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Found 38 results

  1. Hi! This is a first for me, doing any type of game log. My name is Dame, and I played Tamagotchis when they originally came out, but never that much. I now am busying myself with my Magic Blue Tamagotchi On. Currently: Hoshipontchi ♂ (First in run) Other things to note: I am nocturnal, so I have set my Tamagotchi time to be 13 hours ahead of my time. I am using the Tamagotchi On app everyday. I am looking up some information, but not much. I am not planning on getting any certain Tama or anything off the bat. I am fine with being offered tips or advice! I am looking for people to friend on the app who are active.
  2. Ok so I just got a LPS (Littlest Pet Shop as some of you may know) Tamagotchi last night, and as soon as I googled LPS Tamagotchi, a bunch of stuff came up like LPS tamas are stupid or like LPS fake tamas suck. Now before a BUNCH OF YOU go crazy in the comments telling me Theyre not fakes there just cousins to tamas! And stuff like that, Im already aware so I do not need a reminder. (This happens quite a lot in my fake tamagotchi post) I feel like the LPS Tamas are so much more hated than other VPets! Why? Whats so bad about them? And why are they so cheap and so many on eBay for sale?
  3. Hi tama-friends I have a question. If bandai releases a new tamagotchi how does it needs to be like in your opinion? I'll start: First of all the tamagotchi would need a bluetooth connection instead of an NFC conection because bluetooth is way more common. Second, I should make a good mobile app for the tamagotchi. An app which you can transfer your tama temporarily too so you can play games (alone or with other tama's) and talk to other tama's all over the world via internet. Bandia could charge like 5 to 10 bucks for it. I also would give it more memory so that their can fit more games, items it. I also saw an idea here in tamatalk about that you can cook for your tama which is a really good idea either. Then there could be a market in the tamapeda where u can buy vegetables and meat. Maybe aslo that you can cook the difficult recipes in the app and the simple ones on the tamagotchi. I also tought of school now in school on the 4u there is just an animation what if you need to do certain exercises for earning a skill, for example for you need to play a jump the rope-game (where u press B to let her/him jump) 5 times to obtain the sport skill. I wouldn't change the tamagotchi itself to much because otherwise it would become to costly but with an app where you can do many fun things on maybe tamagotchi become attractive again. I'm starting this topic because like we all know Bandai is taking its hands off tamagotchi. I don't like it and I know you guys don't like it either. So maybe if we can collect enough ideas we can sent them trough to bandai and they will maybe reconsider. I know I'm maybe a little too ambitious but we have a proverb here in Belguim. You have a no but you can get a yes ( sounds beter in dutch). If we don't try bandia would probably stop producing tamagotchi's completly in a couple of years an I don't want that happen. So if you have good ideas, post them here, discuss this ideas, share this question with every tama-parent/fan you can find. Give tamagotchi the push in the back it needs.
  4. So my tamagotchi Friends was all normal( when I was in my pjs, watching tv ) and I went upstairs to get changed. I came back down only to find there was some sort of crease in my screen! Its gone light purple and blue, so Im a bit concerned. Any help? Thanks, Lucky Cat 🐾
  5. Anyone heard of the new My Tamagotchi Forever app? I downloaded the APK for it if anyone is interested. It's pretty awesome, and SO CUTE!!
  6. So I'm thinking about getting a new Tamagotchi, but I don't know which one I should get. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  7. so the last time i playd with a tamagotchi was around 8 or 9 years ago, after that my tamagotchi broke I think and then I kinda didnt see it around nomore, it kinda got lost through the years. There were times now and then where I thought about my childhood and it often poped up on my mind, reminding me of all the good memories Ive made with my Tama. I didnt really know what version it was until I recently did a long search and came to the conclusion that it was a European v4 because I kinda had a visualization of the packaging since it was and is still an intense memory of mine (and also cause I remember playing jumping rope with it and always pressing the button at the right timing ). Anyway after I heard about the new retro tamagotchis for the 20th anniversary, my nostalgia kicked in and it kicked hard. So I decided to buy a new one. After I saw the prices on different websites for the v4 European connection (wich there were almost no European ones), I came to the realization that they are wayyy to expensive for me cause Im on a budget, but then I said to myself hey you had good times with your Tama but now you have to buy something that you can afford. And not short after that I realized that they have never been discontinued in Japan so I did my research on all those new models and decided to buy an ID L because of its colourful Display and cause I read that it has lots of stuff to do !!! Currently Im waiting for it to ship and I want to ask everyone who had an ID L for all the new features (for me they are new) that arent explained that detailed on most of the post here. Also feel free to give me any tips you have about the ID L since I really just bought it without looking for to much details. Thank youuu
  8. Can I connect two Cheeks Chans? Does anyone know how to get the app? I think there was also something on the computer for it.
