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Found 25 results

  1. CheeWaWa


    Going to start recording the mixed Tamagotchi's and what they make!
  2. It's basically a Fan-made app that allows you to customize a partner for your Tamagotchi Meets to marry and gain access to items and gotchi points immediately. . My question is, Can this app be used on a Mix? I can't use the Tamagotchi On App on my Mix and I don't have another Mix to connected to and marry it with. So I was thinking that this could be a good way to keep getting more customized Tamas everytime! I haven't downlaoded it yet to my computer. I emailed the creator of the app about a month ago with the same question, but they haven't replied. So has anyone tried this app on their Mix? An if you did, did it work?
  3. Hi friends, I'm new to Tama talk so I apologize if this is somewhere else, but I couldn't find it. I have a mix and would love to connect it with another Tama, but I don't want to get 2 of the same kind. Is there any cross compatibility between gens, maybe connecting a mix and a p's, or so on? Worse comes to worse, I can always get a Sanrio or an anniversary mix, but I'd like to build my collection with different stuff! Thank you! Also so excited to find a group who loves tamagotchi since everyone I talk to is always like "oh yeah, I remember those in the 90s... They're back??"
  4. So I've been thinking about meets lately. I can conclude from the fact that the whole point of meets is being able to connect with other users via an app, which opens the flood gates to a lot of possibilities, let me explain those. One thing I'll like to explain is that meets are capable to connect with old versions of mix, meaning you can transfer new genetics that didn't exist in the old mixs from the new, and add genetics from your old mixs onto your new meets. + Not only that, but remember that you will be able to connect with other meets from an app? While imagine this for a second. Say you actually manage to get in contact with someone who also has a meet and lives in japan. If you can get them to get a seasonal character or whatever from a mix station, and than connect with them via the app, you will now be able to obtain that genetic from a mix station. Which I consider very very cool. Now imagine that plus people with old versions of mixs. It's great because it gives us a reason to still use our mix. In my head i imagine people selling their tamas to breed or have a rating based on how rare those genetics are, but i'm sure that won't happen. Also on a side note this is basically mix ver 2.0, sorry ratama U_u Another thing i want to mention is, I believe you'll only be able to either have two twins or one tama plus one pet. reason i say this is because when I was looking at this image i notice that there is only one pair of twins + a pet These lovelies right here.
  5. I've been scarse on here for a while, and in the meantime, my collection has grown. I'm planning on making a blog or post or something showing off my collection. I was exclusively buying just the original style tamas; the ones without color. I love the simplicity of them, and I still think those are my favorite. But I decided to try out the Tamagotchi Plus Color. I loved it, but ran out of things to do after a while. So after more research, I decided to get a M!x, specifically the Sanrio one because I love the idea of having resemblances of Bandai and Sanrio characters together. And I absolutely love it! I like how there's so much more that you can do on there, so it will take longer to have done everything on there. Anyone else have one of these awesome tamas?
  6. Hello everyone. My wife and I each have a spacey m!x. We got these not only for nostalgia, but also with the intention to breed with each other as often as possible. Our first gen was boy/girl, so that went well and we married through connection. However for 7 gens now we have had the same gender every single time, and I feel like the odds of that happening must be pretty low at this point. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and if there is anything we can do to get opposite genders again without resetting our devices. I have heard rumors that there are potentially tricks to getting a specific gender but nothing has turned out conclusive. Any tip for us? Are we just super unlucky, or is there actually something we can do on our part to finally breed with each other again? Thank you!
  7. SO I sacrificed my mixes and music stars to run my connection v3s that came in the mail the other day... And I have to tell ya, it wasn't easy. I open my backpack (Which has like 11 tamas in it) Only to find this inevitable fate. Also I have no idea where the tama on the spacy mix came from, that was not my child somehow the buttons were pressed to reset it after the previous one died, and now this one is gonna die too so, rip these tamas and rip their batteries too which were only used for a good week cr2032s aren't very cheap man
  8. Hey guys! So, a very dear friend of mine is moving to Scotland at the end of the school year, and I want to get her a very special gift to commemorate our 15 years of friendship. Seeing as we first bonded over Tamagotchi at recess in first grade, and either of us never really stopped collecting, I'm going to get her a Tamagotchi M!x !!! She doesn't have one of those yet, but I have no idea what version to get. I would ask but I REALLY want it to be a surprise. I have three versions and think they're all fantastic. It would be a huge help if you could choose which Tamagotchi M!x version is your favourite, and even add a little comment why! Is it the characters? The features? The pretty shell? Personally, I'm partial to the Dream M!x, because I love Dream Town and all its inhabitants and Yume Kira Dream is my guilty pleasure show, yes I watch children's anime okay shhhhh but I'd love to hear what you think!
