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Found 18 results

  1. This Easter i got a hello kitty tamagotchi. After a month or two, some thing weird happend. Every time a event happend like cleaning or hatching, When it happend on cleaning, I reset. THEN IT GOT TRAPPED ON HATCHING!!!! It might be a battery glitch but, THE START UP NOISE PLAYED AT NIGHT!!! At about 5 or 4 am, the noise played too LONG got CORRUPTED SOUNDING. You dont know how it sounded? This is what it did. DO DO Doo DO DoOO DOO DOOo!!!! IT GOT SOO ANOYING!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  2. You're probably aware of BT21 who are kind of like mascot characters that correspond with each BTS member, created by them for LINE messenger. The announcement was some time last month that two new, limited edition nanos are on the way featuring BT21 characters!! Set to release some time in August but preorders are available. You can see their shell colors on Instagram, which are named Space Color (the blue one) and Baby Style. Each BT21 character will have their own unique characteristics and behaviour. I recommend you don't keep reading if you wish to avoid any tiny spoilers. These are some actions that you can expect from each character: RJ washing his scarf Chimmy playing the harmonica Cooky exercising Tata leaving in a UFO Koya sleeping Shooky crying because he hates milk Mang dancing Van celebrating There are also features that are unique to the BT21 Tamagotchi. The BT21 characters are able to dance, bake, explore space, and take photos. I gotta say, I can't wait to watch baby Koya (RM) flopped down blowing a sleep bubble, personally.
  3. I have a few I'm curious about, such as Jordy that has 6 games, but what other Nanos seem to be the most unique or featured in your opinion? I was able to collect the Eevee gotchis when they were cheaper, yet lately I've wanted to pick up one for casual play. In general how's your Nano wishlist looking?
  4. I notice no one really talking about the Hello Kitty Nano that's rumored to be a NA release. Not much is known but it was leaked and information is coming in slowly but its timed to be released in the fall as well. It has 2 colors and is due this October for release. Hopefully we will see more info during the next bandai news letter or during a announcement on their social media! Original source!
  5. A report by today suggests that an officially-licensed Pokemon Eevee Tamagotchi Nano might be on the way! To quote; This is the image that the report mentions; I like Eevee, so if this turns out to be true, then I absolutely want this Tamagotchi.
  6. I purchased a non-working Tamagotchi Nano with the intention of making it work again, but when I got it, I quickly realized it's not set up the same way as the newer minis, or even any other regular Tamagotchi. I looked up how to take it apart and there is absolutely no information anywhere, but I have figured it out! Sorta. When you take the battery cover off, there are two screws that hold the casing on the bottom half, but there's two more screws hidden under the plastic shapes on either side of the speaker holes. I had to rough up my (broken) nano a bit to work those out, and I did damage the plastic some. I'm not sure how to safely take those plastic parts out just yet, I'm sure there's a tool for them, but I'm not sure what the plastic parts are even called, I guess they're just tiny protective covers. Anyway, I just thought I'd make this post to potentially help anyone who is needing to take their Nano apart, feel free to discuss ideas about safely removing the plastic parts. Pics here: The clock and capacitor definitely need to be replaced
  7. We all know about Aaron that lived roughly 122 days back in 2007. (Hop on over to Tamenagerie to check him out if you haven't: One thing I've always wondered is how long to MOST people keep their tamas (or other digital friends) alive? My personal bests are: Old School Tamagotchi (Clear Yellow P2) - 17 years Tamagotchi Angel (Pink) - ~12 years (I got twins!!) Nano Puppy (Original Version Green Shell) - 51 years New Gens Tamagotchi 4U (White Shell) - 5 generations (kept getting the same characters over and over so I quit) Tamagotchi Ps (Yellow Shell) - 3 generations (was playing at the same time as 4U and couldn't keep them straight) I feel like the original tamas are pretty hard to keep alive after the first 10 days or so, so I'm proud of my measly 17 years! What are your personal bests?
