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Found 39 results

  1. I made this so people can share their favorite music. (Any kind) I love the Hamilton soundtrack. It's almost all that I listen too. It was really cool to see it on disney+. What is your favorite music?
  2. Lottie Dottie Chicken Presents. Lovie The Dove! Listen Now: Thanks For Listening!
  3. Hi! All the other threads looked a bit old, so I'm making a new thread. So... what's your favourite song? Why is it your favourite? My favourite song is 'Cut my Hair' by Mounika. I just think it's a really beautiful song. The meaning of it is pretty deep and the general song is something I can relate to. I find it relaxing to listen to. So, what about you guys?
  4. I'm bored and I feel like typing a lot so here's a guide to the music i'd like to share This band is a mixture of chiptune and metal?... garage music?... actually genres are too confusing so i'm calling this music music, it's the type of music that sounds like music and yeah i like music you know?: I don't really know what this is If you like chiptune, nosie music and a screaming japanese band with a lore that they time traveled to the 1980s than you'll probably like this. Humans are really good at self loathing, so if you like slow guitar music and depressing facebook poems than you'll like this too. Very chill music, that's unique and unforeseen in it's use in common dubstep beats. Nothing here will disturb you but only enlighten you. Music that is a little more deeper than the one i posted above, this track is, a lot more beaty and forceful in it's nature. It's what the cool kids would call high music. Quirky and creative artist who sings songs as a hobby. With smooth guitar and intentionally low quality audio, but if it's intended than perhaps it isnt low quality. One of the rap boy bands, imagine a typical boy band that coated with today's rap music industry, yeah that's what these guys are and they are really good. I highly suggest it to any lover of rap. Someone from the band above, but it's a rapper who struggles with his sexuality. Alright that's all I have for now, message me or post here if you want to exchange more music together idk lol
  5. I'm in love with Marina and the Diamonds and AURORA. How about you guys?
  6. Why did my tamagotchi music star die? I had it paused and it somehow randomly unpaused on its own. ;-; (I read the rules and I hope I'm doing this right.)
  7. Returned to post in the old topic to find that it was a little too old (and therefore closed). This is the continuation of that topic. We'll see how this goes. "Adventure of a LIfetime" - Coldplay
  8. I'm not sure whether this goes in Stuff We Listen To or Stuff We Play, but as the title says, what video games have the best music? Feel free to link to some songs from the games, if you like!
  9. Hi! what remixes/covers of original songs do you like? I like this remix of Popcorn: And this fanmade cover of A True True Friend from MLP:FiM ^ I swear this is my favorite musical piece ever besides Tamagotchi songs!
  10. She does have inappropriate songs, but they do have meaning... sometimes. What do you think of her music? Just too inappropriate or good or just okay? Personally, I love her music.
  11. Any tamagotchi owners that listen to vaporwave music?
  12. Here's a list of as many Tamagotchi songs I could find. You can click the links to listen to the song on YouTube. Some don't have links because the song wasn't quite appropriate for TamaTalk. In this case, just search for the song title and artist on YouTube. Some songs I can't find anywhere on YouTube. Opening and ending themes: Tamagotchi - Kigurumi [Tamagotchi: The Movie theme, click here and start at 0:35 to hear it in English] Chiisana Hoshi - Kigurumi [Tamagotchi: The Movie ending theme; only used for the Japanese version of the movie] Green Flash Densetsu - Pabo [Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe Japanese ending theme] GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Yuria Nara [Click here to listen to it in English] GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Lovelitchi and Melodytchi ver. GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Mametchi, Doremitchi, and Sopratchi ver. [Can't find it...] GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Hapihapitchi and Chamametchi ver. GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Memetchi and Makiko ver. GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Flowertchi and Telelin ver. GO-GO Tamagotchi! - TamaTomo ver. GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Hitomi ver. GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Mametchi ver. Tamafriends Forevermore - Shoko Haida [Click here to listen to it in English] Moshimo Paradise - mao Like and Peace - Dream5 Smiling! - Lay Kirakira Every Day - Dream 5 Kizuna - SHU-I Prayer - ASIA ENGINEER Janken PON! - Dream5 I★my★me★mine! - Dream5 Doremi Fasorairo - Dream5 Kitto Zutto Happy! - Dream5 Rock 'n' Heart! - Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi Powerful Beat! - Mametchi Miracle Travel - Miraitchi and Clulutchi Itsuka Itsuka - Mametchi RAINBOW - Hitomi Baby I - Ariana Grande Other anime songs: Every Lovely - Lovelin [Click here