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Found 7 results

  1. I wasn't really around when surge of chat rooms and forums was around being a 2000s baby and all and it kinda makes me sad I've looked into more recently for some (this one included) and from what I've gathered I feel like it's a dying breed type of thing? I'm on e-chat and it's bone dry nowadays I guess I understand why since social media is A LOT more popular (and a little more convenient) but I think I enjoy the older format a lot more than just social media feeds sometimes??? Too bad it's dying out. (Side note: Did anyone else play anything like Webkinz, Club penguin, or petpark back in the day???)
  2. I like the smell of pumpkins cooking. The smell reminds me of happy 80's films set in America during Christmas time and "Thanks giving". I've always been nostalgic to an extraordinary degree. My actual memories overlap with memories of films, daydreams and happy scenes that never really happened to me in reality. There is a beauty within melancholy. It's like a furry lens covering all of the photographs in my mind. It distracts the viewer from the parts where the character faced times of conflict; but better yet - it covers the times where there isn't even a memory of conflict. It's a collage with many fragments, and in between those fragments is lost time. Time sits in a Waiting Room. The waiting room is filled with people who exude a nervous energy of anticipation and hope. They follow the normal rules of a drama. These people go through concrete and understandable disasters. Things like cancer, divorce, trauma...after these experiences and battles people pat them on the back and commend them on their strength of will. Conflict builds character. "Whatever doesn't kill me will only make me stronger." I would agree with the principle behind such a statement if it weren't for the fact that in my case the things that haven't killed me have created a weathering effect; a corrosion of sorts. The places where the waves struck against the shore have worn away. Slowly, and not in an obvious fashion - so to all who view me I am a mountain. I stand there doing my duty. I am "strong" because as a mountain I have survived. Surviving is the right thing to do, falling apart is frowned upon. It makes sense. I have rarely seen a person come to admire a pile of rubble. A rugged mountain range is noble, stoic, brave. A pile of rubble is a pile of rubble. It could break down further until it becomes the sand that sparkles in the sun...when drops of the sea splash upon it. In that form it is "pretty", and again, photogenic. The most important part is its value to society; its usefulness and prettiness. If one cannot be a rugged mountain, one must be a pretty picture, or at least something useful. Drifting into the waves is not really an option. "What are you doing?" You must always be "doing". If you are not doing, you are being. We are human-doings, not human-beings. Whoever said it was the opposite way around never stopped doing long enough for someone to ask them "what are you doing?" and "do something so I may take a picture of you!" I suppose it is a good idea to take those pictures. If we didn't have those pictures, we may end up like the ones still stuck in the Waiting Room with plasters on their heads. No matter how long they sit there the doctor won't come. Even if the doctor came for them, they obviously found their license in a cereal box because they have plastered people's hearts by putting plasters on the heads. "Doctor, please my heart hurts!" cries the patient. A student doctor enters the room and tightens the band-aids around the patients head. The real doctor isn't available. He is too busy tying up feet. Thankfully I have cut up pictures and screenshots from heart-warming tales. I have crudely sewn them together to hide the holes. Hopefully when the doctor visits me they will see that my head is filled up with the same things as everyone else. · Memories of the smell of Thanks Giving pumpkins - check · Glittering photos of washed up shells upon the beach - check · Smiling families eating around a table - check ​I bet they will be impressed when they see how photogenic I am. Picture perfect.
  3. I know they are ultimately a kids toy but I'm sure many adults from the 90s have them and enjoy them as an interactive keychain or perhaps collect them. If any of you exist I think we should be friend. I'm 30 years old.