  9. (Edit: First 3 posts merged to form one discussion topic) So look what just happened A new trademark got registered!
  10. jadenblah

    New FUrbies

    Did anyone see the new Furby Connect?
  11. Hey guys, I'm new here. I'm looking to buy a 4u plus online somewhere but ebay seems overpriced, most other websites are sold out, and a lot of them don't ship to Canada for some reason. Can anyone help me out here?
  12. The 'Tamagotchi Friends' - Now, I've had my TF for roughly a week now, and my opinions of it have gone up and down, and for many reasons. I was in my local Tesco some time last week, and I decided then I wanted a new Tamagotchi. I had just found my love for the old toys and thought it a great way to restart my Tama family by buying the newest model. This Tesco didn't sell them, so off I drove to the nearest superstore - Argos. Flipping through their hefty catalog, eventually I settled on the page of electronic pets, and right in the corner, tucked away, was the TF. Instantly my heart sunk, but only a little. It warmed my heart that a decade later, this store still sold Tamagotchis, but at the same time I was sad at how much room the pictures didn't take up. It was like they were no longer important. Drilling in its 7 digit number into a small machine, I was relieved to see they had three in stock, probably of various colours. What shocked me the most? It cost £25.00. That's a whole £13.00 more expensive than they were when I was small. Or more, even! Needless to say my drive to own one of these things was crazy, so I went ahead and bought one. I wasn't given a choice of colours, and got given the purple gem one. I opened the velcro cover and stared at it as I walked slowly back to my car. It was ugly. No, seriously. It was massive, thick, with cheap looking colours. Like someone had coloured it in sharpie. It was like the guys who came up with the design forgot their original ideas. These little things were made for pockets, and this thing would never fit into a 10 year olds trousers, shirt or coat. I got home, sat on the sofa with my 14 year old sister, who started talking about Tamagotchi's herself, and how she was 7 when she played with them. (She's four years younger than me) After opening up the garish looking pet, I took the back off, only to discover it no longer took 3v batteries. I suppose it was a good thing, since they were a pain to get hold of in my area. After putting different batteries in (since it didn't come with any) the thing groggily burst to life, and my heart sunk even more. I've never heard such horrid sounds in my life. It's like it's little sound chip was being thrown into a blender over and over and then being force to bleat out some notes. If you compare the sounds this thing made to the v5, it makes the v5 sounds like 1000 singing angels and the TF sound like a dying cat. Literally. I always know when the TF needs me because all I can here is the out of tune, tinny sounds from the depths of my bag, which is where I find myself leaving it most of the time. I don't know if it's just mine that has bad sounds, but it's an earache I'll tell you now. I feel that Bandai had so much possibility, especially with the technology we have these days. They could have made it amazing. There could be so many more features... Anyway; Pros: I'm sure it can take a hit Pixel depth New characters There are some new features Revival of original Tamagotchi games (♫ get) Can change contrast Cons: Poor sound quality Poor paint quality Too big for a normal pocket Too much going on to be able to see Tama (contrast change does not help) Infra-Red is no more, bump connection instead (AKA no backwards compatibility) Now, just because I've slated so much about this device, that it means it's 100% bad, right? Well, not exactly.. I mean, mine evolved into a rather strapping looking Mametchi, who calls me to him just to let me know he loves me, and it makes my heart ache to think he's stuck on such a poorly made bit of tech. Conclusion: Looks ★★☆☆☆ Quality ★★☆☆☆ Content ★★★☆☆ Overall ★★★☆☆ Please don't slate my post/topic too much, I just needed to majorly vent my opinions on the Tamagotchi Friends. [edit- spelling mistakes]
  13. Hey guys! ^~^ Recently, I've started to look at Tamagotchi's and decided I want one! At first, I was thinking about the original 1997 Tamagotchi, but then I saw the 4U and thought it was pretty awesome. I was also looking at the 4Uplus but because of money situations right now, I can only spend so much. Because I'm not able to get the 4U app on any of my devices, is it still a good Tamagotchi to play? Or should I choose a different one? I would love the help and information! ~ ^~^
  14. When my tama needs food i'll usually feed it just rice to fill it up, but sometimes it doesn't eat the rice and just kicks the chair over and stuff? Why does it do this, why only sometimes..? and should i discipline him when he does this? :S
  15. I think this needs a new topic instead of posting in the old 4U topic, so here it goes! Tamagotchi 4U+ is a new Japanese color release, an updated version of the 4U, to be released on July 18. It comes in 8 colors: Lavender, Baby Pink, Sky Blue, Lime Green, Light Purple, Peach Orange, Rose Pink, and Lemon Yellow. One of the new features is Item Upgrades. You can send something to another 4U+ and it will upgrade into something else. Two new characters are Lovesoratchi and Candy Pakupaku. Have fun discussing.
