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Found 18 results

  1. Just had something strange happen with my Morino. While I was playing the game after feeding my tamagotchi a size growing candy the visuals corrupted between rounds; the leaf display showed three leaves instead of the usual four and took me to the feeding screen rather than the guessing game. When I exited the menu my tamagotchi was asleep and checking the clock I noticed that the time had reset to 12:30am, so I corrected the clock and checked my tamagotchi's status. All of their stats had emptied to 0, not just hunger and happiness but the size stat too, which is odd since it starts with 30mm if I remember correctly. The weight said PM 0 or PM 1, I can't recall the last digit as I was preoccupied with the PM mark, I assume this was some sort of error from trying to display a value outside of the normal range of weights. I went to the food option and, while I'm not familiar with all of the Kabutotchi growing candies, I had a growth candy available to me that seemed to resemble a parfait in a raised bowl. The candy grew Kabutotchi 2mm, restored two points of hunger, fully filled happiness, and set the weight to 99mg, though I'm not sure whether this was some sort of overflow/underflow glitch, the game realising that the weight was greater than the upper cap and lowering it to be in bounds, or maybe the candy just raises the weight to max. My current theory is that the power was interupted momentarily just through freak coinsidence, I'll give the contacts a good clean when I change the batteries next, but if anyone knows anything else this could be please let me know!
  2. Heya,new to tamagotchi. Found a morino tamagotch in a thrift store But it wasn't working so i replaced the very old batteries with semi old ones. It kinda worked until the batteries ran out Though i noticed that theres something wrong Like,it turns off and on with a light slap So it means egg after egg after egg Then i bought some new ones but while screwing it on to close the screen fades to nothing But when the lid isnt fully closed,it works just fine.though that'd make it hard to put in a bag or my pocket Also works without the lid except everytime the batteries move it turns off then on again.
  3. hello! this will be my first post on this site, so please bear with me! I found a case of unopened morino tamagotchi cases, with all 4 colors, listed on ebay. it costs $311, plus 32 dollar shipping. it comes with 12 of each color, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in splitting the case? you would be paying 28.58 for the set of 4, plus domestic shipping once it gets to me. would anyone here be interested? I'm hesitant to post the listing for the fear that someone will just snatch it up, and the photos are too large to attach, but I can give more info on discord/other messaging platform!
  4. Hello, and welcome to my Morino log! Now, I REALLY like bugs, ESPECIALLY Stag Beetles, or really anything with a horn/pincer. I also just like most bugs in general. After finding a Tamagotchi thats ALL about bugs, I knew I had to get it. The only thing that comes this close to my love of bugs is Fish. In this log, I plan to: Run the Polka Dot egg to get a feel for how this Tamagotchi plays. Run the White egg several times after the Polka Dot egg, and see who I get. Discuss how I got specific outcomes to the best of my ability. Talk about new features the Morino has, and differences it has from other vintage Tamas the best I can. With introductions out of the way, I hope you all enjoy this log of the Japan exclusive, Morino Tamagotch!
  5. Hey folks! Got a Morino a little more than a week ago, and I recently got it to the adult stage. Now, at first, I didn't know that unlike a regular vintage tama, you have to keep its weight UP to GROW it. So as a result, I got the worst possible character. (wouldn't ya know its a dung beetle...) So my question here is, can anyone post a list showing the average/max age each of the Mushitchi adults can reach to? Or at least all of information known
  6. I'm running a Morino for the first time ever, and I was following the requirements on the Tamagotchi wiki for Koganetchi (maintain Imotchi's weight at 40mg, keep cocoon warm), but I got Chobitamatchi instead! So I'm wondering, are these guidelines wrong? (If it helps, he went to sleep with an empty happy leaf as Imotchi one night because it emptied RIGHT BEFORE HE WENT TO BED. If this affected him, please let me know!)
  7. So I finally got my Deco Pierces from Japan! (pictures to be uploaded to my log- Inside of the plastic was an ordinary black ant! It looks a little more brown, but is the same size and doesn't have anything else of difference that I can see. I was amazed at it's survival skills, and also how it managed to get into an Anniversary change shrink wrapper! I put it into a container with a drop of spring water and some rice malt syrup. (I'm a vegan so I don't have an honey in the house, I don't care about honey, but my partner does so I agreed to the rice malt syrup seeing that it's tasty) It looked at it, but it seems more intent on trying to escape and find it's way home. It made me wonder if insects were the same around the world. This simple occurrence of an ant trapped in some plastic made me all thoughtful about how things live, and what we consider important. I think in the past I would have squished an ant in my apartment normally because there is no garden to put them and they dig into all my food. I tried saving them, but there was an ant attack for months a few years ago. I live on the top floor, so I have no idea how they managed to get all the way into my apartment, or why they even bothered to find food in such a difficult place. It seems like such an arduous journey to embark on for some simple sugars and rice syrup! I don't think it will survive away from it's hive, so tomorrow I'm going to put it outside in the sun. I thought it can walk in the Australian sun if it wanted to so badly, and have a nice stroll before it runs out of steam. Hey, it might even do ok? Most likely it won't live long. Any budding Entomologists know about how ants work? I wish we understood all the little creatures better. I think it's cute people love the Morino Tama so much, and to care for a creature as small as a beetle is really interesting. - the thoughts of Fae
  8. I don't actually have a Morino yet, hopefully I can win the auction lol, but I was wondering what kind of batteries it needs. I know it doesn't use the CR2032 or AAA batteries, so does anyone know which kind it does use? And maybe where I can find them? Thanks! ^u^
  9. I was just wondering how much are Genjin's, Mothra's and Morino's worth? I really want one but I don't want to spend more money than what they're worth:///
