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Found 10 results

  1. Good news TamaTalkers, well still need to be confirmed! I found this information in a tamagotchi Facebook group called “Tamagotchi Collectors” and apparently Bandai is planning to release a new western exclusive tamagotchi. The name is “Tamagotchi Pix”. They are listed in Amazon Spain, Italy and UK so far and are available for pre-orders. It is stated that it will be released on 31/8/2021. The price is roughly $100 USD / £71.76 GBP the description below was translated from Amazon Spain website: “The little animal of the 90s has evolved well. Keeping the basics of the original, the new generation tamagotchi offers more features, stories and games for fun. A color screen, a camera that connects the tamagotchi to the real world, and touch keys. All these new features for more interactions, excitement and fun. Thanks to its integrated social network, the tama social, you can visit your friends, share photos and make virtual gifts. Accompany them throughout their life by choosing the starting egg (cute, intelligent, creative). Depending on your egg and the activities you do, you will have a job as an adult that suits your life. Tamagotchi Pix available in various colors.” Here’s a picture of it: What do you guys think? Source:
  2. Hello tamatalk peeps! This my kuromametchi and my previous tama had a glitch so I just had to restart my tama and then I hatched a boy and he turned into a kuromametchi.
  3. This pompomtchi and mametchi twins! They have evolved into teens and they are so cute!
  4. There is going to be an upcoming animated Tamagotchi short film to be released in Japanese theaters with the Himitsu no Cocotama movie. It is called something along the lines of 'Tamagotchi: Big Operation Secret Delivery' and here is the official synopsis- 'To commemmorate the 20th anniversary, Tamagotchi appears on the big screen after almost 10 years! Mametchi and his friends were asked to carry something important to the Gotchi King. An uproar suddenly targets the luggage! Nostalgic elements are also incorporated, so it can be enjoyed by parents as well as children. Cocotama and Tamagotchi... please stay tuned to see what big adventures unfold on the screen in both!' You can find this by going to the Cocotama movie's website and clicking the top right corner. It's also mentioned when you go to Tamagotchi Channel's home page. The Cocotama movie, along with the Tamagotchi short, will release during the 2017 Golden Week in Japan, which lasts from the end of April to the beginning of May if I remember correctly. What do you think of this? I am personally very excited. The artwork looks different from the anime and is so cute. Also, Nijifuwatchi is getting her animated debut and we would be able to hear a voice for her! I wonder if they'd use the same voice actors for the other characters or not.
  5. Tamagotchi friends is supposed to be released sometime in june in the US. Does anyone know the exact date?
  6. its time for pretty cure daily news : here are some pics of precures ppl with cats. this weeks winner of best precure pic. so if you would like to enter, plz put your pic link on my profile comment.ty this weeks pretty cure video winner thank you elizascarlett for making the video. this weeks pretty cure episode: 'futari wa pretty cure episode 45'. thank you 123prettycureable for uploading the video. or watch it in non english on . hope you all are ready for doki doki precure! it comes out feb 3!. and this week precure is cure heart : cure heart. and this weeks fairy/pet is : Sharuru!. this weeks best precure (and family and friends)outfit goes to: Kurumi Momoka!. dont forget ppl! you can make your own outfits and could be next weeks winner! just go to my profile and post you pick on my comments page!. this weeks precure story: hibiki: its raining cats and dogs today! kanade: lol hibiki: whats so funny? kanade: its funny cause you said its raining cats and dogs and its not. hibiki: but it really is! kanade: ok ok! *after school* kanade: well its time to go home now. hibiki: lets go! * both walk out door* kanade : its not raining cats and dogs. hibiki: maybe not dogs bu.... *hummy falls from sky on to kanade* kanade: AHHHHHH!!!! hibiki: i told ya so.... *kanade cuts hibiki off* kanade : i know i know!!! *hummy and hibiki giggle* kanade: so you two were in this together?! hibiki : maaaaybeee... *hibiki and hummy run* * kanade runs after them* kanade: i am going to get you two!!!! *all of them start giggling and running. THE END thats all for precure news( i have to go to bed) but if you have a story , or any of the above headlines you would like to enter in, plz post it to my comment page! you will get full credit. see ya next friday! dont for get to enter if you have any drawlings, videos, storys, ect. ty for comments! and you can also comment here on this topic. i will open a new topic every week with a number like the ''1'' there now to mark how many weeks i have been doing this and so ppl dont can confuzzeld on witch week its is. ty for reading and comments! check out my profile! bye bye!and good night to you all! ps: i will make it A LOT longer next week with your guyziz help!