  9. Hello. Is there any growth chart out there for sanrio mix? I would like to get Momotchi as It seems to be obtainable only on 1st gen...But I have no idea which conditions should I meet. Thanks Edit: I found the thread about the spacy/melody version but there are obviously some differences. Anyone has come up with one for the Sanrio yet?
  10. Hello, at the moment I only have an iDL (english), but plan to collect another tamagotchi near future. I'm confuse deciding between P's, Sanrio Mix, or even latest Bandai Gudetama (this Dec, 2017)... not to mention PriPri-Chan Shot (tomy dakara).. all seems nice.. But I can only buy one more toy this year.. which one best to get? (i hope the one I get will be the one which will be translated to English), I know P's is fully translated to English now, but is it worth it to accompany my iDL?do they so different? while i heard mix is very different..
  11. Both of these parents are female, aren't they?
  12. I'm making some Tamagotchi sprite art. Does anyone know exactly how many pixels a Mix screen displays From top to bottom and side to side? Example: 50x50 Thank you!
  13. Hi! So i'm trying to build a good relationship between my female tama and kikitchi. Every time I go into town, I always bring his favorite item (The skateboard) and I end up running into every character but kikitchi. Is there a way to meet up with a specific character or is it random? (I'm going to the right town btw)
  14. Hello! I have a spacy m!x and I need some help accessing's bandai namco login. I made an account and when I try to log in, an error message appears saying "You cannot log in to this service from the country/region you have registered." What do I have to change to get past this error? is it on the browser or somewhere on the bandai account? Thank you so much!
  15. I want to preorder the Sanrio Tamagotchi M!X, and Hobby Link Japan has the best price I can find for it. However, every time I add it to my cart and click on the cart, it either says that there is nothing in my cart, or, if it says there is something in my cart, it takes me to the checkout process. I do not have an account with HLJ, so it asks me to make and account. Once I do and hit proceed to checkout, it says that there is nothing in my cart, and says that my account does not even exist. I really want to preorder it from HLJ because they have the best price, but it wont let me for some reason. Have any of you had this problem before? And if you have, how did you fix it?
  16. as most of you know, i've been going on a Tama buying spree lately , but I'm wondering whether I should get the Tamagotchi M!x or the IDL because they are both about the same price. I am definitely going to preorder the Sanrio mix, so would it be a good idea to get a regular mix as well or should I go with the IDL instead? thank you guys for your help!! :D
  17. I just got a 20th anniversary white mix to connect with my blue spacey version. I'm trying to reset the 20th anniversary to unlock the mermaid location, but whenever I try to connect the two, I get two blue hearts with an X in the middle. I've tried waiting until they both have two pink hearts showing, and then pressing B on both or just one, but nothing's working. Has anyone else had this problem? Please help!
  18. I'm currently enjoying my tamagotchi P (and currently saving up for another one) but I was wondering if the 4u+ or if the mix was worth the money to add to my collection. Should I get the 4U+ or the Mix? What has the most content and what is the most fun I really want to know.
  19. I'm thinking about getting a Tamagotchi Mix soon, and I absolutely LOVE the anniversary shell in comparison to the melody and spacey shells. Right now my first choice is the anniversary version but does it have anything special that the Spacey and Melody versions don't have? I know there are some things that are exclusive only to the Spacey version and some things that are exclusive only to the Melody version. Is there anything that's only exclusive to the Anniversary version? What are your thoughts? Which one did you pick out of the three and why?
  20. So, um... Welcome to just another log of mine. It will start completely the day I receive my M!X (pink spacy version). <-so pretty ~^µ^~ It should arrive near 6th of November. Truly yours, Rukitchi~°v°
  21. Introduction Hello! Aibou here~ This is my first Tama log, so if you have any suggestions on stat recording and whatnot, let me know! I'm going to be recording my Blue Spacey M!X, but I didn't think to do this until the 3rd stage of my 2nd Gen. Sorry about picture quality, though. And I appreciate any comments at all about p much anything! There will be less imgs in each post since this is introductory, btw~ ° °° ° General Information First Log Blank Log
  22. I'm getting money in October (disability bonuses) so the first thing I want to buy for it is (of course) a Tamagotchi M!X. Could anyone please advise me some safe sites that will have ones below 50$? I will only have 90 bucks (thats only half the amount) to spend and needless to say I have to keep it in the limit, if possible there could be 2 mixes for 45 bucks each if the shipping is free. please direct me towards a good offer
  23. Let's see your cute little tama families! Family trees can be uploaded using the password from your family tree screen on your m!x, at . You just need a Bandai Namco account. Here's mine! I'm currently raising a third generation girl.
  24. If you haven't heard yet, the front part of the tamagotchi m!x can be removed! I saw this image on awagumo's instagram: Also while browsing Tamagotchi Collectors I saw that a user posted templates for m!x faceplates. Please note that this isn't my original work, I'm just sharing it with you guys. The poster said that the correct width for this template is roughly 6 centimeters.