  10. What are the rarest shell designs for the vintage tamas? And which ones are your favourites?
  11. even though I already have a Mothra? The I'm asking this is because the Mothra and Morino have basically the same game as well as the coccoon concept... But Morino does have cute characters. Should I still get a Morino or should I spend the money on something else? ;o
  12. HELLO and welcome to my growth log for my (left to right) Umino, Morino and Mothra Tamagotchi's! These are all 1997 Japanese Tamagotchi's that I recently purchased and thought it would be fun to document. These pics above where taken 2 days ago and of course everyone has gotten older since then which is what I am going to document in this log. I hope you will come along with me. I have had the Umino for longer than the other two and have already taken it to adulthood ONCE where I got Taiyakitchi this one lived for about 11 days and died because I was on a phone call and MISSED the fact that the polar bear came and when I looked up he was dead. Current Umino: This time around I have NOT been playing the chest game with Umino mostly at all so at the moment it went from the child jellyfish (Kuragetchi) to Kingyotchi. Here is my Umnio now with Kingyotchi: I got this one from doing this: WEIGHT 99 I gave him lots of snacks whenever it was hungry. When it changed into this teenage form the weight goes BACK to the teenage weight. So far I have been snacking it again because the Umino takes up SO MUCH time because of its constant neediness that I just gave into snacks. We will see how it turns out this time. My Morino so far now: Child stage: worm (Imotchi) and the next stage will be the Cocoon but of course I will not know which Cocoon I will get and what it will turn into. The Cocoon stage is 24hrs. Hopefully it will go into this stage today because Imotchi is already 4 days old! I have been playing the game a lot and keeping the weight down on this one but have missed the FOOT that injuries it maybe 4 times... (ops!!) so we will see what happens. My Mothra: I have the Mothra Grub teenage stage, the next stage is also a Cocoon stage much like the Morino but it looks different. I will compare and contrast the two cocoon stages when they happen. I REALLY want to get Mothra Adult but the Fairy is cute as well.. this is my FIRST time with the Mothra and I am taking good care if it and playing the game a lot to keep the weight down. MORE UPDATES on all 3 as I go. I will also show multiple generations of these and explain how I got all the characters I do. Bye for now! - THURIN
  13. Okay so this is the first time I've ever used a Morino and it just cocooned. What will happen when I sleep? Is there a rate at which the temperature changes?
  14. So I'm currently bidding on a Morino via ebay, and I've been doing my research on them so I'm not completely lost when I get it. One thing is confusing me though. The "temperature"...forgive me if this sounds completely idiotic, but is this some sort of manual control, or does it literally have a thermometer of some sort?
  15. Hey guys, Started my Morino again recently and this time I want to know some stuff. Tried doing a search on Morino stuff on the forums but didn't turn up much. I want to know if the manual was translated. If not, can someone explain to me the different foods it can eat, when they become available, do they affect how they evolve etc? Can too hot or too cold kill it in the hibernation stage? I've seen some talk about it being better to keep them overweight, is this true? Thanks in advance!
  16. I'm getting a new Morino and I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me. Anything helps!
  17. Hey tama's! I play "Tamagotchi 2" for gbc on the computer but they always die so quick because they get hit by a rock! My new adult died because he got hit with a rock 3 times in 1 day! LOL Please tell me how to save it from getting hit! Thanks! -Awesome2489
  18. I really always loved the Morino, in it's concept from videos and what I've heard from it. Yet I couldn't get one in my own hands, which bummed out big time. I've been thinking, that the special vintage editions, which the Morino (Angel, Ocean, Devil, and Santa) is part of, are really something cool. It's a different type of Tamagotchi gameplay. Like on the Morino, you need to let it evolve in a cocoon and monitor it's temperature. As well as tapping of it's attackers, or else it could die! Now I'm about to get the Morino, which I've already ordered and paid for, and it made me make this topic about it. My questions to all of you are: Do you like the Morino(No hating or flaming, only constructive and solid arguements please!)? If so, why? Do you have one, or do you have more perhaps? What's your favourite moment with the Morino? Do you got other Vintage Specials? Let's get discussing people, let me hear the various opinions you all have! (Edit: I might be in the wrong subforum, so if that's the case, just move me)