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  1. I just started running my sweets and Sanrio after awhile and decided to start saving the photos. I chose no comments just because I want it to be more like a photo album. Thanks again to the mods for running this site and having a place for us to save this stuff. Well, its been awhile since I played the tamas and didn't remember the Japanese menus so well... After starting it up, I accidentally chose restart in Japanese instead of continue haha. So I'm starting off with generation one on both of them. Boy on the Sanrio and girl on the sweets Those two grew up into Mametchi and Lovelitchi, got married off and now there's a boy on the sweets and a girl on the sanrio
  2. Whilst looking for an obnoxiously large keyring to stop me losing my radiator keys, I come across a seller on eBay with a genuine 1997 unopened DinkieDino in the same colour that I used to have when I was a kid and I thought I was finally ready to try again. Welcome to my log!
  3. 11/17/20 is when I found my 2 tamagotchis while I was cleaning my closet. I'm currently in college but no one's too old to start playing with these again 😂 Their names are Emily and Jane, still pretty young as they only hatched yesterday. I'm hoping I don't get busy and forget. Although I have lots of real pets, I'm sure I have time to look after Emily and Jane 😅 I had these since I was around 8-9 yrs old. Had no batteries so I bought 2 of them yesterday. Luckily they're past their 'new born stage' before I slept so they don't end up starving overnight. I remember just going to sleep after they hatched and fed them and they started making noises. Kept me up at night as a kid lmao. I planned on getting the Tamagotchi ON but those could wait. Just so much nostalgia playing with the old version I had since I was a kid.
  4. I really hope this is the correct section! I just found my & I am ready to hatch my tamagotchi! This will keep me distracted during the Christmas holidays and on my diet schedule! I am so pumped! Well here it goes. Resetting my tama at 2:13 PM central 12/23/12 **Yes, I'm a 16 yro Senior in Highschool still playing with my tama, in my opinion it is no different from an xbox or anything, other than I become sort of attatched* 2:15- total reset. Gah, I hate waiting for it to hatch!!! It's a boy! Wanted a girl but ill survive. Naming it Izzy.
  5. After much thought and a trip back home from University, I discovered my old V6 Music Star hidden in the depths of my childhood bedroom. I took it back up to the city with me and today, walked to Poundland to purchase CR2032 Batteries (with some odd looks from the woman behind the counter). Returning to my flat, I replaced the batteries in the back of my Music Star and decided that I missed writing a log and keeping track of the progress of my Tamagotchis - and after a 3 year break, it was something I'd like to start again. Obviously in the height of University coursework and deadlines it was the best idea I have ever had and will not add to procrastination levels whatsoever So now I sit (after pressing reset and entering all of the required info), with a bouncing egg and 3 presents above it, trying to remember how on earth Tamagotchis actually work as I eagerly await the hatching of my little egg... A tiny little crying girl was born! Alongside a toy giraffe, some money and a karaoke machine? Her name is Willow, and after being fed she is now happily bouncing around - so adorable! I'm going to apologise now as I'm not entirely sure how to upload photos, however I promise to try and figure this out! (If anyone can PM me with help that would be incredible ). I'm off to figure out how all of the games work and care for little Willow in her baby stages! Thanks for joining us on this adventure as I ignore all of my studies and deadlines and attempt to care for a Tamagotchi again! ~ Ceri and Willow P.S. Unfortunately there may be periods of time where I cannot update or Willow has to be on paused due to ongoing deadlines and visits home - I hope you will bear with us!
  6. Greetings, all of you out there in cyberspace. My name is Danii and I've had Tamagotchis since 2004, with a considerable hiatus between then and now. I absolutely couldn't resist starting up my little friend in a shell when I found my best friend's old V1 while I was packing. Life is going crazy, with my two jobs and university on the horizon (I was accepted today) but I'd like to start this as a little side project and a nice way to document some pretty cute virtual lives. So, I hope you'll read along with me and feel free to contact me. So, as I mentioned, I'm currently running a version one - a Gen. 2 Memetchi named Finn (my boyfriend was upset by the discontinuity of not naming him Frodo, as my Gen. 1 Masktchi was christened Bilbo). Sometimes, when the cafe is quiet, I'll take a peek at Finn and usually find him being interesting. I love the little animations on the V1. I'll post some photos, when I figure out how. Until then, I bid you farewell.