  4. About a week ago, my mother sent me this very photo and message: "Look what I found x" Now, this instantly wreaked me with nostalgia from when I was 8, a good decade ago, when these little critters were the craze at my primary school. Eventually though, they got banned and I lost interest. This, along with a red v2 and silver v4, went into storage- (shown below) (The Red v2 is the one I actually the one I ordered, and the v4 picture is my actual one, too!) Lone behold, she sent me the photo, and the first thing I did when I got home from work was buy some new 3 volt batteries, and went on a search for my old Tamagotchi''s. I managed to find the silver v4, but I believe the v2 had reached the end of its lifeline and had been thrown out, as I remember the middle button falling out when I was small. Here I am, a week later; the same v2 from my childhood, a v3, and a v5 on their way from a seller on eBay, and a newly bought 'Friends' version (a veryvery cheaply made era of tamas, might I say), awaiting the true re-kindling of my childhood. (Finding out I still had a nearly 8 year old TamaTalk account shocked me too!) So, raises my real topic- Were you ever re-united with your old tamagotchis?
  5. The best educational games of all time. Ahh good times. I might play some again later.
  6. Do you have any fond memories of your Furby like when did you get it and why? and did you take it places with you? I will always remember my Furby its name was May-may and i got it for christmas the year they came out. I was a little be disappointed because I wanted the Gizmo one and had never even seen the Furbys on TV, but I as soon as the batteries went in I loved it and it was my new best friend. May-may came almost everywhere with me, he used to be strapped into the doll seat I had on the back of my little pink bike and come on adventures with me. The scariest memory I have of May-may was the first time the batteries ran out I thought he was broken/ dieing and I ran home crying, his speech had slurred and he was making noises like there was a bee inside him. I was so relieved when my dad brought him back to life again. I remember how much my Grandparents used to hate my Furby they would call him an evil penguin like the one out of Wallis and Grommet. Then around this time last year I got my Furby out the cupboard for the last time, I had decided to put him into storage. I turned him upside down and he says "Me scared" then I began to un-do the screws and he goes "Ah bright light"just before I removed the batteries. I still love my Furby and will never sell him and I still think about maybe taking him out of storage.
  7. WARNING: NOSTALGIA ALERT!!! There are probably some older members out there who can relate to me. I will be 18 in less than 3 weeks, and I couldn't help but think about how my childhood will "officially" be over. I will legally be an adult. Not that it matters much; if I haven't outgrown Tamagotchis or Pokemon by age 17, I probably never will. I will be a hardcore PokeGeek til the day I die. This also got me to thinking about how I first learned about Pokemon. I was 5. I was Aspy. And I DESPERATELY wanted a GameBoy. You see, one day I cam home from kindergarten and turned on the TV to see an adorable yellow critter that said "Pika". And it stole my heart. I went crazy about Pokemon. I never did get a GameBoy. Anyways, today I decided to relive those days to the best of my ability. Which basically means I Googled "pokemon 1999". Turns out, at age 5, I was too young to truly understand the full extent of Pokemon Mania. And I found... THE POKEGODS. The Pokegods are the result of leaked artwork on the unprepared internet. Pictures of Pokemon featured in the still-under-development-and-therefore-very-very-secret Gold and Silver games escaped their Japanese origins and hit the American web, causing gajillions rumors of fake, ultrapowerful pokemon, called "Pokegods", and the bizarre cheat codes to get them on your Red or Blue games. Some of you might remember Pikablu. Pikablu was the name given to a picture of Marill before anyone actually know what it was. Supposedly it was a super-secret water evolution of Pikachu. In fact, some of the early Gold/Silver Pokemon cards actually say Pikablu on them. How sad many fans were to find out that the Pikablu in the Pikachu short before Pokemon 2000 was actually just a weak water pokemon. But Pikablu is one of the major factors in starting the Pokegod Phenomenon. Because if Pikachu has a secret water evolution, then how do I get it? And what OTHER secret Pokemon exist in my Red/Blue game? The same goes for Mew. While now known to be an actual Pokemon, it was not obtainable in the original American Red and Blue Pokemon games (unless you use a glitch that was not well known at the time), leading to the same conclusion: What is this ultra-rare Pokemon and how do I get it? Anyways, anyone else out there remember the Pokegods? And anyone else know of something that, at the time, was THE THING, but in hindsight is really rather silly?