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Found 2 results

  1. Hiya, it's Fuzzy! So I've finally decided to do a Tamagotchi Log just to get into the flow of things. However, due to the fact that I don't have a good camera compatible with this computer as of now, I will have to do a log without any photos. I'll still try to keep things as entertaining as possible otherwise, but if you find it lacking or boring, then do leave a comment so I can improve upon it and make sure my future logs are fun for everyone here! Anywho, without further ado...let me introduce the two Tamagotchis that I'm currently running!! First off, we have my lovely... Tamagotchi Connection V2: MARS Say hi, Mars! Mars: Howdy!! :B She's my 2nd Gen Tama right now on the V2. Just to shed some light on the situation, here's my Gen 1 growth log: Mars: That's my mama! I miss her... I do too, Mars...anywho, today wasn't a very eventful day for Mars. She basically just sat around, ate food, and played Slots all day. But hey, at least we maxed out our Gotchi limit! Mars: Wowee, 9999 Gotchi is a lot!! That's true, not to mention we bought some cool new Wings for her, too~ Mars: I look purdy with butterfly wings! So here are Mars' final stats for the day: Hungry: FULL Happy: FULL Training: [|][|][|][|][|][|][|][|][|] Age: 5 years Weight: 55 lbs Generation: 2G Gotchi: 9999p Anyways, she also did get married today! Mars: I got a lil' baby girlie now~<3 You may be wondering how she married a Minotchi... Well, I decided to run a V4 as well while waiting for my m!x to come in! Tamagotchi Connection V4: GENJI This is Genji, my lucky-unlucky V4 named after one of my favorite Overwatch characters! Genji: Mmhm, that's me! The poor guy has it rough... ...he's been sent Snakes in the mail multiple times throughout the past week. Genji: And that BURGLER who keeps stealing our hard earned Gotchi... Genji: He's gonna pay for it! B-But not literally... ¬_¬ Aside from that, though, I am lucky to even have this guy! It's my first time ever getting a Kuchi family character on a V4. P.S. He's my favorite out of all of them. <3 So anyways, today I used all the V4 shop codes and got him some fun items to mess around with. Genji: ...what is this weird !! item and why does it clone me? ._. I dunno, Genji...why is it so fun to watch you dance around with it? XD Genji: ...good point. ಠ_ಠ' Genji and Mars got married today, and Mars had two baby girls. Genji: Now we both have a precious little baby to care for~ Other than that, Genji graduated school and just got a new job as a Teacher! Genji: With all this extensive knowledge cooped up in my brain... Genji: ...I feel that I can't keep it locked up... Genji: ...and I must share it with children of the Tama World... Genji: that they can spread their knowledge and gain their own, too... Genji: ...that way they can truly develop as civilized and intelligent Tamagotchis... Genji: ...and we can all live in a world of peace and serenity. ...thanks for the speech, Genji... And I think that just has to do with the Training bar anyways. XD Genji: Oh, come on...humor me, will you...? are Genji's final stats for the day: Hungry: FULL Happy: FULL Training: [|][|][|][|][|][|][|][|][|] Skill Points: Intellectual: 450 Arts: 63 Social: 63 Age: 4 years Weight: 99 lbs (Yikes, I need to play some more games with him.) Generation: 1G Gotchi: 1270p Well, that seems to be it for now! I really enjoyed sharing my Tamagotchi experiences with you guys, and I'll try to keep up with daily updates the best that I can! But...before I go, I'll be doing something's a Question Of The Day! (Or QOTD for short) And so, the QOTD (brought to you by Kusatchi himself) is... < What should Fuzzy name the new baby V2 and V4 girls? Comment below with your answers, and I'll either choose the ones I like best or do a randomizer instead to pick the names for me! Anyways, thank you for stopping by and reading my Tamagotchi Connection log! Do you all like the format? Leave a comment on what I did well or on what I can improve in the future! But for now...adieu, my friends! And... Fuzzy is out~
  2. This is my first Tama log and I'm starting off with a Music Star. He is on third generation I missed the first two for Tamatalk. Please Don't Reply. OK, on I'll start off on first generation. Sorry, photos were too tricky to get on my log!?! I named my boy Jake. He grew into Kuribotchi. then he grew into Nonopotchi . Then into Shimashimatchi and he married Makkiko and had a boy. I named him Sam and he grew not a Kuchitamatchi, then he grew into Hinotamatchi, then to Dorotchi and he married Kunoitchi and had a boy ( AGAIN) And now.. I called him Ray. I fed him baby food and milk. I cleaned his poop and treated him medicine. Later, he grew into a Kuribotchi. I was bored and played heaps of games and he grew into a Kikitchi. I practiced a lot and then I fell asleep. The next morning Ray grew into a Mametchi. He went to practice with his band and nonopotchi and ICHIGOTCHI grew into Kuchipatchi and Memetchi ( YAY THE MAIN TRIO) They passed the judges the first time and Ray won 10000 Gotchi points and bought a lobster to celebrate( He was smiling when he ate he lobster). And that is it, I will post more later Stats: Hungry OOOX Happy OOOO Year 2 30 lbs Pop Music Instrument: Drum Kit..Memetchi: Guitar... Kuchipatchi:Piano Toy: Robot Stress 23 Tone 470 Rhythm 481 Original 594 Band name Hype Gotchi Points 16400 Gen3