  16. OK, so currently, my Tamagotchis' are not running... I have older versions, such as v3, v4/4.5, v5 and a v6... I plan to get those running again, plus I want some of the newer versions... the issue is, I've been out of the loop for so long that I have no idea what new versions there are. If you could let me know all the versions past v6, I would be SUPER happy, thanks!
  17. I just got $62.30 as a birthday present. I've checked online and there are plenty of tamas within my price range & I'm just wondering what type I should purchase. I did a lot of research but I still can't decide between new gen Japanese ones or original English ones. I can't find any English iDLs (obviously ideal for a white girl) withing $62.30, but I suppose I should be capable of using a Japanese one, although I'm not the most competent Japnese speaker even after 4 years of lessons. I'm leaning towards the P's, especially since I saw an English patch. That's mostly Because I like colour tamas and the shell is really pretty. The 4U doesn't look as good - it only has 10 characters and that useless NFC junk. Pierces also look like a fun way to spend my money. But original v1 to 5 look neato and I saw some v1s for like $3 even though they're most likely not legit. Should I consider saving my money or even buying a tama-type LPS game? This will be my first tama so what do you guys think?
  18. This is a thread for announcing new, canon, Tamagotchi franchise characters from the virtual pets, merchandise, or particularly, the anime. We can share our thoughts on the new characters. New character! Himebaratchi: Great to see a new character in GO-GO Tamagotchi! I really love her design, but her eyes aren't very creative; I do like how they are pink, though. I don't think we've had a character with pink eyes before. Himebaratchi will debut in next week's Tamagotchi episode, airing on the 25th of December. She is a princess from a faraway land and is the love interest of Wagassiertchi. Hime means princess and Bara means rose. She looks a bit like Rosetchi, don't you think? I hope she becomes a somewhat significant character instead of debuting in just one episode.
  19. Hi! I've seen people get new games on their Tamagotchi Friends, and I was wondering how you did that. Thanks!
  20. I'm not really sure what to expect from the latest Tamagotchi release. I live in the U.S., so Tamagotchi Friends will soon become available to purchase in stores, and I'm not sure if I want to buy one or not. I've watched a few video reviews and read about them, and they seem like a gimmicky refresh of the Tama-go, minus the figures. The only things that seem really different from the Tama-go are the texting feature, "BFF" points, jewelry, and the characters (as well as the adult characters being significantly larger than they are on the Tama-go). In my opinion, it seems as though Bandai is trying to make Tamagotchi popular again in Europe and the U.S. by adding silly features which seem more technologically advanced or something. Other than the new features, it seems to operate almost exactly like a Tama-go. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the Tama-go, but I don't want to spend money on something that I already have. I'm kind of bummed because I was really excited for a new Tamagotchi release in the U.S., but now I'm not so sure. (Although some of the shell designs are very cute and it would be nice to have a smaller Tamagotchi!) What do you all think? Are you excited for Tamagotchi Friends? Or not?
  21. I was just scrolling around, and I found this page: It looks like a new website!!! But, of course, I could be wrong, because I don't speak Japanese and whatnot. Does anyone have any details on this? Thanks
  22. Read this! Apparently, it's to be released on February 26th! I can't wait Pehaps it opens the door to upcoming Ocean and Garden apps too?! I wonder what Bandai has is stock for us in the futur. And will this app be a success? Face it, the P1/P2 one was boring. Will you run it, or was the first app enough trouble? x)
  23. (Sorry for the huge picture ) I went to, and I clicked on something that said "P's Station". And this showed up! Actually, I'm not even sure if this is new. Does anyone know anything about this?
  24. So, I was on the Bandai Asia website, and I saw many pictures of an English Tamagotchi iD L stand they would usually have right when it's released. I was reading around a bit and its made its way from the UK to Australia, and they can't stop just yet. From what I've seen the english Tamagotchi iD L was getting pretty good sales. Could there be a chance it might come to america?