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Found 19 results

  1. I’m new, so I just don’t know how if you can. I want to post pictures of my family tree from tamagotchi on.
  2. (or: 'We All Live in a Pink Version 3', to kick things off.) Welcome! Now, this may be the millionth log I've started over the course of (almost) seven years on this website, but I'm determined to keep this one running for as long as I can. A post every day would be nice, so I'll try and promise you that. Let's get started with a little backstory first: You see, I've been holding out for a V3 ever since I started collecting back in 2013. I grew up with a V4 and V5 years beforehand - I no longer had them before I started collecting as my precious V6 served as my reintroduction in '13 -, but there was always something about the V3 that attracted me to it. It felt nostalgic, even though I never grew up with it? Anyway, they're a bit scarce compared to your usual V1s and V2s, so it took me a few years until I was able to find a good deal (or cared enough to get one, I dropped Tamagotchis for a good year or so). I'd found a listing for $60 a few weeks prior from now, but someone else got to it first However, that seemingly worked out in my favor, because just last week, a listing for a V3 for $35 showed up out of absolutely nowhere! And there were quite a few watchers that were in the position I was just a few weeks prior. And so, riding an adrenaline-powered high, I made a cathartic decision -- and ruined many, many people's dreams that night. Pictured: A package labelled 'HANDLE WITH CARE', and a certain pink Tamagotchi wrapped in bubble-wrap. With a candy-themed V3 in tow, and a working battery(!) provided by the lovely store who sold me said tama, I quickly got to unwrapping it and getting it started... Pictured: A surprise guest...?! ...And imagine my surprise when the DOWNLOAD option was available, with a Tamagotchi that was still alive! An adorable little Masktchi named Lachy - belonging to his previous user, Blaze - was there to welcome me to the lovely little V3 he lived in. He was only on the first gen, and seemed to be neglected judging by who he evolved into, but he seemed quite chipper (his stats were full from where the 'gotchi was last left off) despite his circumstances. I even messed with the clock to see if I could get him married, but I guess he was too young. So, grabbing a pen, I bid our lovely guest the best of luck, and started a new egg... Pictured: The hatching of a new friend to raise! ...And it's a boy! Because I've recently been enlightened to a famous band I've ignored all of these years (and may or may not have named this blog after a song of theirs :3), I named him John. I wonder if he can play guitar? Pictured: Playing Get♪ for the first time! I didn't get many other pictures, but I did snap a picture of history in the making. Get♪ is harder than I thought, but it's also much more enjoyable than most of the built-in games on the V4 (my childhood is down for the count). Bump still sucks though. Seriously I-- I just want to play a game and not get my tama's stats involved, please Bandai stop making your games interesting for once. Joking of course, I'm just terrible at bump. In an hour or so, John evolved into Tamatchi, which is to be expected for the first gen according to the growth chart I'm referencing here. I'd love to get either Violetchi or Pyonkotchi, but knowing my luck, I'll get Mametchi despite just raising one beforehand (depicted on my previous log). I adore the idea of having multiple characters in the same growth level, it keeps it interesting! I'd love to raise my V2 someday, every time I put a battery in I end up taking it out. It's the coolest-looking shell in my collection as well (transparent blue)! Why am I like this. XD I forgot to take a picture of John after he evolved, and right now he's currently asleep, so hopefully we will be able to witness best bowl-cut boi in action next post before he evolves into a teen. I wonder which one I'll get... So exciting! I'm so glad I got a V3 after all this time, the wait was definitely worth it. I'll sign off here for now. To finish, here's a song recommendation from The Beatles considering this post is full of them. I'll Be Back is criminally underrated.
  3. ~~~~~~~~♥ So this is very similar to the other topic on this tab , ONLY here you can post your own pet to be drawn by someone else! Again, there are no special rules~! post a picture of your Tama and it's name and someone else will draw your pet If anyone needs help with how to insert a picture in a post let me know and i'll help you out ♥♥♥
  4. Hello TamaTalkers! This topic is to share pictures of your pets! This is my guinea pig Oreo This is my other guinea pig KitKat
  5. Hi! I tried to start a log a few weeks ago, but never kept up with it. Well here I am bored while babysitting, so I'm going to try again. One of my favorite versions is the 4.5, so I am running it for the summer. My ultimate goal is to get every character at least once, and then an oldie for as long as possible. Short term goal is to reach at least 10 generations (thats my record from when I was a little kid) and then raise an oldie. I go back to college in September, so I might not have enough time to get every 4.5 character, but we'll see! Today I hatched Jeff. (that's my boyfriend's name, and he just left to spend the rest of the summer with his family. So I'm sad, thinking about him, and named my tamagotchi after him). Thanks to some help from CBLS, I have a picture of baby Jeff for you! He played lots and lots of Climb - at his minimum weight the whole time! He is now a tamatchi. He likes going to preschool- he has gone 4 times now. Skills: Humor: 27 Beauty: 4 Spirituality: 21 Already we're seeing an inclination... PS - no comments, just so I and others can read this like a story -but please message me with comments/questions, I WILL reply!
