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Found 76 results

  1. I have a 7 y/o mimitchi. im not getting the match maker at all and im only getting heart mail and the gotchiking orders at the times that are in the matchmaking times thread. is this a glitch?
  2. Hello everyone! No time no see! It's really good to be back, I took quite a break from tamagotchis just so I could focus on a few things. I completed my course and I now work at a local cafe, it is a nice job and I have the day off so I thought I'd start another log. I did have another one before which you can find by looking through my profile, it was a lot of fun to write but I randomly stopped updating it. Right now I am currently running my tamago as well as my music star. My tamago is married and has a child, I love all the cute animations. This is my first time running a tamago so it's been interesting! My last log I had three tamagotchis, a friends, a 2017 chibi and an IDL. Unfortunatly I no longer have my chibi. I now also own a V1 (2018 release), a V2, V3, Music Star and a Tamago. I am also waiting on two misc virtual pets and two littlest pet shop virtual pets in the mail. So! This is just a quick update for now, I plan on writing a longer log post later. I have a lot of logs I used to read to catch up on! Bye for now, fidgetTama
  3. SO I sacrificed my mixes and music stars to run my connection v3s that came in the mail the other day... And I have to tell ya, it wasn't easy. I open my backpack (Which has like 11 tamas in it) Only to find this inevitable fate. Also I have no idea where the tama on the spacy mix came from, that was not my child somehow the buttons were pressed to reset it after the previous one died, and now this one is gonna die too so, rip these tamas and rip their batteries too which were only used for a good week cr2032s aren't very cheap man
  4. Anyone know where to get parts? I'm missing the backing for my Music Star Disco Rave.
  5. What would be the usual price for these? How far would the price go down if it was missing a back but worked fine? Is this a glam rock or a disco rave? Any responses would be appreciated.
  6. I've rebooted my v6 like a month ago, but I feel like I should keep a track of what is happening to them! ⋆ A little backstory first. The last time I touched my Tamagotchi was in...2011? 2012? Anyways, I can faintly remember that my Tamagotchi were pretty successful in their music career. Claiming 1st star ranking awards and a decent daily salary to keep them afloat. Something made me reset, though. I guess I wanted to experience the journey of starting from the bottom. But afterwards I quickly lost interest, being reminded of how I would have to constantly play the 3 music games just to max their music skills. Epic fail, 12 year old self. But, after 4 years or so, nostalgia washed over me and I finally decided to pick up my Tamagotchi, pop in a fresh battery, and boot it up again. I currently have a v3, v6 and a Tama-Go in my possession. I used to own a v4, but I think it stopped working due because water got into it and I ended up throwing it away? Couldn't find it around my house for the life of me While all of my current Tamas are in a working condition, I decided to only run my v6. My v3's A button was getting stuck at times which incredibly hindered me when I was playing games with the Tamagotchi. I reloaded my 4 year old data from my Tama-Go, but it doesn't really stand out to me anymore. So, my v6 was my only choice. In my opinion, my favourite Tamagotchi! I remember going on Tama Town everyday, but sadly that site has been shut down for quite a while...Also, my first v6 was somehow dropped (can't quite remember how) and the screen turned black. I was sincerely heart broken and my mum took me out to buy another one the next day! ⋆ Alright, alright, time to move onto my v6 now. My shell design is the Idol Dream (I will post a pic if I can), and it still has most of its design. A very small portion of the silver paint has faded away, but it doesn't make a huge difference. Last month I ran it again, data all reset. And during that last month, there was school break, so my sleep schedule was mucked up, to say the least. I'd sleep at like 2 and wake up at 11 or 12, so if I didn't pause my v6, they'd be dead by the time I woke up! I will try to backtrack what happened though. My newly hatched Tamagotchi was a male Petitchi~ I didn't really know what to name it, so I just went with Kumakun (wished there was one more character slot so I could name him as Kuma-kun though). It started off with a Dinosaur for his toy and Singers as his instrument, and his music genre was Classic. I began to make Kumakun play the 3 music games to increase its music skills. It