to listen to it in English] Every Lovely Violin - Lovelin [same as above but with violin music] Happy Happy Harmony - Lovelin Happy Happy Harmony Special version - Lovelin, Yumemitchi, and Kiraritchi Happy Happy Birthday - Lovelin [Can't find it...] Miracle Kitchen - Lovelin Happy Heart - Lovelin Smile For Tomorrow - Lovelin Melodytchi's Waltz - Melodytchi [i can't find a clip of it from the anime so the video is a piano version of it] Lovely Melody - Lovelitchi and Melodytchi [i can't find it...] KiraKira Dream - Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi KiraKira Dream Happy Birthday version - Yumemitchi, Kiraritchi, Pianitchi, Himespetchi, and Memetchi [Can't find it...] Rainbow Melody - Lovelin Hop Step Dream - Furifuritchi Oyaji no Hanamichi - Oyajitchi MPC Theme - Moriritchi, Candy Pakupaku, and Coffretchi [Can't find it...] MPC March - Moriritchi, Candy Pakupaku, and Coffretchi Coffretchi's Make-up song [Can't find it] Tamagotchi-based songs by bands and singers: Tamagotchi (Tschoopapa) - Sqeezer Don't Cry Tamagotchi - Jagan Together Forever - Daze La TamaDance - Lorie [French] Tamagotchi - Die ärzte [German] Tamagotchi Parody song [spanish] Tamagotchi Dance - Unknown Teamomutcho Tamagotchi - Unknown I Love My Tamagotchee - Looner [The way the artists sing is rather crude to me but I guess it's not really inappropriate owo;] Pocket Tamagotchi - Josip on Deck [No link because it has profanity] Tamagotchi Baby - Eraserheads [No link because it has some suggestive lyrics] Tamagotchi Press Officer - Momus [Can't find it on YouTube but you can read the lyrics here; parody song] === I think that's about it. If there are any I forgot, or if you found videos for some of the missing links, let me know! o3o
  13. Hiya! I am wondering whats your favorite music artist? Vote in the poll and if your favorite isnt there post it below. Also tell which artist you don,t like. Have fun! Personally I like Katy Perry ,Nicki Minaj and Skrillex I am not too fond of Justin Bieber and One Direction. Just they are not my taste. But don,t get me wrong i don,t hate them. Now tell me yours!
  14. Hello! What kind of things do you like to do while listening to music? I find music distracting unfortunately, so although I'm usually good at multi-tasking, it's hard for me to do anything else while I'm listening to music lol. So I don't listen to music much, and when I do, I don't really do anything else simultaneously besides browse the internet and stuff. I used to listen to music while drawing but I draw better when I don't listen to music. XD
  15. What are your favorite lyrics of all time from any song? You can choose an entire song with the best lyrics or just a line or a stanza you really like.
  16. Hey guys! I recently chanced upon a music fever, and I got one because it looks so cute hahaha It looks like this I tried to google for more information but the information that came up was pretty useless.. Can someone who owns this give me some guide to it? It would be great if someone could link me up to page or something? Thanks in advance
  17. Hi! I was curious to see everyone's favorite songs from the Tamagotchi! anime! Please list your favorites here~ My favorites right now are: Kira Kira Dream, Like&Peace, Rainbow, and GO-GO Tamagotchi!. I also really love that song where they are twirling batons, but I don't know the name of it. 'Kizuna' something?
  18. I have discovered 2 apps that are very helpful when it comes to boiling eggs! They are called "Musical Egg Timer" and "Classical Musical Egg Timer". They both play music that serves as an indicator as to how far along your eggs are. At the 3-, 5-, and 7-minute marks, they will make an alarm bell sound and a new song will play. At the 12-minute mark, the alarm bell sound will play again and the music is all done, but the apps occasionally crash at this point. Each of these apps play 4 songs and a special dance of their very own. While "Musical Egg Timer" shakes around the screen and plays original, danceable songs, the "Classical Musical Egg Timer" gently glides up and down and plays classical music. You should try them out next time you boil eggs; they cost 99 cents each.
  19. hi guys! so the other day i was looking on youtube and i saw a new miley cirus (i think thats how you spell her last name) song and i watched. what has she turned into? i have heard a lot of ppl say there are happy she is being herself but...thats not right to me. she has a lot of young fans. and i don't think she should be acting for little kids forever but...that video did not seem right. i never really watched HM (hannah montana) growing up too the age i am and probaly never will. i watch a few episodes. looking at what she was years ago and looking at who she is today, its a huge change. she was soo pretty then and now....idk. i am not saying she looks ugly or anything but she just does not look right. and have you really listened to the lyrics to the song? they are not good for any age younger then 15 yrs at least!... and the videos is even worse! anyone else with me? i dont hate miley or anything like that but thats because i dont think it is right to hate anybody. so this is my opinion so not ''hating'' plz and thank you for the comments!!!