  6. This is kina like last post wins. The player posts a picture lf anything, it can me a drawing, a photo, anything. Then the next players posts the hashtags that would go with the previous player's picture. that player also posts a different picture for the next player. You're pic can also be in the form of a link or URL. Example: 1st Player: (posts photo of a sea turtle) 2nd Player: #seaturtles #nature #oceananimals (posts a drawing of a tamagotchi) 3rd Player: #tamagotchi (posts a random pic) etc. Here is my photo: I know it is a weird photo
  7. Hey guys, today I will start a log for my P's My aim in this log is to get all the characters in my book I hope you rate my log, like my posts and maybe even follow, Thanks! Right now I have a Himespetchi on my P's! She should get married soon, maybe tommorow Today, we just hung out around the house Just chillin' in our house but then it turned dirty, so I cleaned it up The occupation guy came and offered us a job at the TamaMori! We accepted and Himespetchi worked hard and served Yumemamatchi and Mitchi Sensei! With the money she earned, she bought some glasses and she thought she looked so pretty! We then played with our TamaPet, the Furilabutchi We then realised that she hadn't taken a bath so I put her in the bathtub Near the end of the day, we went to the park and met the Music Teacher We then went outside and we randomly saw a rainbow at night Before she slept, we went to the Music Cafe and ate some Deluxe Pudding for Supper. She should be getting married soon and I'm hoping for another girl Hayden
  8. Hello, I was reading oddsandendswithlove's topic about which tamagotchi was the rarest, and I saw that some people said the tamagotchi conan. I have never heard of this one! I tried to find a picture on google but I don't think I can find the right one.... does anyone know what it looks like? Thanks.
  9. Hey ) This is my log obviously Everything's falling apart so quickly. Anyways, this is... A cow's log. I'll be logging my P's and my P1 I'll add pictures too Why? Cause I can. Cause I just got my P's and I want to pair it up with another tamagotchi and thought why not the newest and oldest models? Oooohhh very pretty So I just hatched both of them earlier this day And it's a baby boy! Let's name it... Melissa Rei Cause why not? Didn't get much pictures but here he is He went to the park a couple times and met a lot of Tama pets which are so adorable and he also does great in games. He later evolved into a cute Turtletchi :3 Current stats: Full hunger hearts and happy thingy 8 grams and has 6020 gotchi points I didn't take a picture of my P1 but he's now a Marutchi as usual. Current stats: 10 oz. Discipline 0 Hungry = 3/4 Happy = 2/4 Sorry if it was shaky. I also have a picture of them sleeping ( OH GOD THAT SOUNDED SO WRONG ) Well, that's it for now! PM me for comments and suggestions! Moo.
  10. Heres my log! First I will update my v3! He pooped. Made sure i documented it. Theres a sale at the store! Lets get a hamburger! Here he is eating it! Sorry for big pictures ._.
  11. hey guys! these are my collection photos of all my tama's , ive had a few people ask me to post them so here they are... now keep in mind i still have around 14 more of them comming for my birthday thanks to my amazing husband! <3 hehe... so ill edit this post soon lol...let me know what you guys think so right now these pics do not have my green tamagotchi P's my aikai,uratama,TMGC +C exile,blue ID,milky pink ID with lanyard,my orange entama,mesutchi with case,angelgotch with case, deka ouchi de tamagotchi blue,tamagotchi P's memo book,tamagotchi V1, tama de café tamagotchi entama,my red and yellow red pixel aikai,keitai,purple idL,and my new mothra...these are all still coming in the mail lol ill be adding more pics for when the rest of my tamagotchi's come in! please upload your tamagotchi collections, and let me know what you think about them <3
  12. Well okie dokie..hello folks, this is TamaGuyJayy. I just got a new camera, and a new drive to restart my tamagotchi. I noticed only few actually log v3's, and i'm a fan of the v3 (because it's still similar to the original) so i'm gonna help fill in that gap (to me it's a gap lol) some of my pictures kind of randomly jump ahead, (i have soo many pictures), but i'm working on it Apple So i turned on my tamagotchi v3 and just watched the cute little egg bouncing up and down and alas, she hatched. It took me about 8 minutes to figure out a name that started out with A.. but i ended up naming her Apple usually i make up names. I went ahead and fed her cereal and...well....apples haha. We decided to play 'get' (musical notes) haha the only game, and did well, but my poor little bagel caught poo in a cup and she cried her self to sleep. Jumping ahead, i went to pick my sister up from work and on the way there Apple evolved into a tamatchi, and went straight to sleep.. Tamatchi? I think they're cool. I like all four toddlers equally actually... I'm actually a pescatarian. I live like a vegetarian, but eat sushi every here and then. I treat my tamagotchi the same way and just noticed it.. i only give them apples lol. This time i'm trying to give less healthy foods..l keep feeding her cereal for meals. Thanks for reading...this is only the beginning, we have an entire alphabet to go.
