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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everybody, is that a Original Tamagotchi? In the Package Stands „giochi preziosi“. Trank you 😊 98mametchi98
  2. Hey, I'm new here so I hope I post this right! I have a P2 Japanese Blue Spaceship Tamagotchi, My Zuccitchi died at 14 (days) today but I'm not sure how to get a new Tamagotchi to start over with! Do I need to reset the whole console to start over?
  3. Does anyone know how common/uncommon the P2 tamagotchi in ice blue is? I bought one off of eBay, brand new in the box, never used. I really want to take the battery tag out of it and run it and buy another for display later on, but if it's an uncommon color then I'll be more hesitant to do so. Here is a picture for reference. It's a clear light aquamarine color with silvery-blue buttons.
  4. Hi! Yumecantchi000 here! My friend has a Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town, and I have a original Tamagotchi Friends. (It is a North-american version. If you want you can wiki Tamagotchi Friends and see.) I want to connect them together and I would like to know if they can connect. Thanks!
  5. I've always wanted a Tamagotchi version of my own. One that I can create the growth chart so it can contain all my favorite characters. So, what would your own growth chart be like? I'll be providing a template so everyone can share the same format. I will be limiting the characters so that posts wouldn't be too long. I'll base this template off of the Tamagotchi +Color. I can't wait to see everybody else's! - Baby♂: Baby♀: Toddler♂1: Toddler♂2: Toddler♀1: Toddler♀2: Teen♂Good Care: Teen♂Bad Care: Teen♀Good Care: Teen♀Bad Care: Adult♂Perfect Care: Adult♂Good Care: Adult♂Bad Care: Adult♀Perfect Care: Adult♀Good Care: Adult♀Bad Care: (3 Special characters and 2 Oldies! Include how you get the special characters!) Oldie♂: Oldie♀: Special Characters: * * * - Let me start by making my own! Baby♂: Nittobotchi Baby♀: Momoirotchi Toddler♂1: Meganetchi Toddler♂2: Ahikurutchi Toddler♀1: Belltchi Toddler♀2: Memepetchi Teen♂Good Care: Cosmotchi Teen♂Bad Care: Kikitchi (Yes, teen. I prefer him as a teen.) Teen♀Good Care: Chamametchi (Same case as Kikitchi.) Teen♀Bad Care: Ringotchi Adult♂Perfect Care: Mametchi Adult♂Good Care: Shimashimatchi Adult♂Bad Care: Kuchipatchi Adult♀Perfect Care: Lovelitchi Adult♀Good Care: Melodytchi Adult♀Bad Care: Memetchi Oldie♂: Rexitchi Oldie♀: Dango Obatchi Special Characters: * Furawatchi - Visit the park 5 times during teen. * Gozarutchi - Eat Ramen 3 times during teen. * Kuromametchi - Win 20 games during teen. -
  6. I just found something amazing! Ever seen this before?? It's basically a golden Tamagotchi and it's a P2! I seriously had no idea that they were making these in the designs because I've never ever seen it before. Also... Wow. What an imagination they've got.
  7. Hi - first post on the forum. I recently bought an original 1996/97 Tamagotchi, packaged. I haven't had chance to start it yet as I'm on night shifts (not ideal for raising a Tama haha) but I realised, the batteries (x2 CR2032's) must be ancient as far as batteries go. Will they work, not work, break my Tama? I've already ordered some spares but I'm interested. Thanks
  8. Hi, everyone! So, as most vintage Tama owners know, soft screws are a pretty common issue with the older models. I recently stripped a screw on my Umino really badly, and while a friend was able to get it out for me, there's only one screw holding the back in place now. That's why I'm wondering if anyone was able to find any GOOD replacement screws for the vintage Tamas .I had the idea of bringing my Tama to a watch and jewellery repair place to see if they have any small replacement screws. I've also heard that eyeglass repair kits should have some small screws that are about the right size, but I was hoping to hear some personal stories. Thanks!
  9. recently i turned into an adult and had a baby tama. i have earned 999 points for tone, rhythm and original, i read on google that once you get all 999 points you will recieve a special drum kit. Will i get a drum kit? What else can i do?
  10. Hello everyone reading! As we have all noticed by now, some characters within the Tamagotchi Series have been refurbished and modernised. I posted this thread simply curious to know whether or not you all prefer the newer versions of the characters or the older versions. For instance, a re-designed character is Mametchi. From looking like this ( ), he was later updated to this ( ). Thank you for reading! c:
  11. Hi, I have just started a new Tamagotchi baby because I recently got a bad toddler. I believe it was because I played games too much. I'm just wondering how much Tone, Rhythm and Original should a baby have, a toddler, teen and adult. Thanks.