  7. Welcome to my v3 Log! As you can see by the title Ill be logging Jerrys life. Im currently participating in the Long-Lived Oldies Hatch IV. Jerry was hatched on the 9th of November 2018. Since he was born late at night (between 8:00pm-9:00pm) he always evolves in the morning. Here are some pictures I took today: We bought a chest and he won popcorn! Ill save it for a special occasion. I dont have any baby pictures. Thanks for reading, Ill be trying to update everyday! (Edit: For some reason I cannot type apostrophes, sorry for the grammatical errors.)
  8. Hi readers, I'm Hapi and I'm back with another log! Here's a list of my past logs for reference: the og take 2 take 3 take 4 and here we are with take 5! So excited to restart with a new and improved log. If you've never read any of my previous logs, you'll have to know that I make my updates in a way where my tamas talk in their own respective colored text (to me and with each other) about almost anything and have adventures in almost every post! If you've read my previous logs before, then welcome back and I hope you'll enjoy this one just as much! In the past I've experienced posting photos through Photobucket (doesn't work anymore) and Instagram (follow me @hapihapitchi!), so I'm trying out something new yet again. In the past I just dumped pictures out, but I think I'm gonna minimize how many pictures I post (1-3 per tama a day, none if there's nothing new!) for the sake of my phone's storage. I've decided to use Imgur to post pictures of my tamas so get ready for a colorful picture-filled log! Also, I do not post status updates ("stats"), but I may share their age, weight, gotchi points, etc. if I feel it is necessary. Remember that this is a no comments log, but I would love to hear your praise, criticism, questions and thoughts on my log and tamas, so feel free to PM me instead, I'd love to chat with you! I aim to post everyday, and once school starts up again that may become difficult, so please be patient, I am really gonna try my best to get a post with at least some dialouge and a picture or two out as often as possible, but sometimes I may only have time for a quick update! That's all for details, folks! Now, onto the tamas! Currently, I have a V2 and a V3 running, with a boy Oniontchi named Kacey and a girl Young Mimitchi named Kazzy, respectively. They are the best of friends and hopefully will become more than that soon. I can't remember what they were as toddlers, oops, since I didn't take pictures and they've been paused a while. More coming later!
  9. Hey readers! It's Hapihapitchi back at it again with a new log, haha. Welcome to take four of The Hapi Log, you can view previous takes here: the og take 2 take 3 You should expect some pictures here and there, color coded stories or "adventures", daily-ish posts, and a whole lot of craziness. I still don't have a new image hosting site to use since photobucket's a pain and I ditched it but I'm thinking of including instagram links like Rory's log does (which isn't active anymore). I'm not exactly sure what to call the conversations and interactions my tamas and I have. You can read a bit of my 3rd log, that should give you more of an idea of what I'm talking about, or if you've read the amazing Cheesy Noodle Log then you'll know exactly what to expect. I have a similar style to her's and most of my inspiration comes from her because she's a legend. Let's not emphasize "daily-ish" but rather "posts" because that's what you should expect, lol. True dedication is posting everyday and I definitely struggle with that. Lastly, the craziness is real. I got a lot of creative juices and I love messing around with my tamas. One more thing I forgot to mention! I do NOT do stats. This log isn't the formal here's-what-happened-to-my-tama-today log. If you're looking for one of those, Miri's log is for you. Miri posts everyday for the most part and it's incredible. She always has pictures and her log is a must read. Kajah995's log is kind of the hybrid between a more formal log and informal tama convo log. Also a must-read. Anyways, no stats for this girl! Posts will just be a quick introduction and whatever trouble my mischievous tamas decide to stir up. Of course I'll update you on characters and what version tamagotchi and whatnot. Because I seem to be giving out tons of honorable mentions right now, I guess I should bring up the fact that WingsThePhoenix and zacksims123 are the reason I started logging and some of my first and best TT friends. Salad isn't active anymore but you can read their old log anyways. I've probably read it 3 times now. Wings has an older log too and also a current-ish one! Love y'all! Ok I'm done rambling! On to the tamas! Right now I'm running my 2017 English mini and have a Nyorotchi named Florence. She's super cute. I also have my 20th anniversary M!X with Zyler the Yotsubatchi who starred in my previous log. They won't talk now because I gotta go! Good night!
