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Found 11 results

  1. Four days ago I received and started my very first Ocean tamagotchi run. To summarize, I went from Planktontchi > Kuragetchi > Ototochi > Kaitchi Here's where it gets a little WEIRD. I took perfect care of planktontchi and then got a fully disciplined yet neglected kuragetchi to evolve into ototochi. Problem is I wanted Kingyotchi for a chance at kaitchi for a hope of Ningyotchi. Since I got otototchi, I decided to take perfect care of ototochi to see which of the good care adult I would get. Ototochi evolved 47 hours later into Kaitchi while at full discipline and hunger hearts. What are the odds? I thought discipline had to be pretty low! Almost immediately after evolving into Kaitchi, it got attacked by the polar bear for the first time because the initial discipline was too low to fight it off and lived. I'm not sure if I can still get Ningyotchi due to that, but we'll see!
  2. Hey folks! So I've gotten Ningyotchi once before, and I'm on my way to getting her again from Kaitchi. But I found on someone's umino growth chart an interesting way to get her and I don't know if its accurate/true. It states that once you have Kaitchi, bump the weight up to 40, then wait 40 minutes then it will evolve into Ningyotchi. Now I know that Ningyotchi's base weight is 40, so I'm wondering if that's where this might have become a rumor. I'd hate to test it and ruin my chances of getting her, plus having to play so many games to get its weight back to 10 if it fails! Thoughts? Here's my last time I got Ningyotchi~
  3. My new Japanese Ocean just evolved into Ningyotchi, folks!!! Very proud to say she's doing well! (and that I even got her) Well as long as I'm here, anyone know how long she lives? I know secret characters often live long but I'm unsure about the ocean.
  4. Hey folks! Let's talk... Polar Bears. So I got a Japanese Ocean earlier this week, and all was going fairly well. I got Otototchi, then suddenly the Polar Bear attacks (again...) I made the attempt to scare it off like usual, but it had no effect! Otototchi comes back on screen dead as a doornail! So is it really just a gamble with the odds that sometimes your scare tactics will fail no matter what?
  5. I just got my tamagotchi ocean. The polar bear has come to visit my tama 3 times. The first time I just hit the tamagotchi case slightly and it went away. The other two times, I hit the case but it didn't go away. I know there is another option (going through the icons and scare it away) but I was wondering if is there any other physical way to scare the polar bear away? can I just tap the screen (does it work?)? is there any video-guide on how to scare it? please, help me, I'm kind of lost.
  6. What are the rarest shell designs for the vintage tamas? And which ones are your favourites?
  7. I just received a second Umino NIB. My first one was used with no packaging and I'm undecided whether or not to open the new one? Seeing as I already have an Umino to play with. What do you guys think?
  8. Hey tama's! I play "Tamagotchi 2" for gbc on the computer but they always die so quick because they get hit by a rock! My new adult died because he got hit with a rock 3 times in 1 day! LOL Please tell me how to save it from getting hit! Thanks! -Awesome2489
  9. I've found the Umino Tamagotchi for a relatively decent price, and I'm seriously considering getting it, but if I do so, I most likely won't be able to pay for the new Tamagotchi P's when it comes out. Of course, I could probably ask my parents to get it for me as a Christmas gift, but that's not 100% guaranteed to work. So, which Tamagotchi would you choose and why?
  10. I just received my used Umino Tamagotchi today in the mail. It's in EXCELLENT condition and the batteries were already in it when I received it. However, I noticed that the sound is VERY low. I can barely hear it at all. Does anyone have any solutions or advice? :/ *UPDATE!* The sound randomly started working normally after maybe twenty minutes or so of play. I didn't do anything at all, but now it is at the normal volume. Does anyone have any idea what the reason for the malfunction is? I would really like to prevent it from happening in the future.
  11. So! Boyfriend of mine stayed with me for the weekend. Upon his arrival, he gave me a Japanese Tamagotchi Umino!! I was super excited - it's the purple/pink one (my favourite so I can keep it in my pocket and not scratch any paint ). When I looked at it more carefully, I noticed it was already on the "set time" screen. Took it out, and yep, it was already running! I was kind of worried that maybe the batteries would be dead as it's been on for a while, but he assured me he paused it. So, I set the time and see this guy (links cause I'm lazy and don't want to resize photos for the forum post, heh): ADSFASDFASDFSAGFsd. The hardest, and most adorable character you can get! He said he had been taking it to work with him and everything in order to get this character for me. Um, is this even happening? Best character on his first try with a Tamagotchi AND it being a Umino? I think he's a god of some sorts. I've been playing with him a bit. I got him when he was 6 or 7, and he's currently 9 with a full discipline bar. I'm excited for him to pass, but will continue to try my best to keep him around. I highly doubt I'll get a character that good on my first try, haha!