  8. Is there a difference between the Tamagotchi Nano series 1-4, besides the series 4 having a different evolution chart? Theres also two more Tamagotchi nano variations that seem to be called 'depa's, rather than 'series 1/2/3/4', is there a difference between the 'depa' tama's and the nano series? And one last thing, which is better, the Nano, or the chibi? Reference for the tamagotchi nano variations:
  9. I bought a Tamagotchi Nano from a facebook group I'm in and I can't wait, I know it's an easier version to play/raise, but I'm really excited to play with it, sometimes raising the more intricate versions get tiring. Hopefully, this will be a breath of fresh air for me and let me study and have a running TMGC! Comment what you think about the Nano series ~
  10. So recently I got a Tamagotchi nano 4 series but I found out there was no information to be found about how to get certain characters as with the 1 series. I've decided to make one myself but it's taking a long time since every baby needs 24 hours to grow to an adult. So far I'm busy with the girls and this is what I got: To get Lovelitchi you have to have a perfect care. So feed her enough, play enough games and stuff. To get Moriritchi I only fed her candy, played no games and gave her no food. I felt kinda guilty for keeping her hungry like that though. To get the special character Meloditchi you have to feed her regularly and only playgames. A LOT of games before she turns into an adult. Now I am hoping to get the last female character, Watawatatchi. I am trying to only feed her and not to play any games and no candy giving. And if that doesn't work I don't know how to get her. If anyone has any idea on how to get Watawatatchi, please help ^^ I will do the same for the boys as well when I have the time. Does anyone else have something to share about the Tamagotchi Nano?
  11. Hello, all! I've recently been looking into some non-Tamagotchi virtual pets, but there are some that are relatively unknown. Are there any odd pets that anyone would recommend? I'm mostly looking for those with cute characters and decent gameplay. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I already have the Yuki Penguin and Giga Pets Pound. *edit*: I was also quite curious about the Nano Puppy Family pets. What are the graphics like? How exactly do they work? Is the mating function similar to how the Mesu/Osu pets run?
  12. It's been years since I had a Nano, but it was first wave and at one time I had one that spoke. I never was able to get the 2nd wave, though, where they released a bunny, turtle, teddy, and pony. Anyone have any detailed information on these, especially the bunny? I saw a video on Youtube, but that was about it. Interested in the bunny the most because I don't see a lot of bunny pets. Also, since I can't remember, but are Nanos any fun really? Like the second wave, are they more needy than the first wave? A moderate maintenence pet to have? Are they even worth having/playing with would you say? Any information you guys can provide would be great, thanks.
  13. Alright, so I recieved a nano in the mail earlier this month, and since the battery died I hatched a new baby yesterday. I thought I'd read somewhere that to get the secret characters involved feeding only snacks and playing the game tons of times. I did both of these hoping for one of the two, and instead ended up with memetchi, which from what I understand is worst possible care for a female tama on nano. So I am curious if anyone knows the actual ways to achieve the secret characters on a nano because I'd rather not end up with a 'bad care' tama when I start my next go around.
  14. I hope that this is the right place to post this, but... Me and my sister are expecting Tamagotchi Nanos in the mail. I've been reading about all the different models of Tamagotchi and I was curious... does anyone have both a nano and chibi/mini? I'd love to see a side by side comparison for size. Just to see how tiny they are.
  15. Today, my nano came in the mail today just like I said in my old log which has failed me. So, in honour of my NEW NANO, this is just a log all about it. And sometimes my tama-gos, v5 and v6 I am sorry if I have no pictures and if I am away for a long time. Please rate my log and I won't force you to rate it 5 stars because I get what I get and I hope this log is better than my old one TAMAGOTCHIS I CURRENTLY HAVE and will probably always have: PINK NANO YEAH! v5 Sing a Song v6 Scarlet Piano Tama-Go Pink, Purple, Black, White ~tamagotchu
  16. So, my first Nano Tamagotchi character, a gorgeous little Kuchipatchi, left today. I think it's the good ending... It's a piece of paper with three Japanese symbols and an exclamation point. He was an awesome pal. Goodbye, little buddy!
  17. Hiya all. I've got a few questions about my Nano. How does the Nano decide what character the baby evolves into? Is it random, or is it based on how well you looked after the baby? When does the character leave? After a certain amount of days, or does it depend on care? There was a little paper thingy that came with the Nano and it said something about Tamagotchi iD L... Can the Nano connect to the iD L somehow or something? I hope you can help!
  18. I recently got a new nano in the mail and I kinda need some help. So my question is, what are the features? Well, other than food, game and sound. I'm just not sure if thats all the features. Is there a way to pause it? Also it would be nice if you put down some tips. Thank you ~tamagotchu