  10. Hi, welcome to my Dream Town log! This log is exclusively for the Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town. I haven’t seen a lot of information surrounding this version of Tamagotchi, especially in comparison to what I’ve seen for older Tamagotchi. This is why I’ve taken on a new goal: figure out all the ins and outs of this Tamagotchi and get myself up to speed, along with everyone else! If you guys have any ideas on how to improve this log, please let me know. Here are the things I want to learn about the Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town: Item List Shop Restock Times Character Food Likes & Dislikes Sleep/Wake Times Base Weights In addition, I’m aiming to collect all the characters in one go, without anyone dying or pausing in between. If I can accomplish this, I’d say it’s quite a feat! Thanks for joining me on this journey! I ordered my Dream Town on the 20th, and it came in a couple of days ago. I started my Tamagotchi last night while I was cooking dinner. I let my partner turn on the Tama for the first time and had them do most of the baby care. He was an Aokumotchi, which means a boy. I decided on the name Mark. After around an hour of caring for him, he turned into a Turtletchi. Unlike previous generations, I don’t think the Tama will refuse to play games if they’ve reached their minimum weight. The minimum weight for Turtletchi is 5lbs. We played a lot of games, and I bought the following food items at 8AM: Meal: Baguette Sausage Chicken Pie Fried Chicken Mega Pizza Snack: Macaroon Waffle Pancake Melon Cheesecake Afterwards, I treated Mark to a 10 course meal (I have a feeling he'll have a lot of these in his lifetime, the lucky guy!). No luck so far, unfortunately. Here he is! That's all for today, I'm off. Seeya tomorrow!
  11. Hello, everyone! This is an RPG-style log following the progress of my tamagotchi collection as they pursue great adventures! All future comments from me will be in italics, like this one. Story elements (narration, description, and the like) will be in BOLD. Game script (events, actions, battles) will be in plain text and color-coded by type of script as follows: Required Actions (Feeding, Toilet, Cleaning Poop, etc.) Recommended Actions (Games, Rehearsals, School, Work, Pro Debut, Training, etc.) Random Actions (Mail, Visitors, Fortune, Sleep, etc.) Generational Actions (Growth, Marriage, Birth, etc.) All EXP and money values will be determined by a random number generator. Skills will be derived from the current status of the tama, and as such will not be marked in actions such as instrument practice but WILL be marked after games or rehearsals. For tamas without skills, they will use rng to determine skill gain from games. All rng is as follows: Easy Games/Work/Rehearsals: +1-10 EXP, +1-5 GP Intermediate Games/Work/Rehearsals: +10-25 EXP, +5-10 GP Hard Games/Work/Rehearsals: +25-50 EXP, +10-25 GP School: +5-15 EXP Pro Debut, Job Acceptance: +50-75 EXP, +20-30 GP Growth: +10-15 EXP Marriage: +1-10 EXP, +10-15 GP Giving Birth: +1-5 EXP, +5-15 GP Proper Training: +15-25 EXP Gift from King: +1-5 GP Positive Mail: +1-5 EXP Negative Mail: -1-3 GP Skill Points: +5-10 Int./Art./Soc. (if no set skill system) Every major milestone (growth, marriage, birth) or major event (pro debut, accepted into work) will advance the current scene by three steps. Every minor milestone (concert, wages paid, etc.) or minor event (visitor, 3-star fortune, etc.) will advance the current scene by one step. Each scene has a set number of steps, between 5 and 20, required to advance based on the difficulty of the scene. In some cases, a challenge will occur in a scene, requiring the proper number of steps AND a specific amount of money, EXP or a specific skill level to pass. Any modifications to these rules will be made in future posts. Please consult the most recent list of rules for updated information. If you have an idea for a quest our brave adventurers can embark on, PM me! The best ideas may make it into the ongoing log/story! Alone at the top of a tower, buffeted by the cold wind, sits our protagonist, Resid. He is but an egg, left behind by his parents, who died in the top of this tower to which they were imprisoned. Now, left with the burden of his parents, he must find his way down from the tower. Resid is born. Resid eats (x5). Resid plays Jumping Rope. (Int. +?) (+9 EXP, +3 GP) Resid takes a nap. Resid plays Jumping Rope (x3) (Int. +?, Soc. +?) (+13 EXP, +10 GP) Resid grows up. Resid is now Mizutamachi. (+10 EXP) As a young child, Resid reads all of the tattered, leather-bound journals left by his parents. In them, they tell