grew into a Kuchitamatchi, who received a nice toy Robot from the daycare lady~ Kumakun attended the daycare and had a lot of fun playing jump rope with his fellow peers. Back home, he continued to hone his music skills. Kuchitamatchi grew into Kikitchi in his sleep! I was quite surprised to see him grow so quickly. Kikitchi quickly attended school and met up with his fellow friends; Hinotamatchi and Chamametchi. They formed a band called Magnolia, who focused on Classic music. The trio were put through numerous practices to bond as a team and to strive towards their goal of becoming sensational hits. In between Kikitchi's practices, I praised him lovingly and took exceptional care of him, believing in his potential. The caring attention made him grow into a Mametchi. By now, Mametchi had all of his music skills maxed out to 999 each. When Mametchi went back to school, his Teen Tama friends were shocked to see him grow. They, too, grew into Dorotchi and Onputchi respectively. On their first trial in front of the judges, all three aspiring Tamas passed with flying colours, immediately going on to their Pro Debut. Vigorous training ensued for Magnolia, making them rise in their Star Rankings. Until, one late concert, they finally did it. King Gotchi recognised their achievements and awarded them with the award for Classic music. I was extremely proud of Mametchi and went on a shopping spree with him the next day. After all, we got 10,000,000 Gotchi points to spend. Say goodbye to Baby Food and Baby Milk, hello to Noodles, Sandwiches, Chocolate, Muffins, and more! Of course, I made sure that Kumakun was still getting enough exercise by playing through music games and working part time picking fruit. However, Kumakun was not satisfied with only claiming one award. No, Magnolia strived to rise in the rankings for Rock n' Roll and Jazz as well. When Kumakun turned 5 years old, Guitaritchi came to our door to pay us and to set my Tama up with a lovely Violetchi. Kumakun loved her dearly, and a baby girl was born to form one, big happy family together ♥ The next day, Kumakun and Violetchi silently departed their baby girl after spending one day with her. Petitchi woke up shocked to not see her parents on either side of her, and to see that her parents had taken all of their money with them! And thus, Kumakun entrusted his baby with me. I named her Diana, after one of my favourite Animal Crossing villagers, haha. Diana inherited 1/4 of her father's music skills, already starting off with a huge advantage over her fellow peers. Diana was carefully raised, tending to all of her needs and playing music games with her. Soon enough, Diana grew into a bright Hitodetchi. Her daycare teacher introduced herself before giving her atoy Car? Diana certainly didn't prefer any of the toys that she had. So instead of making her play with her toys, I played music games and jump rope instead. Diana evolved from a Hitodetchi to a Chamametchi during her sleep. She said goodbye to the daycare lady and went to greet her new teacher that gave her a Headphone! Perfect, just what I wanted. This means that Diana can eventually change her genre into something that Kumakun hasn't. Diana's band members were surprisingly both female. She was accompanied by Ichigotchi and Ringotchi, forming the band, Gal Nite. The three girls practiced each day, both together as a band and individually. Diana proudly stood with 999 skill points in each category, displaying a lot of potential. Yesterday, Diana grew into an adult Chantotchi. She immediately set off to meet up with her band members, who also grew into an adult Masktchi and Violetchi. Gal Nite passed the judge's trial like Magnolia, and moved on to their Pro Debut. However, Gal Nite was torn between two genres: Hip Hop and Pop. I haven't changed Diana's instruments, so it seemed pretty weird that they would switch genres at least 3 times before even getting the Star Ranking award. Anyhow, despite their constant switching, (which caused their Star Ranking to fluctuate from 6th to 10th), Gal Nite won their award on their third concert. Now that they had the Hip Hop award under their belt, they can now claim that Pop award soon! Well, that was everything that had happened in the past month! Already onto the second generation Now, the title of my Tamalog says inconsistent. This is because of my horribly out of sync sleep schedule in the holidays, which messed with my Tamagotchi's in-game growth since I had to pause it), and it may still be inconsistent now because of school. Which means I will have to pause my v6 from 8:00am to ~4:00pm when I get home. That would also depend on if there is any homework or class assignments to be done. So, I may not be able to update for