4.5 (May)'s father was a Yasaguretchi named Chuck. He was 3 when he started to visit my brother's v4.5 (a Zouritchi named Bing ) on a regular basis. They soon had 4 faces, then Chuck somehow had 4 hearts. Then one day, they visited, and they married, even though Bing was still a teenager. They had kids and left as usual. However, Bing never evolved into an adult (despite turning 4) and never got a job. Has anyone else have this happen?
  14. I have heard for Tamagotchi Music Star, your Tama can marry with either his/her band mate or go to the mating place. Are the two any different, like the offspring of the band mate will be different than the offspring of the mating place Tama? How to marry the band mate and what is the marriage age of the Tamagotchi Music Star. Sorry asking a lot, thanks for answering though
  15. Rececntly my tama go went to the date place and got married to a mametchi. My tama go is a violetchi, but the problem is that when they came home there was no baby! there was only them 2 in the house. Because on other tamas they get their babies immediately after marriage, is this different on the tama go? My tama go is the proper age (6) and is on its first generation. If anyone knows why this is happening, pls reply to this post. Thanks in advance.
  16. hello, i am connecting two of my tamago's (one a boy and one a girl) both of adults and of 2 years old. they have 4 (super fappy faces)with each other, but there are no hearts, even though when they visit, they kiss at the park! what is going on and why is there no hearts? PLEASE HELP! -tamatownpuppy