  7. Sorry For The Wait On TaMaGossip, News & Hints guys, i haven't been on in a while...but anyway, enough about why i didn't post the second part of TaMaGossip,News & Hints =) The TaMaGossip For This Week- Okay, so I've heard there's this really popular Tamagotchi user that everyone's talking about, everyone's saying that he's been putting on really fun party's, they said it was ''OFF THE ROOF, YOU SHOULD HAVE CAME!!!'' but unfortunately i wasn't online to actually go to the party, luckily, my friend told me all the info about it. She said that they were playing a ''SECRET GAME'' only people who were invited to the party only had to know, i was thinking WTF at the time, ''but i guess its okay''. She told me nothing after that, she just started talking about something such as.............well i dont know how to explain it . She told me if i wanted to meet him, that i will have to wait until 5.00pm on a Friday or Saturday, outside your apartment. I done EXACTLY what she told me to do but he didn't come . So... im going to see if he shows next time! The News For This Week- I haven't been on in a while so please don't post mean things on this topic if you think this news sucks okay so my news this week is...Im Giving Away A Special Code For TamaTown To People Who Get This Quiz's Right!! if you have a idea what the answer is PLEASE!!! Send me the answer do not post on topic. NOTE- Only three questions, whoever gets the questions right first wins the special code questions are from Rio, Good Luck To All Who Try =) Quiz In the movie Rio~ 1. why did blu and Linda go to Rio (Brazil) In the movie Rio~ 2. What sort of shop did Linda own In the movie Rio~ 3. Who was the voice to Fernando Hints I am so sorry, but no hints this week =( Sincerely- TamaGoogoo's TaMaGossip, News & Hints
  8. My TaMaGossip,News & hints Sometimes when were stuck in some sort of situation, like when it says go get something for someone or if your just PLAIN lost...come regularly to TaMaGossip,News & Hints. It Would Most Likely help you with whatever problem your dealing with! Or if you want to hear some TaMaGossip or News just come here TaMaGossip: Please Note That Some Of TaMaGossip Involves Some ACTUAL players that are in the Version 6 or Music Stars Online Game- If You Have Any Problems With TaMaGossip Please Leave A Comment And I'll Make Sure To Be Clear Not To Do That Again Yesterday when i went on TamaTown i got invited to some Random Tamas Party...I went to the party and he just automatically kicked me out, so i suggested he just done the party for fun so he can just kick everybody out when they come, But later on when i was sitting in town he added me and told me to come back to the party, turns out he just wanted to invite everybody for the times of their live's! ''In the wrong Way'' (Not the BEST gossip i ever want to hear) I heard that the Jonas Brothers love Tamagotchi's, and have ACTUAL accounts (but i dont belive it) Lets come up with a Slogan for the Jonas Brothers because they love TAMAGOTCHI'S!- E.G- JonasBRO'S Love TAMAGOTCHI'S! Please comment if you have a great slogan so they can recognise it!!! News: No News For This Week TamaFans Hints: If Your Officially Bored And Want To Try New Hints, Or If Your Stuck...HERE ARE SOME PERFECT HINTS FOR YOU!!! First Of All If Your Tamagotchi Is A Version 3 These Are Great Hints ​If your low on Tamapoints and you want something like a Saxophone or something dont waste your tamapoints...go online and transfer the stuff you want to your tamagotchi And also, if you bought something that plays in anything like if you buy a CD and a STEREO... dont buy them, unless you just want to blow your stereo up feel free too! If you want your tama to live longer FEED it something it really likes (or if you dont got what it likes, just feed it a healthy snack like a pear or apple) If you dont like buying everything at full price dont worry i have a cheat for you... Reset you date to march 1 or 5 for everything in the shop to BE 1/2 PRICE If you want it lower, set the date to November 16 or April 20, everything will be quarter the price By- TamaGooGoo :newmametchi:Welcome to add
  9. Hello TamaTalkers! Well the TamaTalk software update is under way and I want to welcome you to the updated site! I worked to try and preserve a lot of the look we are all used to... In some cases, however, I had to change things from what you may be used to. I hope you all find that the changes are for the better of the site. Some of these changes include: A load of cleaner and more intuitive controls to get around the site and do things. Some things may be moved from where you found them before.. Others may be in places that actually make them easy to find so you may not have realized they were available before! More modern browsing of forum topics without loading new pages and easier posting and multi-quoting. I consolidated the member controls and menus into the white navigation stripe at the top of the page. I also made it so that this navigation stays at the top of the page as you scroll down. This makes it easy to access controls, update your status, check PMs/notifications, jump to another part of the site, use search, etc. The Quick Navigation replaces the old menu system we had for ages and gives you easy access to everything. The Messenger and Notification menus also give you quick access to see new messages. The reputation system has been replaced with 'Likes' instead. These were always more or less the same thing but this system makes it more familiar to people. Likes to a post will also let you see who has liked a post. Profiles have been changed a bit. We no longer have profile pictures + avatars (I never liked having both to begin with but now it has been removed from the software completely). Your avatar is now the only option. Customizing your profile has also been changed a bit because they got rid of some of the options... Backgrounds can be changed and I made it so that it changes all of the background instead of how it was before. I customized my profile so you can see what I mean (it's kinda ugly actually but I grew to like it during testing ). Profiles commenting has also been improved so that you can now reply to comments left by other people. Improved editor used when posting (that also auto-saves to opefully reduce those times when your browser freaks out and you lose your long post that you were working on) Improved ways to ignore people or things you don't want to see (signatures, images, etc) Improved mobile site interface. TamaCHAT has also been updated. The biggest change to the updated chat is that you can use it on the mobile site. lots more! The overall change is to move towards becoming a more modern, simplified and easy to use site. Hopefully you all like the changes. I will still be working out some kinks and problems as we go. So please post if you encounter any bugs. Please note! If you have problems to report please post them at this problems report topic here!
  10. Hello TamaTalkers! I just wanted to let everyone know that my current plan is to upgrade TT to the latest version of the software this week. If all things go as planned, I hope to make the upgrade on Wednesday (November 9). The site will probably not be accessble during the upgrade so please be patient... This may also take many hours to complete since we have such a parge community. I will keep everyone posted if there are any changes to this plan. Otherwise, please check back late Wednesday to see what the future of TT is like!