a few days purely because of homework or tests/ exams at times. I am in my second to last year in college (which is the equivalent to high school in the U.S), and everyone has been saying that it is a huge step up from last year. At least my Tamagotchi will be able to sleep naturally through the night instead of being paused, right? XD In case you're wondering why I'm not going to get a new Tamagotchi, like the Tamagotchi Friends, it's because the retail stores in New Zealand do not stock them anymore. Buying my Tama-Go was a bit difficult as they did not sell them in stores, and only on their website. And I don't really want to ship one from the US to NZ, since the conversion of US dollars to NZ dollars will be one obstacle, as well as the shipping fee. Plus, I'm not really interested in the new greyscale Tamas. I have my Tama-Go which is the closest thing to the "new" releases. Although, if I could, I would love to buy a Tamagotchi P's or iD L. Finally, a colour screen! But on average, they cost at least $80-$110NZD, and as much as I want it, the price isn't really worth it. Maybe when I'm older, perhaps I'll get one. But I bet by then, there would be more new models released like the Tamagotchi 4U! But for now, I'll keep my log up so I can personally keep track of what's happened, and if any of you guys are interested
  7. Hello, so this is a bit of random question but i was running my V6 (which i am currently obsessed with) and after it fell asleep i still wanted to play some more... So i was wondering; If you wake it up, will any of it's stats be lowered? And how long after you wake it up will it take for the tamagotchi to fall back asleep? Any and all information is much appreciated! Thanks
  8. I recently found my old v6 and have been running it for about a week now. I've not found many positive things being said about it online. However, I feel that it's a great version. Is there some reason I'm missing (aside from being slightly more needy) that's kept it from popularity? I've never had a color. Just original, v4, v4.5, v6, and v9. It remains my favorite though.
  9. Hello, it's Hanikamitchi. I have two music stars, and one of them had a Mametchi, but then it evolved. It evolved into a Rexitchi! The only weird thing was that Rexitchi was on an ODD generation and not an even one! Is there something wrong with my Tamagotchi? Please help!
  10. Hi! I have a v6 who is 1 year old and has been a teenager all day. She hasn't recieved an invitation to go to school, and/or I have missed it (it's been a busy day). When I click Away, she can't go to school. I've waited the past few hours for an invitation, but nothing has changed. Are there times that are known for getting this invitation? Is she somehow too young? Have I missed the boat and she will never get to go to school and have a band? Please assist. Thanks.
  11. On the Tamagotchi V6/Music Star, when your Tamagotchi evolves into an adult, you go to the 'Away' option under the door icon to meetup with your band for their first audition. As you all know, your two bandmates will be teens at and then they, too, will evolve into adults. But if you don't really like the two characters they evolve into, you can make them evolve again! Here's what you do: - Before the band finishes their first audition and comes home, press the reset button. - Choose 'download' to continue from your saved progress. - Your Tamagotchi will be back at home. Go to the 'Away' option under the door icon again. - The other bandmates will appear as the adults they evolved into last time, except kind of cut off at the bottom of the screen. The same animation as normal occurs as if they were still teens, and then they will evolve into a DIFFERENT pair of adults! I discovered this glitch by accident when my Music Star's battery died in the middle of the audition Have fun trying to get your dream band members
  12. Hey guys, I'm not really NEW to Tamagotchi, as I am a long time collector since my original tamagotchi when i was 13. Today I have over 60 Tamagotchis. I just recently joined the forum and i've learned so much about them that I never knew. I was looking at a music star growth chart, and it has a picture of a "Dreamitchi" off to the side. It doesn't really explain if this is a character I can get, or if it's just a "visitor" or where it comes from. Does anyone know? I would love to have one of my tama's evolve into him cause I've never seen him or gotten him before. I attached a link to the photo of the growth chart i'm referring to. I posted the picture on my business website cause' I couldn't get my google drive to work for some reason, so just ignore all the other stuff. Thanks for your help cause' I haven't had much luck searching for it.
