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Found 8 results

  1. hey everyone this is my first post here I’d like everyone to know about my new video about the amazing PIXEL CHIX!
  2. What if... Hasbro made a toy similar to Pixel Chix. It would be called Luvbies and featured 17 (16 if you count the Banana twins in one) animal characters: 8 boys and 9 girls. History In 2004, Hasbro released a toy called "Luvbies", which is a doll house with a colorful virtual pet in it. The first four are Cherry (a parrot), Raspberry (a hamster), Blueberry (a dog), and Lemon (a wolf). The screen is 48-bit and has 6 buttons. On 2008, Hasbro discontinued Luvbies after 4 waves and 16 pets. Like Pixel Chix, Luvbies houses connect to other Luvbies houses so the virtual pets would interact to each other. On 2011, Hasbro revived Luvbies and released 4 virtual-pet-in-doll-house sets, but discontinued it in 2013. Toys BLUE = boy PINK = girl Wave 1 (2004) Cherry the parrot (voiced by Karlisa McKinney) - an optimistic, sporty, and cute red (bright red in 2011) parrot who loves sports. Raspberry the hamster (voiced by E.G. Daily) - a rock-loving reddish-purple hamster who loves to play the guitar. Blueberry the dog (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - a smart and nerdy blue dog who loves to read books. Lemon the wolf (voiced by Danny Cooksey) - a fun-loving yellow wolf who loves to jump on his bed. Wave 2 (2005) Birthday the cow (voiced by Candi Milo) - a excited, chatty multicolored (light pink in 2011) cow who loves cake. Carrot the bunny (voiced by Lani Minella) - a sporty orange bunny who loves to cheer. Broccoli the rooster (voiced by Tom Kenny) - a lazy, bored green rooster who loves to relax. Licorice the bear (voiced by Jess Harnell) - a cool dark red turtle who loves to surf. Wave 3 (2006) Strawberry the cat (voiced by Lani Minella in 2006, Jenna Von Oy in 2011) - a tomboyish magenta (pink in 2011) cat who loves to skateboard. Cola the seal (voiced by Candi Milo) - a shy brown seal who loves to swim in the water. Ban and Ana (both voiced by Debi Derryberry) - 2 funny bright yellow monkeys who love to have fun. Wildberry the lizard (voiced by Charles Alder) - a rockin' purple lizard who loves to play the guitar. Wave 4 (2007) Cotton Candy the poodle (voiced by Lauren Tom) - a sassy light blue (pink/light blue in 2011) poodle who loves makeup. Bubblegum the bear (voiced by Lani Minella) - a cheerful pink bear who loves candy. Chocolate the fox (voiced by Tom Kenny) - a rap-loving brown fox who loves to rap to the beat. Lime the squirrel (voiced by Ryan Drummond) - a fun-loving green squirrel who loves to jump on his couch. NOTE: This is a fanmade project.
  3. HELLO GUYS! IM BACK! IM NOT DEAD! The reason why I was away cause: -I don't use Tamatalk too much -I was busy so yeah, for now on, I will use TamaTalk sometimes! Now the question of the day is what is the most bad Pixel Chix you have ever had? -Mata
  4. Hey everyone! So recently, I found a backup of the old Pixel Chix website! It comes with Movie Maker and everything! This awesome person on DeviantART actually downloaded the backup and everything! It's not really everything, though. It's just bits and peices from the website, like the games and stuff. In order to open the .swf files, you need to set it to a website browser - I play the games in Chrome. Here's the link (It's quite big - 400 MB O_O): I hope you likey! There's a read me in there so you can find your way around. There's also audio ripped from the games themselves! It's so cool!
  5. Hello little earthing, I was just wondering if there were any Undertale fans out in TamaTalk, Look, I like Tamagotchi, but the thing I am trying to say is Are there any people who Like Pixel Chix or Undertale... I like both... Both of them are great... The diffrence beetween them is Pixel Chix is old Still like it though. And Undertale is new. Who is your Favorite Undertale Charater? Mines is Sans The Skeleton, Why you may ask? Cause he makes funny puns! Sans: hey kiddo, how are you doing? Gozaruchi is my favorite Tamagotchi, why you may ask? Cause he is a ninja and sort of reminds me of Kakashi from Naruto! Sans: what do you call a dog that has been out in the cold? a pupsicle BADUM TSS!
  6. I honestly love Pixel Chix. They were so cool and I remember my friend had that massive one that had the little garage at the bottom where you put in the the people to unlock them. It sucks that Pixel Chix aren't a thing anymore, especially considering how popular they were. I reckon they would still be able to make a substantial amount of money with a comeback of the product. I remember playing with the car, the mall, the regular one, the babysitting one and the massive house. I never had my own, but it was pretty cool messing around with my friend's.
  7. You better believe this. Well, probably in my years back at the age of 4 or 5, Pixel chix was everywhere in stores. I was getting a whole collection of them. But though the years, when I was getting out of pixel chix, they started to go out of stores, same with the tamagotchi; Until one day, there was none left. I kept all my pixel chix, but started to give them away to the poor people. Little did I know that I still had 2 pixel chix left... NOW THE HAPPY SIDE PEOPLE!!! :D One day, I was cleaning my room when I felt something plastic. I picked it up to find a blue pixel chix house! Never was I so happy! Then, I also found my pixel chix TV! But I lost the remote for it so I couldn't play it. I know I still have that blue house somewhere on my shelf... THANKS FOR LISTENING!!!
  8. Heys! A while (several years O.0) ago, Mattel made these toys called "Pixel Chix'. They had a LCD screen and were basically shaped like houses (depends on theme) and had 3D figures behind the screen.Basically there was this girl and you made her go on shopping trips and whatnot. Mattel stopped making them back in 2009ish. Anyways, does anyone have any used Pixel Chix that are still in good working condition, or know a retailer that might *still* carry them? Amazon and Ebay have them at like $40 when they were originally like $10...