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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I recently restarted few of my older Tamagotchis. Sadly, some have faded shell designs, rubbed off of faded letters, or scratches in the shell paintings. I think this does apply for any tamagotchi with painted shell designs. <---- this is an example. Not mine. My designs, letterings are luckily only a very, very little faded. Im a person who likes his tamas in best condition possible and i do have good drawing skills. These little damages of mine would be very easy to touch up with a suitable paint. I tried to repaint the silver wings of my angelgotchi with a silver permanent marker but it got rubbed off very quickly, its seems not permanent enough on plastic. I wonder with what i can repaint the shell designs best. i thought of Nail polish, but i think nail polish does not dry as flat as the original paint and it would be visible that it was repainted. Do you guys have any tips for me? How about gundam markers? These are intended for painting action figures. Do anyone knows them? Are they more rub resistant?
  2. HI I HAVE A TINY BUT REALLY MAJOR PROBLEM!! So, I have the pink swirl mini. The swirls are gone. Yeah, already. So... this morning I saw some dirt on my tama (on the pink area around the screen). I... made the mistake of scratching it with my fingernail. *winces* I scratched off some of the paint too. So, it's... middle of screen > left > SCRATCH Uhh... HELP IT'S A FAIRLY SMALL THING BUT IT'S REALLY BUGGING ME!!! Idk if I should risk painting it (scarrrry) or scratch it all of. I was hoping I could keep that bit, otherwise it's a pink tama with light pink buttons. But it's bugging me so much!! What do I do? (I have normal paints and acrylics - well, gouache too)
  3. Alright, recently i received a wonderful melon soda keitai as a gift from my lovely girlfriend, and it has become the crown jewel of my collection. I also got a very pretty summer night v3 with it, but they both have a few little faults that i would like to fix to help better their condition! First off, the paint on the both of them has chipped off a but, and i would like to fix the little things that i can. Does anyone know what kind of paint would be best? I am not risking anything by using nail polish, as ive heard it tends to smear the designs and causes the shell to yellow. The other thing i would appreciate getting help with is whitening my melon soda's yellowed buttons! I have tried dunking them in water with baking soda and lime, and gently washed them with toothpaste, but neither method has achieved anything, except for temporarily causing my tam to glitch and forcing me to reset. I would try soaking them in chlorine, but I am very paranoid about using such a strong chemical on the soft rubber. Does anyone know of a good, foolproof, and safe method? Thank you very much in advance, and I will try to post some pictures once I get home!
  4. Hi Doctor Who fans and Tama nerds! There was already a thread for custom Tamagotchis, but as it is now locked I decided to start a new one. Apologies if this already exists as something current, but I could not find it so here we are. Anywho, I just wanted to show off this picture of the custom paint job I just did to my see through yellow V3. It's far from the most elegant thing in the world as it is all done by hand and finished with several layers of clear nail polish, but I still think it's cute and since it took me the whole day I thought it worth posting in case anyone was interested. This is what it looked like before (image not mine): And this is it now, warts and all: That's a little pouch beside it - you know, so the TARDIS doesn't get damaged :* It works perfectly and makes me smile whenever I see it, because it combines my two great loves in one fabulous - if scruffy - little mutant creation. Anyway, thanks for reading, and please feel free to post any of your own customs, if people still do that, haha. Peace. -Nokogiritchi
  5. I've been logging my Tamagotchi Angel for the past few days, and the more I play with it the more I've noticed that the paint is quite worn in areas, especially on the wings and lettering at the top. I'm wondering if I should try to restore it? I've worked with my mom on restoring the paint on Barbie doll faces, so I'm used to small stuff, and I don't ever plan on re-selling the Angel so I'm not worried about decreasing the value of it. Basically, I'm more concerned with getting the paint to stick to the plastic shell and not make it look worse...
  6. Hello everyone! Lately I've been quite busy so I had to pause my tamas for about a week or two. Today I unpaused them and I noticed something on my ID-L. I have a purple one, and it has always been partially purple (back) and partially greyish-purple (front). I always thought it was due to the silver thing surrounding the faceplate, so I didn't give it too much importance. But now it seem to have worsened: the front half of the tama is almost yellow-greyish and I don't understand why. Have some of you had the same problem (with ID-L, of course)? Is it a "purple-only" problem? I'm a tiny bit disappointed because I bought that tama NEW just few months ago.... and I still haven't seen on the Internet any "half-colored" tamas like mine. I read somewehere on this forum that ID-L paint can wear off, but I don't think mine actually wore off... it's more like it's been "deteriorated" (don't know if the word is correct XD). Let me know if you noticed something similar or at least heard about that!
  7. I bet some of you (just like me) have at least one Tama, that over years got it's paint chipped off, or got a lot of scratches OR maybe you just have one that you think is ugly, cause it has an ugly shell pattern. My question is: what do you do with these? Do you paint them? Add stickers? Maybe switch shells with other Tamas? Do you add accessories? Change backgrounds? ETC ETC? I revived my old v3 today. Originally it was a white one with black cow-like spots on it. This Tama actually started my collection 8-9 years ago. So you can imagine how I loved it (and still do). I was carrying it everywhere with me, in my pockets or in the backpack. Well, as a result, the paint chipped off completely, leaving only black strips in corners. Well, it looked truly awful. So I tried to paint it several times, to make it look nicer, but I never was pleased with the result at the end. So the Tama was just sitting in the box and I thought I will never use it again... But yesterday I decided to give it one more chance. I bought some nice nail polish and painted it. I also added a little sticker at the top and added a nice keyring. Here are some photos. It looks A LOT nicer in person, ofc.
  8. I have recently got a tamagotchithat umm lets just say it doesn't look the way I want it to. So I have been scouring google and Yahoo and even E-how hoping theres a guide for tamagotchi modding. I know its look down on but I'm just gonna paint mine. Anyways I have a couple questions about it( When I'm done I plan to make a guide so everyone can modify there tamagotchi if need be. Anyways What is the best paint to use to paint a tamagotchi V3. like which ones will flake which ones will sit and make it look awesome and shiny(Brand New) What I'm going for). A long time ago I had modified a tamagotchi ( I was 11) SO it cam out pretty badly I spray painted it, and then to fix the feel I put on a umm primer, worked perfectly. However some got on the screen. Now here is what I plan to do. 1 unscrew the tamagotchi 2remove the front 3poke out the sound wires(Have you opened a tama up and noticed thos holes where the sound comes out from I wonder if you poke something small in there if the speaker will just come out, pop out, and then all I have to do is Remove the back too. 4 Paint 5Primer if the paint isn't good enough Ok thanks for all your help, and your time in reading this. All information might be used in the tama modding Guide I plan to make when I'm done, this way all of tamatalk can have this tamagotchi knolledge shared here. Links to other tama modded forums:(Look some of the moddified tamagotchis are really cool)