of fantasy worlds beyond his small tower, home to creatures like him with lives, jobs, homes, and families. He yearns to join this world, but his parents warn of a prophecy that states thus: "If ever the vagabond should break free of his chains, it is a sure sign of disaster for this world and all who reside in it. But if this vagabond be strong and brave and kind so much that he lends his heart to the world, he may yet save it. For if he stays chained, few feel the world holds freedom." Resid fears for the day he will escape the tower, but he longs so much for the world beyond that he devises a method of daring escape. His only obstacles are his weak physique and lack of materials. (To proceed: 50 GP and 125 EXP for each party member) Resid goes to sleep. STATS: Resid V4 Gen: 1 Age: 0 Stage: Toddler Traning: 1 EXP: 32 GP: 13 Int.: 12 Art.: 0 Soc.: 4
  12. Hi, everyone! I may have mentioned a couple of times that I'd ordered a V3, and once it got here I'd planned on logging about it. Well, that day is today, my friends! Yes, my V3 has arrived! The seller was kind enough to include a battery as well, so of course, I started up right away! I ended up with a lovely little girl, who I named Setsu (named after Setsuna from Fire Emblem Fates, who is one of my favourite characters in the game, only Setsuna can't fit in the five-letter limit, so, Setsu it is) I did the usual baby care stuff, and after an hour, Setsu evolved into a Mizutamatchi!! She's just happily bouncing around right now!! I'll update again tomorrow when she's a teen! See you all then! ~Miri
  13. This is my ( lucky cats) tamagotchi log. You can read it if you want, but I ask you dont comment please! Tamagotchi fact file: Name: Mushy Gender: Girl Hobby: playing find ice cream Mother: Chocco, Pianitchi Father: Biscut, Righttchi Favourite meal: baguette Favourite snack: chocolate bar Ill keep track of things in the comments!
  14. Welcome to Squidward is Cool's Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Log Hello everyone. This is Squidward is Cool. Let me explain my day before I say anything else. For the last few days, I wanted to get a V4.5 since I started playing with my V4 again. So I try to get my brother to take us to Toys R Us. Saturday was a failure but my mom took us today. All they had was accessories and no Tamas at all. I even tried asking the front desk. Later that day, after dinner, I ask my mom to take me to Wal-Mart or Target. She takes me to Wal-Mart. After some searching, I couldn't believe it! Wal-Mart has V5's! So I had to choose between Cookie Dough design and Cotton Candy design. I chose cookie dough. I also got a Kutchipatchi decoration kit. A little later at home I decided to activate my V5. I saved most parts of the package for craft reasons and pulled out the tab. I saw a "Wait" and then it asked me to fill out some information. Just date n' time and my b-day like the older versions. But then I noticed that the beeps are different! They are quieter and have a different tone sorta! Then 3 eggs appear on the screen. This time they squish and stretch up and down and drop on the side a few times too. I waited about a minute and the center egg hatched into a squareish black blob with 4 legs. Then the one on the left hatched into a white bob with 2 legs. Then the one on the right hatched into a black blob that either has hair or a twirlie on its head. After some time I decided to name the family "Sugar." (God I'm random and creative. ) Then I looked at the stats. There's not 4 hearts but FIVE! What a difference! Then there's family bonds, generation, family name and GP's, and then stuff about all 3 of your Tamas. I also noticed that you hear a beep when they're poop. Also, everything seems a little faster. And, instead of the babies just sliding across the screen, THEY JUMP UP AND DOWN! UP AND DOWN! UP AND DOWN! Right now I got to go. I'll have more later. BTW, to keep us safe from breaking TT rules, don't reply. Just drop me a PM, and I will quote it in this log as a letter to the Sugar family. K? Thanks! Squidward is Cool Continuing From Yesterday I was checking on my Tamas while I was in my bath and then they turned into Toddlers. The first turned into a Mousetchi, the second one (the girl) turned into a Belltchi, and the last one turned into a Mattaritchi. The Mousetchi looks like he has a hat on him and he's rectangle-ish with 2 legs, the Belltchi looks like a bell with a bow and two legs, and the Mattartchi looks like a round thing with 2 thick legs and has the face expression simmilar to the Nikatchi but he just doesn't have an open mouth and his smile bends. I'll see if I can make some Pixels.