  13. *Goal for this year! To receive an Angelgotchi and a ID L 15th Anniversary* MY COLLECTION! Yes I know, I made another log. This time its gonna be better! Ok, so I have Pictures but they are REALLY bad quality so live with it. Black TamaGO is a Kilalatchi Green TamaGO is a Shelltchi Now, here is what they did, sorry for the terrible photos once again. Yeah, I guess that's it. Sometimes i will have photos and sometimes I won't. *Hayden*
  14. Entry 1 Hey fellow Tamatalkers! Thanks for checking out my Tama-Log. I'm Cookie3131, or Chris. This isn't my first log I've posted on here. The previous one I had was last updated about 2-3 years ago, and it was based on the Oldie Project. It flopped, and now that I've started playing with my tama again, I figured I would make a new log to talk about all my tama experiences in general! (Omg, I totally just found out you can automatically type in italics by pressing {Ctrl + I}, I AM AMAZED) Anyway, the tama I am playing with is a clear green V3. The V3 was actually my first Tamagotchi I ever owned, and it is my favourite as well. The Tamapet currently inhabiting my V3 is a teen Patapatatchi, and her name is Buffy (yes, after Buffy the Vampire Slayer). She is now 2 years old (I hatched her on Saturday), and she has 8/9 training points. I'll tell you this now, I am 18 and currently in high school, so I'm sure you can understand that being seen with my tama at school or something could cause huge embarrassment, so I'll be pausing Tama-Buffy and keeping her at home whenever I go to school which will result in a mess-up with her aging, but oh well, I don't really mind. (Which is another reason why my Oldie Project flopped, never being allowed to pause? No me gusta.) I also have a V4, but right now I'm not going to play with it. Maybe someday in the future if I'm bored and don't mind taking care of two Tamapets, but as of right now I'm fine with just my V3. If you guys think I should play with my V4 also and post about it, then feel free to send me a PM. The V4 is fun too and all, but I never much cared for the whole making your tamapet go to school and get a job and such. I like the simplicity of the V3. So anyway, I'm going to try to make this log as entertaining as possible. I'm not going to do the same old "My tama is now 3 years old, he got sick a few hours ago, but I gave him medicine and he's fine now". I mean, I may do things like that, but I'm going to focus more on my general life experience while keeping a Tamapet alive, especially at the age of 18 when it's kind of crucial to hide it from everyone. I'll be taking it basically everywhere except for school. How will people react when they see me with it? Will my friends laugh at me? (Most likely). Will my family roll their eyes? (Most likely). Will I hide in my room away from judging eyes and play mini-games non-stop with my little Tama-Buffy? Yeah, most likely.
  15. This is a thread where you post pictures of your pets! I have one dog, and here it is: We got it 8 months ago and her name is Pixie.
  16. Alright so I wanted to customize my profile. Off to the side, there's a link that is labelled "gallery". I clicked on it and it said something like "no images or albums to display". I was wondering how I could get pictures on there? I'd like to post pictures of my nail art or my drawings there. Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone!! I will be posting stuff about my Tamagotchis (obviously), probably some stuff about school, stuff I do with my friends, and I'll put up pictures whenever I can :3 Here are some of the TamaTown Tama-Go characters I got on Amazon (photos from I can't wait to get them!!! They should come around April 4th, which is next Wednesday if I'm not mistaken. I'm excited to use all of these characters to add different activities and games. Not sure if I'll use any of the skins that come with each of the seperate characters, so I might give them away to those interested. And this is the Tamagotchi iD L that I'm getting (photo from Ebay): So. EXCITED!!! If anyone has tips/tricks/general info I should know about these Tamagotchis, please PM me I haven't had one since the first 3 versions came out, so I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for reading!!
  18. I know how to put pictures in my signature. But the allowed dimensions are so weird! 300x60? What's up with that? I have seen some signatures with way bigger pictures. How can this be?
  19. All you have to do is find the best Tamagotchi picture on the internet. My entry won't post, so search "あんパン刑事" on Google images and look at the one with Mametchi with hearts in his eyes.