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Found 11 results

  1. IZfan4life


    > tama-gallery machine broke > frick > posts here anyways the q stands for queer theyre lesibab lebis gay TUMBLR MIRROR DA MIRROR (OG POST DATE: august 16, 2016 )
  2. I FINALLY got the Tamagotchi I wanted. MemeChanObatchi. The other day, it said it wanted this dress ( walked past the Tamagotchi depa, it appeared in a speech bubble) so I got it for her, but she doesn't wear it :/ just kisses it and dances on it
  3. In the midst of the epic battle between Mimitchi and Mametchi, two opponents have risen. Kuchipatchi and Memetchi! If you like Kuchipatchi, go down by 1. If you like Memetchi, go up by 1. If it reaches 500, Memetchi wins. If it reaches 0, Kuchipatchi wins. Here's a pic if you don't know what they look like: Good luck! 250
  4. Colorful Kiraritchi


    I drew this picture for tama town and it has a back ground!

    © me

  5. Sabrazom


    Yay! a quick Memetchi doodle for all to enjoy!

    © Sabrazpm

  6. Sabrazom


    Yay! a quick Memetchi doodle for all to enjoy!

    © Sabrazom

  7. Today is a sad, sad day. I woke up this morning to feed my Tamgotchi, a Memetchi, but he died peacefully in his sleep. At least I got to see him the night before~ ___________________________ Tamagiotchi's Name: Bruce Tamagotchi's Age: 6 years old Date of Birth: 9/21/13 Date of Passing: 10/6/13 What Generation?: 3rd Other Information?: He was a Version 3, and he was to be married today. He is survived by no child or spouse. Your Comments: Bruce, it's been fun having you around. How you grew from a Young Mametchi to a Memetchi still perplexes me. Have fun back home! ___________________________
  8. ^ This is a weird conversation between Makiko and Memetchi from the Tamagotchi Corner Shop game for DS! Isn't it weird? I wonder what on Earth Makiko is talking about... and Tamagotchi is meant to be for kids!
  9. Who's better? Memetchi or Makiko? For some reason, I prefer Makiko--she's funny because she's always going on about how good her hair is and making Memetchi mad! I like how she is such a self-satisfied's hilarious! She thinks she's the best tama ever, lol.
  10. Okay, so my other topic on Memetchi didn't go so well, so I'm creating this one to make up for it. This is a topic and poll for all you Memetchi fans out there, and don't worry, I won't be posting on it. For those of you who saw my other Memetchi topic...I am SO sorry! I didn't mean to sound like a meanie, it's just that everyone was offending me by complaining about Mametchi. The real reason to why I don't like Memetchi is just something personal; it's got nothing to do with the character itself. So, have fun talking about Memetchi!
  11. Seriously, what do you think of Memetchi? I know she's the main character, but I hate her because I don't get what's so great about her! Too many people seem to like her, but I think she's a bit ugly in the digital pet. Her mouth is too wide and her popularity's beginning to get on my nerves. Give me Mametchi any day; he's the best! What do you think of Memetchi?