  13. I have a Tamagotchi Music Star and a TamaTown Tama-Go. I wanted to connect, so I chose the connect icon on both. I chose "Other" on both, too. When I tried to connect, both the Music Star and Tama-Go didn't say "OK". Is this a problem with the connection or something? I want to know. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and remember to reply if so.
  14. This should be an interesting story... pull up a chair and I'll explain... My family refers to the last 50 days of the year as the "final countdown." Starting on the 12th of November and ending just as the clock strikes 12 New Year's Day, we celebrate the very end of every year, and this year will be the 15th year our family has done it. To celebrate this tradition and share it with all of you, I'm hosting a hatch. Rules (because they are needed) ·Hatch begins the morning of November 12th (6:30 am, but you don't need to start logging . Please reset at 6:30 in your time zone) and ends at 12 am New Year's Day (Jan. 1) ·Any number or version of Tamagotchi is acceptable. ·Please try to log DAILY. If you can't, no apology or excuse needs to be made. ·I hope this would be obvious, but if your tama dies or has a child, continue your logging with the next generation. We have 50 days for you to log, and I don't think tamas live that long without REALLY good care. ·Please post which Tamagotchis you will be using below. You don't need to have your post accepted by me (I worded that badly...), but I'd like an idea of who is participating. I will be using my 2 Tamagotchi Friends, my v4 (if I can find batteries), and my P1 (if I can fix it by then). I hope you all have fun!
  15. Hey! Haven't been in TT for like so long. But anyway.. I finally received my v6/Music Star today and I love mine so much-even more than the v4.5 (oops!) but I kind of have an issue. My v6 keeps losing it's hearts, no matter how many games I play with it and praise it with. Now I'm only up to one heart and I've paused it for the meantime. Hope you guys can help!
  16. Hello! I'm having trouble figuring out how to raise my V6 into different characters... Though I've had the V6 since it's release, I've never actually completed a run with it, this is my first time. I got to Adult stage this morning, and found a Gozarutchi... The 'Horrible Care' character I had the 'Perfect Care' Child and Teen stage, and I don't think I changed up the way I cared for it. Could someone explain the mechanics of raising a 'Perfect' character? Or if I want to get a not-perfect character, say, Odd Gen. Female 'Okay Care' character (Violetchi, according to this chart I'm looking at), what sort of care do I have to give it, exactly...? :huh: The Gozarutchi, throughout it's previous stages, had NEVER gone hungry, I played a lot of games, it was always happy. What exactly defines the level of 'care'? Is it skill points? 'Cause the Gozarutchi also had over 100 in each points. I think one was over 300... If you can, PLEASE help me! I honestly don't know what I did wrong... "OTL NOTE: I took the battery out of my V6 (didn't want to waste it!), but I won't reset it until I get some answers. If you need any extra info, I can pop the battery back in and download, and give you exact stats, etc., whatever you need to know
  17. Could someone give me a complete list of every single Music Star design?
  18. Just wanted to ask this question... Should I have crochet another round for the crochet cover I just made for my V6???? It kinda fits quite well, but it doesn't at the same time........ A picture below: Feel free to ask other questions starting with "Should I have................."
  19. My friend and I were both 90s kids and neither of us got to experience a Tamagotchi. She wanted to have friendship necklaces and/or bracelets but didn't want to go the traditional route with broken heart halves. As a surprise for her birthday February 20th I got us matching V6 Tamagotchi pets. I figured we can sign the battery cover for each other plus the IR connection is a cute little bonus to turn the Tamagotchi into friendship charms for the modern age. I wanted to get V4 but V6 was brand new in the package and cheaper. I'm sure some people might have a stroke considering that I got a brand new Tamagotchi with the intention to open it. As of this writing I haven't been able to experience it yet since I'm waiting to open mine on her birthday also. I was wondering though what can I expect from the IR connection. This seems to be a seldom covered topic. What can you do by connecting two units by the IR sensors?
