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Found 12 results

  1. Usagi-chan... You were a good girl in the beginning but you turned into Pirorirotchi (the character I dislike the most in v3) and I neglected you... Gomenasai, sayonara-ranai...
  2. My 10-year-old Harptchi on my blue gem Tamagotchi Friends left today. I wasn't able to tend to her needs because I was sick, and she left while I was resting. Goodbye Harptchi! It was fun looking after you and I'm sorry for neglecting you.
  3. When I went to the library yesterday I brought all my Tamagotchis except for my Version 2! Forgetful me! D: Of course when I came home, it was dead. She was a female adult, Kiwitchi, and here's a photo of her being swaggy. Her name was Rach, short for Rachel, BTW. I am now raising a new character which I named Flap. **giggles at inner joke**
  4. I am making this topic in honor of my Tamagotchi P's character, Chokomakatchi, who left today at 9:20AM. This was the first time my P's has died / left. I already had Chokomakatchi in my notebook but I didn't mind having her again at all... I treasured her and took really good care of her until... This morning I woke up to the sound of her leaving. I looked at the screen and there she was with her suitcase; her sad little face broke my heart. I went to the medicine icon but it didn't work; she was leaving. It was because I didn't wake up early enough to tend to her needs. She meant a lot to me...and still does. I hope she can forgive me. Have fun back on Tamagotchi Planet, sweetie! Age: 4 Weight: 15g Generation: 47
  5. Goodbye to my poor little Angel Twins on my blue Japanese Angelgotchi. They were age 12 and I will sure miss them since they were the first character I raised on my Angelgotchi. Here's a little note they left for me!
  6. I want to say goodbye to Makiah, Kurtis and Hannah Eden 5 yrs old, almost ready for marriage Born: 23.02.2013 Died:28.02.2013 They were only Gen 1 I'm so sorry I reset you by accident. The batteries were faulty and unfortunately the wrong button was pressed. Makiah was a Makiko, Kurtis was a Kuromametchi and Hannah was a Lovezukintchi.
  7. Ok, on October 31st I was seriously ill. I had to look after my Tamas, but I couldn't even MOVE. So, while I slept the whole day, four of my Tamagotchis bit the dust. Silky was a Mimitchi on my V4 with a baby girl. She had a job as a bus driver. Gogo was an 8-year-old boy Kiwitchi on my V2. Meh was a girl Masktchi on my V3 The Snow family on my V5 consisted of Papamametchi, Majorite, Violetchi, Furikotchi, and Yonepatchi. Goodbye everyone...I'll miss you all.
  8. July 3, 2012 Okay, so I once had a Zukitchi on my English P2. He evolved into Zatchi, a special character. I took care of my rare little companion as best as I could so he could live a long life. Then disaster struck. I was in the middle of my third Pokemon card game with my younger brother that day, and I heard my P2 call for me. I was perfectly comfortable and I'm a VERY lazy person. What should I do? I thought. Be nice and look after my P2, or be a bad, bad girl and ignore it? Oh yeessss... The Angel and the Devil were having a WAR. I decide to listen to the devil. I continued playing the card game. Eventually, I heard the death beep and realised my mistake too late. I managed to find the unlaziness to go and watch Zatchi leave, but I will always feel guilty for being such a nincompoop. So yeah, he was 19.
  9. So, my first Nano Tamagotchi character, a gorgeous little Kuchipatchi, left today. I think it's the good ending... It's a piece of paper with three Japanese symbols and an exclamation point. He was an awesome pal. Goodbye, little buddy!
  10. My P2 adult-stage character, Schnitzel, returned to Tamagotchi Planet today at the age of 10. He was the bad-care character that looked like a... blob with a beak and a tail...? He weighed 99 pounds. Anyway... ♥ Goodbye, Schnitzel! ♥
  11. Name: Cecilia Age : 7 Date of birth: 26th Feb (I pause it alot) Date of passing: 6th March What generation?: 1 Comments: I'll take good care of Chloe, have fun on tamaplanet!
  12. I remember my very first Tamagotchi. It was a v. 3, i think i was around the age of 7. It was a boy, and i named him Nisse. I spent every waking second with him, and when he went to sleep, i actually requested that my family be quiet to not 'wake him up'. He was like a son to me, allmost. And then one day, i woke up, to find a little angel on the screen. I was crying rivers that day, i was really quite upset. I think about him sometimes, as silly as that sounds. Rest in peace, Nisse. I miss you. <3