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Found 3 results

  1. For me, the iD series and P's have the perfect size because I can hold one in my hand firmly and it matches the size of my hand perfectly. I also love the plastic buttons. I wish they came in different colors or were changeable (like cell phone shells) though.
  2. So, I've had a rather wonderfully recreative Monday. Most of it involved playing with Tamagotchi and dolls, drinking tea, catching up on the Tamagotchi anime and reading some fine literature... The rest of it I owe it to my wonderful room mate's company. So, what would your perfect day be like? What do you like to do within a day to consider it the pinnacle of perfection? And here's a picture from today, of one of my dolls, Nishio-kun, in all his girly kawaii moe glory, with my Tama, doing what he knows how to do best... lounging. xP
  3. Hello everyone! I have created a few surveys which you can all take part in that will help us in deciphering and forming the perfect character chart! This is all just purely for our own entertainment. Unless of course Bandai stumble upon the statistics and use them for the next Tamagotchi product! c; Basically, you just need to write in your favourite toddler, teenager and adult ranging from Connection v1-TamaTown Tama-Go. Keep in mind, I have only included the English products and I will probably create more surveys for the other less well-known ones that I have left out, such as the Oceangotchi, Angelgotchi etc. All links to forum threads with character charts within are attached on each question. Before you point out the obvious, yes I haven't left questions for favourite oldie characters and babies as there are only a limited amount of oldies and Bandai usually design new baby sprites. I hope you all complete these surveys and once there is a (hopefully) substantial amount of responses, I will eradicate the current links to the questions and announce the results! c: Thank you in advanced! Survey I Survey II Survey III