  20. Okay. Haven't been on for a month. But whatever. So, I recently ordered a second hand v6. And I was wondering, do the Angelgotchi cases fit on the Music Stars/v6? I know they fit inside the Osu Mesu cases, but haven't seen them in eBay for quite a while. And there are way many more Angelgotchi cases on eBay. So do those Angelgotchi cases fit? Or should I just get a decoratchi kit for my v6? Thanks!
  21. It's Nearly October! The goal of this hatch is to start on October 1st and take care of that SAME generation until Halloween. You can sign up until September 30th at 9:00 p.m., and you hatch around 5:00 on October 1st. Rules: You may only sign up with Tama-Gos, Music Dtars, and v4s. You must log your tama EVERY DAY unless a family event is stopping you. You can restart your tama if it does die. You can keep logging after Halloween if your tama didn't die or had a baby, but you MUST stop on the 1​st of December. A small prize of 5 likes will be awarded to anyone who makes it to Halloween. I will be hatching my v4, my Tama-Go, and my Music Star if I can.
  22. I can be very picky when it comes to mates for my tamagotchis, so on my music star, I had turned down three possible husbands. Finally, this morning, my cute little mimitchi turn into a dango obatchi oldie and I promised myself and Dinah (that's her name) that the next time the band manager comes with a bachelor, I will accept. Later in the day, Dinah ended up getting married to a tarakotchi and they had a baby girl. All was well in the world until right before dinner, when the band manager showed up again, but this time with a dorotchi asking "Marry? Yes or No"! I refused to marry him to Dinah, but when he leaves, the tarakotchi had turned into the dorotchi! Honestly, I really don't mind this happening as I am kind of neglecting Dinah at the moment (oops), but I would like to know if this has happened to anyone else.
  23. I turned on my Music Star V06 about two hours ago, I set the time and stuff, and it still hasn't hatched! Can someone please help? I looked it up and it's supposed to hatch in five minutes. It's been two hours! Is there something wrong with my tamagotchi? Do I need to press a button?
  24. Hopefully I'm doing this right; but I'm having some problems with one of my music stars. It all started with one day when my tama was 5 or 6, and his battery ran out. I replaced the batteries, downloaded and went on with it. He and my other music star were literally twins. Same parents and hatched exactly the same time and everything. When they were both the right age, the manager came to one of the tamas at the time he's supposed to. But not the other one. Escape here is now 8 years old and I still cannot get the BM to come. The last chance I have is to try and get his Makiko bandmate to marry him, but I'm unsure about how many times I need to practice in order for it to work out. Anybody know? But I suspect it was the battery changing that might have glitched it out. I really really don't want to have to reset him and lose everything. Thanks for any replies.
  25. Hi guys, Brittani here. I've been playing tamagotchi's since I was knee high to a grass hopper. I thought it was finally time for me to share my logs, how I get my little talented artists to pro debut and much more. Now a little background info. I used to play religiously. But eventually worked myself too hard to keep all my tamas running happy and healthy. So I quit. But now I'm back, working my way around the ropes. I will be logging the progress of two music stars and possibly a tama-go, depending on how long or short. Plus if I have anything informative to say about the tama-Go. I will try to upload pictures, but might not be able to have those up daily. This log will be updated daily with new info and tips. Please come back to find out more info. *also this is for fun, so please don't take anything too serious or count on anything too greatly. If you have any questions please just post them below. This is a free roam log, so you can post any ideas, opinion, thoughts, comments, messages. Whatever you like. Post it. ♥ I will start this once my music stars start their second generation. [They are teens right now]