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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I've come to own and take care of a tamagotchi due to my daughter's insistence to get a tamaguchi on for Christmas, kill the first two of them, and then want nothing more to do with it. That said I'm on my 6th generation but I've come across a problem. I've got a set of twins that are 9 years old and are still toddlers or teenagers or whatever you call them. No longer babies but not adults. All previous generations were adults by year 3, so I'm confused as to why these two refuse to grow up. I've seen other posts that point people to a growth chart but you might as well hand me an encyclopedia written in Klingon for how much sense it makes to me. I have no idea what cross breeding I've done to indicate what type of tamagotchi I now presently have. I guess I just want to know in general is 9 years still perfectly okay for them not to be adults, how much longer should I be expected to wait in general, and is there anything I can do to speed this dang thing along? Thanks
  2. What are some misconceptions about Tamagotchi you used to have? - I thought Lovelitchi was called Hapihapitchi and that Hapihapitchi was called Lovelitchi - I thought Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary version was the first-ever color screen Tamagotchi - When I read that the second Tamagotchi movie, the Happiest Story in the Universe, had a character who wanted to be the happiest man ever, I assumed it meant a human man XD - Until I saw the first movie, I thought Mametchi's name was pronounced May-met-chi - I thought that the ball on the Version 4's antennae was what connected it to other Tamagotchis, and that the infra-red bar was just for decoration - I thought that the Tamagotchi character's gender could change when it evolved
  3. Hello people I don't know. I'm new here at TamaTalk, and it seems pretty cool so far. Anyways, I recently got into tamagotchis again, and I wanted to get something other than a connection. I've seen a lot of people talking about P's but I don't know anything about them and I feel like a noob... Does anyone know about places where I can learn more about them?