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Found 13 results

  1. I have a 7 y/o mimitchi. im not getting the match maker at all and im only getting heart mail and the gotchiking orders at the times that are in the matchmaking times thread. is this a glitch?
  2. Hello everyone!, I'm new to Tamagotchi and tamatalk, especially. But I have done alot of research. But couldn't find anything on this. So, don't take me for a complete newbie.😏 I can't believe that I didn't know about Tamas until now, (The end of October-November 2017) Well I guess that's what I get for being born in 2002.😔😄 Before I start into the questions, They are all about the the model "Tamagotchi plus" so please try to keep the answers specifically to the features of this model. Anyway, Let us get to the questions: First, what age does (your Tama have to be) she (matchmaker) come at? And most importantly what times? Also does the tamagotchi plus have the exact same characters as the tamagotchi connection? BlueDragonflytchi =*|*= () P.S The matchmaker just came to my Tama plus, (Neren the Mametchi) So this is mostly for others who want to know and for my future reference. :-) Also hopefully there's a few things that are different from the tamagotchi connection. :-/
  3. What time can I set my 6 year old v4.5 so the matchmaker will come?
  4. Hi! I've found a matchmaker cheat for male Tamagotchi friends, and I thought about sharing it on tamatalk. Well, Step 1: Make sure your tama is male and the age is 6+. Step 2: Pause your Tamagotchi friends the minute it wakes up. ( Your tama sould wake up at 7 in the morning. Make sure its 7 in the morning in the Tamagotchi friends, not on your watch, phone, clock or any devise that tells you time. ) Step 3: Pause it until 2 in the afternoon. Do not change the time while your tama is paused. The cheat won't work like that. Step 4: Check your Tamagotchi Date Place/ Matchmaker. It should be there. Now that you're done, get your happy male Tamagotchi married!
  5. My V6 is turning eleven later today and the matchmaker still hasn't apperaed once. I'm unsure of what I am doing incorrectly. I'm on generation eight and the matchmaker has never taken this long to come. Can someone help me with this problem? Thank you in advance!
  6. So I'm new to the v3. My tama Brian is 6 and I was wondering what times the matchmaker will come to bring him his one and only true love. Thanks for your help! I feel so clueless.
  7. Hi there! I put a battery in my v1 tama yesterday, after several months of not playing with tamagotchi at all. I found that I had a Maskitchi girl, on 3rd generation. After putting the time right, I cared for her like normally. She was 8 years old, and I don't want her to become an oldie, so I googled "v1 matchmaker times" and found a very intresting old post; The top comment on that topic says the v1 matchmaker times are 10:30, 15:00, and 19:00. As 19 o'clock arrived yesterday, I was excited, but nothing happened. Another comment said that v1's were a bit touchy when it came to altering the time, so I thought that the matchmaker hadn't come because I had just started the tama, and changed the time so recently, so I figured the matchmaker would visit today instead. I sneaked the tama with me to school today, and kept the tama on, checking, but finding no matchmaker at half to eleven, and missing the three o'clock supposed visit. At home later in the day, 19 o'clock came without no matchmaker, and now I'm kinda worried. Re-reading the old topic I linked to, I wonder if it's something special with v1-maskitchi matchmaker visits, or what the problem exacly might be... I'm having no problems at all with the tamagotchi in general except for this, and I don't see how it could be broken... Help me someone? She is 9 now, oldie evolving is coming up...!
  8. Well. i have a v4. and my tama is 6 already. im waiting for the matchmaker. WHen will he come? Been waiting forever!
  9. Basically I got a mametchi On my V4 and I want to keep it a mametchi Is there a way that I can do that. I know when the matchmaker comes if you refuse her love you turn into and oldie but I have a plan. The matchmaker comes everyday at certain times like 7:30, 2:30, and 7:30 I believe, and he only comes from 5 to 8 years so if the time is 7:29 right now if I change the time to 7:31 the matchmaker won't come again till 2:30, and When that time comes I'll repeat it and change that time to 2:31. This way the matchmaker won't come. By the time he's 9 he'll be free, and If I forget I can reset and the matchmaker will go away and then I'll change the time. Once the time is actually 7:31 I'll change my tamagotchi's time back. My issue is if I do this when he's 9 or 10 will the matchmaker come back. If so it will all be a waste because I'm trying to keep him alive till I can get a mimitchi on my V4.5(which seems impossible I kept my v4.5 at only 1 heart he was doing that weird thing where he was shaking his head from one side of the other on the screen not moving, and he became that stupid moose teenager. I took horrible care of him He died once and I reset the tamagotchi. xD his stats were 10 and under, and he was 99 lbs. I saw this tip on the tips and tricks section that would help you get a universal in V4.5 but it didn't help much as you can see. Maybe my V4.5 is glitched it's really old). anyways thanks for those of you who help and take the time reading this.
  10. Does anyone know how long it takes for a Tamagotchi Connection V3 to grow to an adult? I want know what age he turns into an adult, and what age the matchmaker comes for him. Thanks for reading, and Thanks in advance.
  11. The matchmaker hasn't came to my tamagotchi yet @.@ On my V2 when I set the times for the matchmaker come, it never EVER works! Can anyone help
  12. When my Tamagotchi turns 6, Can you change the time to 10:28am so the matchmaker can come? I need help
  13. I know there are a million questions about the matchmaker, but for mine, it WILL NOT appear. I set the time forward sometimes to make things happenand it's worked in the past with the matchmaker, but i cannot seem to get it, even if i realy DO wait. My tama is 6th generation, kunotchi, 7 years old. HUH?!?!