  15. Hi everybody and welcome to The Hapi Log! NOTE: My previous log (and the one before that) got messy and I decided it's time for a fresh start! But don't worry, you don't have to read that log to understand this one. None of my tamas there will be in this log (I took out their batteries). This log is no comments, but don't let that stop you from PMing me. This log will be one without stats, with pictures and lots of stories! Btw my tamas can't hear us when we talk under "NOTE". I'll try my best to post everyday with a new adventure. *shoves* MWAHAHAHA THE SPOTLIGHT IS MINE! I SHALL TAKE THIS SHOW OVER!! Hey! Well, I forgot to introduce my V5. An Ahirukutchi named- I can introduce myself thank you. You heard it from my servant, I'm an Ahirukutchi! My name is Tahir, the one and only! Tahir (ta-HEER), this is a log, not some fancy show where the audience is eating out of your hands. My servant, it appears I do not have hands. Don't call me your servant. Well you take care of me right? That's different. Meh... What should I call you? Hapi. Like everyone else calls me here. Hapi? Like happy? Hapi, happy. Happy, hapi. You're only a toddler and already obnoxious. Hey! So, I'm joining the V4 hatch today! I'll be joining with my v4.5 since I don't have a v4. Does that mean I'll have a little brother? Or sister! Yay! *pulls out donut* nom nom nom I want some! *rolls eyes* Fine. nom nom nom What...? *magicly splits apart revealing a face* I am the magical donut. Aw, man! I wanted to eat you! *tear rolls down cheek* *panics* UH- Here have a bite! Yay! *takes ginormous bite* Tahir! It's okay, I am the magical donut. Nothing hurts me. Are you sure? Yes. *big bite mark grows back* Cool! What if I eat all of you? Then I will be gone forever. Oh. *eats all of magic donut except a crumb* Tahir, table manners. He's gonna come back, just watch. *grows back* I am back. No duh. WHAT IS THIS SORCEREY?!? *puts magic donut in air tight container* Bye, magic donut. *puts in freezer* Why'd you do that? I know you'll just be tempted to eat him. No, I won't! Well... Hey, servant! We already went through this! Call me Hapi. Hapi, can I watch the travelling show? Sure, have fun! Well that's it for now. I will update later when I turn on my v4.5 for the hatch. I'll marry Kumo, 3rd generation, off then and log the new baby here and on the hatch. I'll also do a photo of the day thing for each of the tamas I run. Bye.
  17. Hey welcome! It was a dark and stooormmmy Monday afternoon! Mwahahahah From the dark and gothy shell came Frankentchi BOO! wHahahaha Ehm..ehm This guy was debugged today. His name is Albert F. Frankenstein. A cutie if there ever was one! We call him Al. He won't lose weight past 33 lbs. He enjoys a bath at 6:30 every evening. I can speed up the time whenever I want to. His toy says he's 2. He always looks so stubborn but he's a real softie! I pretty much mapped out his schedule. I love him! I'm not so great at logging, but if you enjoy this only better can come! He'll be back tomorrow!
  18. Welcome to Milo the v3's log! He was hatched yesterday at 6:05pm on 7/2/13 and will be participating in the Long Lived Oldies Hatch. Here I'll be logging about his (hopefully) fairly long life! Here he is as a baby: And now as a toddler: Thanks for reading - I'll update soon.
