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Found 16 results

  1. Hey I was wondering if anyone knows where I could buy a DVD copy of Tamagotchi: The Movie online in Canada. The only place I can find it is on the Australian version of eBay. Thanks
  2. There is going to be an upcoming animated Tamagotchi short film to be released in Japanese theaters with the Himitsu no Cocotama movie. It is called something along the lines of 'Tamagotchi: Big Operation Secret Delivery' and here is the official synopsis- 'To commemmorate the 20th anniversary, Tamagotchi appears on the big screen after almost 10 years! Mametchi and his friends were asked to carry something important to the Gotchi King. An uproar suddenly targets the luggage! Nostalgic elements are also incorporated, so it can be enjoyed by parents as well as children. Cocotama and Tamagotchi... please stay tuned to see what big adventures unfold on the screen in both!' You can find this by going to the Cocotama movie's website and clicking the top right corner. It's also mentioned when you go to Tamagotchi Channel's home page. The Cocotama movie, along with the Tamagotchi short, will release during the 2017 Golden Week in Japan, which lasts from the end of April to the beginning of May if I remember correctly. What do you think of this? I am personally very excited. The artwork looks different from the anime and is so cute. Also, Nijifuwatchi is getting her animated debut and we would be able to hear a voice for her! I wonder if they'd use the same voice actors for the other characters or not.
  3. For me, it's Toy Story 3 and Wreck-It-Ralph. What about YOU guys? I bet someone here is gonna say that they cried while watching Big Hero 6..
  4. I think we all have a favorite movie that is typically hated by most/received not so great reviews. So what's yours?
  5. Tamagotchi Video Adventures is a cute and quirky American Tamagotchi cartoon that came out on VHS, along with a music video and "How to Draw Tamagotchis" thingie at the end. It's from the late 90s, so it has the vintage characters and they mostly only speak gibberish. What do you think of it? I think it's weird but adorable. XD (If you don't know where to watch it, PM me)
  6. Some of you guys on here have Netflix, and some of you guys want Netflix to add a show/movie to their streaming, or maybe you guys would just like to see a show/movie on there, just for the heck of it. I have quite a few shows/movies that I'd like Netflix to add, actually... So without further ado, I'll start! Shows/Movies I want Netflix to add: Tamagotchi! *And you guys know why we need this on Netflix..* Big Hero 6 Frozen Superbook The Flying House Tamagotchi! The Movie Tamagotchi! Happiest Story in the Universe PaRappa The Rapper Shining Time Station Old Thomas The Tank Engine Lalaloopsy Maryoku Yummy Steven Universe Pecola Animal Crossing: The Movie Despicable Me 1&2 Cloudy With a chance of Meatballs Wow wow Wubzy! A little snow fairy Sugar The Princess & the Frog Max& Ruby Spongebob Squarepants The Movie Little Bear Charlie brown specials Animainiacs Old Maya the Bee And a whole lot more....
  7. Oops I actually already made this topic ^_^" Sorry!
  8. Yesterday was my 13th birthday and my dad downloaded the MLP movie, Equestria Girls, as a gift Me and my family watched it, it's awesome. Has anyone else seen it and what did you think?
  9. I was boredly looking at a pamphlet that came with my Melodytchi DVD and there was an advertisement for an anime movie that looked cute called グスコーブドリの伝記 a.k.a Guskō Budori no Denki, or The Life of Guskō Budori. Apparently it's based on a novel from the early 1900s and there was a previous movie adaptation for it. But this one is from 2012 and the characters are anthropomorphic cats. But I'm confused... apparently in the original novel and first movie adaptation, the characters were meant to be human and they were just turned into cats in the 2012 version? I'm terrible at reading Japanese so I might be wrong. I also read the plot and it sounds extremely boring but ugh the characters are so cute and I think I want to hug the main cat person. So has anyone else heard about/seen this movie, and could you please tell me more about it? Would you recommend it, or is it just as boring as it sounds? ;o And last of all, is there any place I can watch it online? c:
  10. So have any of you heard or watched this movie before??? Well I was one of them, I still have the tape after 12 years but it's not the offical one. It's just a regular VHS that my mom taped. Considering back then we had satellite tv I'm guessing she either recorded off PBS or some weird movie channel... the movie gets cut off at the credits with my Mom surfing through channels and stuff like Elmo's World and Bear in the Big Blue House comes on. 0.o Quite creepy... Anyways, enough of my story. I heard this movie didn't do well at the theaters cause of the first Pokemon movie. So what are your opinions of this movie? It was probably the first movie I ever watched!
  11. It's only in Japanese but it's still a beautiful movie! It's a million times better than the first and I love it so much. Have you seen it? It's so touching and Happy is ADORABLE!
  12. HELLO!!! so the other day i was walking around my house ans my brother said '' sis come here and look at this'' so i said ''sure'' . he was showing me some hayao miyazaki films and i saw the cat returns, and i remember seeing so previews for it, so later that night i look it up, and i found a place to download it so i did and i watch it! it is like MY FAVE MOVIE now! i love it so! it is a great movie for any kitten or cat lover! it is a fun a cute little story that will (probley) touch your heart. has any one else seen that movie? if you have not yet seen you should because you love it! thank you for reading and thanks for the comments! <333 this video may contann some spoilers, but not big spoilers. this is kinda like a preview as i see it. pls watch the movie!!! i do not own the video and here are some names: girl: haru cat in the suit:baron (his real name is longer) the fat cat: muta
  13. Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie, from 1999. I have the English version. What do you think of it? It has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Metal Sonic, and a girl character called Sara. Some would consider the "Don't look there!" and "They're nice" parts to be highly inappropriate, but I find the movie funny and amusing. It's kind of weird, but I like it.
  14. I watched this movie a while ago at the Phoenix Comicon and really enjoyed it. I was wondering if anybody else had seen it.
  15. Ugh! Two years ago I read that MadMan was translating the second Tamagotchi movie to English but it looks like they gave up on that! I mean, most things like the first movie and anime come out in English two years after being released in Japan, but it's been far more than two years! And the second movie was meant to be seen BEFORE the anime, so you know how Hapihapitchi was created. I'm afraid it will never be in English...please tell me what you know!
  16. I was wondering if anyone thought it would fun if there was a third Tamagotchi movie. I was thinking there should be a third one with the new characters from the anime like Lovelin and Meloditchi, even though the Happiest Story in the Universe hasn't even been in English yet. That would be a great idea, don't you think?