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Found 13 results

  1. I dunno if anyone has come across one of these or not, but there's a new sort of Furby-like toy called a Hatchimal. This is like a Furby in the fact it is a furry animal that you can teach to talk, walk, and dance. However, there is an additional step involved. As the name implies, a Hatchimal comes inside a soft plastic egg, and it has to hatch from this egg. You have to tap and rub the shell to interact with the egg, and make the Hatchimal tap from the inside, to break the shell and be born. It looks so amazingly cute! I reserved one from Amazon, but I need to warn you up front that these toys are not cheap. It cost just under $60 to reserve one, and it won't ship out for another week or so cos supplies ran out. I'm not sure if anyone here is even aware of these new Hatchimals, but there are clips on Youtube and from what I can see, these things are just adorable! Plus, like Tamagotchis, once the Hatchimal has hatched, there is a baby, toddler, and kid stage. Each stage unlocks a new activity the Hatchimal can do with you. I can't wait to receive mine and review it!
  2. I am taking a long hiatus from my Baby T-Rex after he lasted a record 3 days for me. I excitedly opened my Little Mermaid a while ago and am hoping she will actually last for even one week (I like to sleep a lot). On a side note, I noticed that she is much more chatty than the Baby T-Rex, and her pixels are darker, which provides a nicer picture.
  3. Hi everyone, I couldn't find a guide about what pets you can get in the iD-L and what times to go to Donut Park to try to meet them, so I put one together. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Hi, I finally got my tamagotchi p's yesterday, I've been going to the park because I want to get a pet, I'm after a pet I've researched and it's available to be kept, but it doesn't give me that option, do I have to wait until my tamagotchi is an adult to keep the pet? Also... could somebody hand me some links of the best guides for the tamagotchi ps in english? At this moment I'm not able to patch it... please thank you
  5. Hi guys! I was just wondering: what are some of all of your favorite Tamas or any other virtual pet (or another virtual type of toy) if you could only pick one out of your collection (or a top 5)? It also doesn't have to be in your collection, but can also be what your favorite/dream virtual pet/Tama would be! I'm just really curious to see which you guys like! :3 Post pictures if you can too! I wanna see all of your beautiful collections/faves! My favorite would have to be my Tamagotchi Music Star. I don't know what it is, but I love it so much. <3 Some other of my favorites would be my Digivices/Tama Digivice: What about you guys?
  6. Does anyone know how many skill points I might need and how I should care for my tamagotchi? I have a v4.5. Thank you very much in advance.
  7. Hi. I was just wondering if any of you have/know about the Vmigo? If you don't know what I mean then here is a video of a commercial that was on TV a while back: The most well known 1 that is in the advert (and the 1 that I have) is the dog version. It came with a device that you can hook up to your TV. They also do other VMigos as well. I think a cat 1 and a baby 1 and maybe another 1. It came with a lefelet and these are the only ones that I can remember. These things are good but it is hard to earn money and look after. If you are thinking about using/getting these I can tell you 1 thing. It uses a lot and I mean A LOT of battery's! Especially when you are trying to get the good care award. So anyone know about these? I will upload a picture probably tomorrow of it and maybe a video of the game-play if anyone wants me to do it. It might take a while for the game-play video if I do it though because I don't have any battery s left! I also wont be able unfortunately to do a video of the TV console because it needs EVEN MORE BATTERY'S and it is not compatible with the type of TV I have now. I might be able to if I get out the vintage TV. If it is still working...
  8. During my first trip to Tokyo, I found this virtual pet in a shop just 100 yen, which is about 1 dollar our ... and it surprised me because 100 yen for a virtual electronic pet was truly a gift. Yet they were exposed to so many, and not in a shop as the 100 yen shop, but in a very toys shop. I took it and threw the box because then I was not fond of Virtual Pet, and I regret it. As you can see from the picture has a slot to insert the cards with the bar code (which I still have somewhere). It works with three batteries, the 6 gems around the screen light up. Inside there Hamtaro and you have to play with him etc.. Do you know him? I have looked for information on the internet but do not even understand who has produced, the company ... and I do not really remember. The fact is that I really like the design and I find it really cute Virtual Pet =)
  9. Hey guys. I just found out about some apps called Chibi Pet Sugar and Chibi Pet Spice for the iPhone and iPad. It is A LOT like the old virtual pets from back in the day. You can feed them, play with them, take pictures with them and stuff. You can post directly to Facebook too. Here are some links I found about them.
  10. My Tamagotchi iD-L is a 2-year-old Meloditchi (she just became friend stage this morning). She got a pet today at the donut shop, the pink pet shaped like a blob, I forgot the name, but the pet only shows up when Meloditchi goes places (i.e. the arcade, TamaDepa, etc.). Is this normal? The pet shows up in the pet list, but isn't it lame to have a pet if you almost never see it? Or maybe there are some criteria before you can keep the pet in your house? Please help!
  11. '/={3


    Theres THIS website, virtual pets, forums, art, adventure, overall FUN. And right now there is a *content removed* (site rules - Banned topics & Posts - referrals): PLEASE. and thanks!
  12. well, i suppose most of us have grown up with a special pet or animal that we loved. and for most of us, these animals may have moved on into a different life. feel free to share your stories, and have us all feel a bit of your love for them as well. as well, if you remember a story of maybe a little bird or animal you helped nursed back to health, feel free to share it. here's mine. when i was maybe 5 or 6 i got a dwarf hamster. i named him silver for his lovely gray, soft coat. he was a very calm and nice hamster, and i loved playing with him. he lived in a small little cage behind the dining room table. every day i would get up and play with him, feed him, and put him in his rolling ball. it was so funny to look at, this little teensy silver hamster racing around the house in a little plastic ball! sometimes i would even take him up to my room in his rolling ball and show him around my room. he prob'ly didn't really mind. then one day i came down [this was probably 1 or 2 years later] to play with silver and my dad was crouching by the cage. i asked what he was doing and he said that silver wasn't moving. that sentence was probably the worst thing i had ever heard. he asked me if i wanted to hold him. one more time. i didn't want to, i was grasping on to my shirt so tight, and tears were streaming down my face. i remember running to the living room and collapsing onto the couch. i didn't even want to look at my little silver, that little hamster who brought me so much fun. i look back on this and i realize he was a hamster. usually most people don't really think hamsters are very good 'friends', or anything. but gosh, silver was amazing, and i'm so happy i had him. RIP silver. <3 as of now i have two guinea pigs named muffin and jane. they are adorable and so nice, as well as a bit skittish. but i love them and they're so funny. the only thing i'm worried about is that i got them in grade 3, when i was 8. they were probably 2 or 3 by then. now i'm in grade 7, and they're about 7 or 8, which is the desired age of a guinea pig. i really hated when my family joked about eating them when they die, so i hope they live just a year longer.
  13. Hi Guys, I just got a Tamagotchi V6 Music Star Edition for my daughter (FROM US). She is happy with it but she wants to play with others. The problem is I don't know where to buy Tamagotchi here in the Philippines. Anyone knows a merchant that will ship Tamagotchi in the Philippines? I hope someone will spare time to answer this question. Thanks and Regards, Tokwa