  19. Hey guys! It's Hapi and for a month now I've been obsessively reading current logs and old ones by the dozen in my down time. I've realized that there are probably people like me out there and I wanted to create my own little thread of kawaiiness. I really don't know how long I'll be able to keep this up so I'm sorry if it doesn't last long (my goal is up to the end of this month). So anyways I've been running a V1 for a couple days but got bored of it. I have some pics of it and I've been messing around with photobucket (just got an account!) so this log can be a bit more colorful. I'm hoping this works because in my last log ( ) I didn't know how and that log kinda failed. But anyways stay tuned for more updates! I might try a bit of RP but idk yet. I'll try not to change the tamas around too much (I get bored easily and usually run one for a gen. and then take the batteries out). Anyways right now I have my P's, DT, keitai (requested by cow cow and rjalda100) and entama (requested by rjalda100 again) turned on. I will have to put one away eventually, sadly. I already have xmas decorations up on my DT which is pretty cool. A pic of the family! EDIT: Hey forgot to mention this put this log is NO COMMENTS. I just wanted to keep it only me sharing my tams with you! Feel free to PM me with thoughts about my log! I don't bite and I'd don't mind some constructive criticism!
  20. Hi everyone! I have had a log on Tama-Zone for about two years now, but for those of you not on TZ, I will be updating my log here on Tamatalk as well. I am a seasoned Tamagotchi collector who enjoys keeping a log, and my logs are usually picture heavy, with minimal text and zero dialogue. I run and log a variety of Tamagotchi releases, from vintages through to the modern Japanese releases. I have kept this log as "No Comments", but I'd love to hear from you, and so you are more than welcome to message me with anything you might want to say! Hope you enjoy my log Note: I don't think I'll be able to post complete log entries here due to Tamatalk's 10 picture limit per post, so if you're interested in seeing my log in full, there's a link in my signature. Recently I have been logging an iD, and am trying to collect stamps for all characters. I have Chamametchi at the moment, who collected her 4th happy symbol today, the strawberry donut. After she collected all of her happy stamps, she went to the matchmakers and married Kikitchi. They had a little girl. Goodbye Chamametchi!
  21. Hi! I tried to start a log a few weeks ago, but never kept up with it. Well here I am bored while babysitting, so I'm going to try again. One of my favorite versions is the 4.5, so I am running it for the summer. My ultimate goal is to get every character at least once, and then an oldie for as long as possible. Short term goal is to reach at least 10 generations (thats my record from when I was a little kid) and then raise an oldie. I go back to college in September, so I might not have enough time to get every 4.5 character, but we'll see! Today I hatched Jeff. (that's my boyfriend's name, and he just left to spend the rest of the summer with his family. So I'm sad, thinking about him, and named my tamagotchi after him). Thanks to some help from CBLS, I have a picture of baby Jeff for you! He played lots and lots of Climb - at his minimum weight the whole time! He is now a tamatchi. He likes going to preschool- he has gone 4 times now. Skills: Humor: 27 Beauty: 4 Spirituality: 21 Already we're seeing an inclination... PS - no comments, just so I and others can read this like a story -but please message me with comments/questions, I WILL reply!
  22. Hey there! I've been getting some new tamagotchis lately and well I decided to shut my p's down because I will have way too many to keep up with if I keep it running. I may shut the other one down too. But that is because I have some new ones coming. Well a couple were anyway. So that was nice. I'm also thinking of maybe getting a tumblr, pinterest, and maybe a we heart it. No guarantees. But if I ever get around to it, I probably will. I'm also planning to start talking about the tamas I currently run. I may also discuss my collection, so if I can get time in I will try to post more stuff. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this. Every view is appreciated so much, just knowing you took time out of your day for reading this post makes me very happy.
  23. I got my V3 on Sunday, May 14. I hatched my first egg that day, a girl I named Azure. Today, 5/18, she grew up into a Pyonkotchi! She is so cute! I was totally surprised, because I was expecting a Mimitchi or Mametchi. Yay for Azure the Pyonkotchi! I wish I knew what I did to get her. Just bumbled around, I think. I wish Bandai had given some personality traits. Oh well, maybe I can make a drawing, since there isn't one.
  24. Hey. I have a v3 tamagotchi boy named FURO. FURO was sopposed to be a Furowachi but turned out Young Mametchi. And here is his story.
  25. At last, or lastish! Today my V2 turned from Puchitchi boy to Marutchi to young Mametchi! I can hardly believe that because yesterday my Marutchi got tooith ache around seven times! My V1 turned into the Gozarutchi I wanted though now I regret it because I saw it pooping so I rushed it to the toilet but it had already done it! Grrrrrr!