  20. The Sonic game series has had some very nice music, especially the classic Green Hill tune. The newer Sonic games also have some nice music, but I sort of prefer the music from the classic Sonic games (the synthy chip music seems to be catchier than the orchestrated stuff in the newer games ). Here are some electric guitar covers I made of Sonic songs; the Robotnik themes, and later I'll post a (short) cover of Sonic's Theme from Sonic Adventure, which I haven't finished yet (but it won't have the words). Sonic & Knuckles - Boss Badnik Theme Sonic 2 - Dr. Eggman Theme Sonic 3 - Dr. Eggman Theme Sonic Adventure 2 - Boss 2 music Sonic Adventure - Sonic's Theme (not finished and uploaded yet)
  21. hello! so anyways i was listening to the radio one day i heard this song ''don't you worry child''. it was sung by a guy and they played it too much and i HATED it. so sevral months later i was looking at some night core music and i found it again so i thoute i would listen to it again and see what it was like in night core form. i found out it the version was sung by a girl and i liked this ver WAY better then the first one i heard so it is like my fave son now! here it is: i do not own this video so anyways that you for your comments and likes! ( if you do like and commen) and i would like to thank you just for looking!
  22. I posted this on PCKF, but I'll post it here too. I originally played this game years ago, and I decided to play it again. I sort of like it, but I feel some parts could have been a lot less "weird". It's a trilogy similar to Bio Menace, Duke Nukem, and Commander Keen. First of all, the storyline is just bizarre. What is this "GORG" asteroid thing? Why are there human-like "Eloi" creatures inside it? The overall plot just seems so weird. What are the bearded "wise men" that are sitting around? They rise in the air and say a message when they are approached, but are they supposed to be helpful or not? The first "wise man" says "You will die!" suggesting they are unfriendly, but the other wise men seem to give some sort of hints. But usually, this "hint" is some strange message that I can't even come close to understanding...stuff like "Seek solidity. It may let you pass." and "Asteroid is factory, factory is asteroid" or whatever. It sounds like random gibberish. The camera is atrocious. In games like Commander Keen, the camera centers on you, but in GateWorld, it's just annoying. You have to "drag" the camera around by moving, so that for example, if you want to see what's to the left, you have to move all the way to the left of the screen and drag along the camera...and you can barely even see what's in front of you! Often, things will fall on your head, you'll land on stuff where you can't see what's below you, you'll enter teleporters without knowing if it will teleport you right into an enemy, and so on. The music: The music is just awful. I tried the General MIDI setting and the OPL settings, but none of them do the music any justice. The music on the first level sounds like several songs playing together at once. It's a jumbled mess. Another song sounds like a bunch of random screwy notes on random instruments, and the boss music is extremely lousy. Most other DOS games like this, especially Apogee's, EPIC's, etc. have very well-composed mood-setting music. But the GateWorld music doesn't even fit the theme of the game. Some of it is so bad it sounds like someone opened up their MIDI sequencer and drew a bunch of random notes everywhere without even attempting to make it sound musical. But aside from that, the game is ok, and I still actually managed to enjoy some of it. It's kind of nice and still playable, but I think Homebrew could have done a better job.
  23. Whats your fave kind of music? Mine is country. But i like some rap music (airplanes) and i like some 80 music. Ty for your comments!<3
  24. Hey guys! I'm new to this so please do not post any rude comments or «this was posted» comments, I'm just trying to help out with the Music Star sleeping scheduel. So far all I have for the chart is: Baby: Petitchi (Female & Male): nap (it doesn't sleep so i recommend putting it on pause) Toddlers: Female: Hitodetchi : AM: 7:30 PM: 7:45 Tamatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Male: Kuribotchi: AM: ? PM: ? Kuchitamatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Teens: Female: Chamametchi: AM: ? PM: ? Ichigotchi : AM: ? PM: ? Ringotchi: AM:? PM:? Male: Kikitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Hinotamatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Nonopotchi: AM: ? PM: ? Adults: Female: Mimitchi : AM: ? PM: ? Chantotchi: AM: ? PM: ? Memetch i: AM: ? PM: ? Makiko: AM: ? PM: ? Violetchi : AM: ? PM: ? Onputchi: AM: ? PM: ? Sebiritchi: AM: ? PM: ? Maidtchi: AM: 8:00 PM: 9:00 Maskitchi : AM: ? PM: ? Kunoitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Male: Mametchi: AM: 7:00 PM: 8:30 Kuromametchi: AM: ? PM: ? Shimashimatchi: AM: 7:30 PM: 9:00 Togetchi: AM: ? PM: ? Kuchipatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Dorotchi: AM: ? PM: ? Tarakotchi : AM: ? PM: ? Androtchi: AM: ? PM: ? Gozarutchi : AM: ? PM: ? Toskatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Oldies: Female: Otokitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Dangobatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Male: Ojitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Rexitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Special: Female: Dazzilitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Male: Dreamitchi: AM: ? PM: ? So yeah i don't have much info YET because i just got my tamagotchi Music Star a couple days ago. Anyway I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out & tell me how to make a chart so that i could make one for you guys or you guys could make it but atleast give me credit cuz some info will come from me. Oh! I almost forgot to say that when the girl character is finished i will do the boys and so on and on. Please leave comments with what you found out! Also i'm not sure i'll be able to get Dazzilitchi because Tamagotchi Music Star has been down...