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Found 11 results

  1. I’ve been getting back into my old v4. I ended up buying a gen2 mini since all of the connections are expensive on ebay. I hatched it for the first time around the same time my v4 had a new baby. The v4 gotchi is an adult now and the gen2 mini has been stuck on the teen stage for days. I did try pausing the mini and messed with the clock in the beginning, but 8 years seems like too old for a teen gotchi. Has anyone else had similar problems with the reboot models? (actually is the pink blue tamagotchi shown a mini?) or is this just the normal size?
  2. Hi guys! When I was younger, I had the Tamagotchi Connection V5 in the Argos variant. Sadly, I lost it when I ran away from home several years ago. I'd really like to get another one, but I don't know where to start. I've checked eBay, but there were none for sale. I expect it'd be expensive too because it was a special version here in the UK! I'm going to keep checking eBay each day or so to see if one pops up, but do you guys have any other site recommendations? I have no idea where to start. Just want a piece of my childhood back :)Thank you ❤️ (P.S - I understand this site is not for selling, I'd just like to know the best sites to look on to buy!)
  3. NOTE: i was so certain i had written "need to find out what it is called", not why, but i cannot change that now.. i have this old tamagotchi i got for my birthday some time around 5 or 6 years old, i am now 23, and i wonder, what the hell is this thing, it is some sort of tamagotchi, but i have no clue what it is even called, it is slightly battered, and a single icon on the screen does not work(not showing up, but still there and works), but other than that it works as it did when i first got it, the black thing on the back is to help pull the back off for replacing batteries, and the hole under the screw is the reset button, which fell out at some point, so a screwdriver was used in its place. here is what i know so far, there are 4 buttons, a left/right selector, and a select/cancel, and i can never remember which is which. it becomes a dinosaur of some kind. it uses 2 1.5 volt batteries, AG13 and similar sized button cells will work. it has 4 terminals at the top, for local multiplayer(they could fight each other, but my sister broke hers, so i have never used it, though it can be spoofed by placing a finger on top of all 4 terminals, making an enemy the same level you are) it can be fed with 4 items, water, small meal, medium meal, large meal. it can be healed(to some extend) it can be cleaned up after(it poops) and you can battle with it. it has a clock set before the hatching begins, and hatching it takes about 2 minutes. here are pictures of it, front, back and top.(sizes are this large so you can easily see the details of it, not sure why the site i uploaded to rotated them 90 degrees though)
  4. About a week ago, my mother sent me this very photo and message: "Look what I found x" Now, this instantly wreaked me with nostalgia from when I was 8, a good decade ago, when these little critters were the craze at my primary school. Eventually though, they got banned and I lost interest. This, along with a red v2 and silver v4, went into storage- (shown below) (The Red v2 is the one I actually the one I ordered, and the v4 picture is my actual one, too!) Lone behold, she sent me the photo, and the first thing I did when I got home from work was buy some new 3 volt batteries, and went on a search for my old Tamagotchi''s. I managed to find the silver v4, but I believe the v2 had reached the end of its lifeline and had been thrown out, as I remember the middle button falling out when I was small. Here I am, a week later; the same v2 from my childhood, a v3, and a v5 on their way from a seller on eBay, and a newly bought 'Friends' version (a veryvery cheaply made era of tamas, might I say), awaiting the true re-kindling of my childhood. (Finding out I still had a nearly 8 year old TamaTalk account shocked me too!) So, raises my real topic- Were you ever re-united with your old tamagotchis?
  5. I bet some of you (just like me) have at least one Tama, that over years got it's paint chipped off, or got a lot of scratches OR maybe you just have one that you think is ugly, cause it has an ugly shell pattern. My question is: what do you do with these? Do you paint them? Add stickers? Maybe switch shells with other Tamas? Do you add accessories? Change backgrounds? ETC ETC? I revived my old v3 today. Originally it was a white one with black cow-like spots on it. This Tama actually started my collection 8-9 years ago. So you can imagine how I loved it (and still do). I was carrying it everywhere with me, in my pockets or in the backpack. Well, as a result, the paint chipped off completely, leaving only black strips in corners. Well, it looked truly awful. So I tried to paint it several times, to make it look nicer, but I never was pleased with the result at the end. So the Tama was just sitting in the box and I thought I will never use it again... But yesterday I decided to give it one more chance. I bought some nice nail polish and painted it. I also added a little sticker at the top and added a nice keyring. Here are some photos. It looks A LOT nicer in person, ofc.
  6. Hey all This is my first time posting on here. Does anyone know where I can get a nano baby tamagotchi from approx 1997 (not the animal ones?). I live in the UK. Thanks, MissMoose
  7. It's been a while since we've had new tamagotchis rolling in, no? Hopefully they make new ones. If they do, what kind of features do you think should be added? Vintage or colored? bigger or smaller? what kind of activities or work? Do you think a new TamaTown should be made (though that's quite impossible huhu)? Tell me your thoughts :> x
  8. I was wondering if anybody knew how much old tamas are worth? I have: v1 x3 v2 v3 x2 v4 x2 v4.5 and I really want to know how much they would all be worth:)xxx
  9. Sorry for making topics with a lot of questions, but I'm thinking about buying some more Tamagotchi's after I get my Mothra one (Not right away though! I will give it some time before buying others.) I'm not really interested in the Connection ones or whatever the new ones are called, I'm mostly interested in the older ones, but I have a few questions about them that I haven't seen answered elsewhere. Angel Tamagotchi: This one looks very interesting to me, it did when I was a kid too, but all the commercials made it seem like it was only for girls so I didn't buy one (I thought that the people who made Tamagotchi didn't want boys to buy it.) anyways now I'm older (twenty three now, I was like eight or nine when they came out.) and I'm still interested in it, but I'm wondering if it would be better to buy a Japanese version? is there anything in the American version that is different from the Japanese version? I heard some of the characters got taken out or something. Tamagotchi Ocean: This one also looks VERY interesting to me, but from everything I've read it is very VERY difficult to take care of, apparently it can be killed off by Polar bears? but is that the only reason it is difficult to care for? or is it also really demanding, what I mean is there more to it being hard to take care of besides the polar bears. Also I see the secret character in the Japanese version is a mermaid, is it different for the english version? if I do get it which one is better? Mori No Tamagotchi: I've always loved insects so this one is also very interesting to me, but would the people here recommend it? is it hard to take care of? I heard you have to save them from Frogs, and Feet. Tamagotchi Devil: The only thing about this one is the price, the only place I've seen them is on Ebay, and they seem to be hundreds of dollars, which if it's under $300 I might be willing to pay that much, but I'm wary about dumping that much money into a Tamagotchi, and I've seen a lot for even $500! Anyways besides all that one last question, is Ebay the best place to buy them? or is there another site with a good selection and prices? I've already checked Amazon, but they don't seem to have much in the way of the old Tamagotchis. Thanks for any help!
  10. Hello everyone reading! As we have all noticed by now, some characters within the Tamagotchi Series have been refurbished and modernised. I posted this thread simply curious to know whether or not you all prefer the newer versions of the characters or the older versions. For instance, a re-designed character is Mametchi. From looking like this ( ), he was later updated to this ( ). Thank you for reading! c: