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Found 25 results

  1. i'd say its the character game. but what are your thoughts? do you have any fun memories with your tama?
  2. Who do you think or want to see as the special guest for December?
  3. Wanted to know what versions people are getting. I heard the Magical, specifically the Purple Magical is popular in Japan. So I'm curious of what versions are popular in the west.
  4. Hello! I was wondering what tamagotchi friends design is the most popular. I like the pink hearts the most with the colourful leopard being a close second. Take the poll!
  5. I've become curious about what shell designs the rest of you have ever since a few members paralleled with me in having the transparent blue shell. I actually bought two minis on the release date, the transparent blue design and the blue clock face design. I was quite uncertain which ones to get as I thought buying two clock faces might be too match-matchy, but I wasn't sure if two blue designs would also be too matchy. Well, as I've said, I settled on the two blue designs which really had very little to do with my favourite colour being blue. While I do consider the blue clock face to be the best of the lot, I started up the transparent blue one first. I really like transparent shells as they don't become worn and there is something so cool looking about them. Of course, the minis are such a cute size but the programming isn't the most outstanding, thus they parallel with the V5. So, what are your shells and any thoughts?
  6. You can click more than one, except for the fourth option. If you choose that, you obviously can't choose any others.
  7. I'm sure this has been done before but I'm very curious to see which generations tend to be favorites! Please comment why you picked what you did as well! I tried including everything but comment if I'm missing anything! Thank you
  8. I have no choice but to write this.
  9. Please participate in this poll :3 Basically, for homework purposes, I need to write about the survey results of popularity of Tamagotchi characters. I decided to use the 10 adult-stage characters from the Tamagotchi 4U, because they are also some of the main characters in GO-GO Tamagotchi. But of course you don't have to pay any heed to this being for survey purposes and this topic can just be used for normal voting and discussion about Tamagotchi 4U characters I'm interested in including which characters are popular among certain genders and ages as well, but you don't have to reveal your age and gender if you don't want to. Note that no names will be mentioned in the essay. Feel free to explain why the character is your favorite in a post! But again, this is optional. c:
  10. Just for fun and curiosity, and to celebrate the upcoming release, which color of Tamagotchi 4U would you buy and why? (You can choose multiple answers!) The colors (Image from Tamagotchi Wikia's 4U page): The Tamagotchi 4U discussion/info thread:
  11. I decided to make a poll asking what kind of a collector you are. You may also post in this topic; I'm curious about the Tamagotchi collections of other people - what they collect and why, and whether they play with their collections. Remember you can choose more than one answer in the questions! For example, in the first question, if you collect both Tamagotchis and other pets, you can choose them both. ;D Personally I collect Tamagotchi virtual pets and merchandise; I've actually got more stickers, plushes, manga, and other stuff than Tamagotchis themselves. I'm not into other pets or oddpets or whatever they are called since I'm such a fan of the Tamagotchi anime and characters, which makes the Tamagotchi virtual pets even more enjoyable. When I was 8 - 12 I wasn't caring about packaging. I threw most of it away. I kept some of it but I cut the pictures of the characters out and stuck them on paper. Now I keep all my packaging, but I play with ALL my Tamagotchis and merchandise. Out of my 38 Tamagotchis the only one I haven't played with is the white Tama-Go, which I got second hand. I'm planning on giving it to my brother but if he doesn't want it I will most definitely run it. I usually put my Tamagotchis back in their packaging when I'm not running them, but sometimes I'm too lazy. The reason I collect is a little...personal. I do love them, but perhaps a little too much... Tamagotchi brings me so much happiness I have literally become addicted to it and I need to purchase more stuff without thinking to play with or else I suspect I'll go crazy. I'm nuts. Sometimes I tackle running 10+ Tamagotchis and it's difficult, and takes a lot of my time, but it is very calming for me and makes me more mentally stable in a way. I also play with my babyish Tamagotchi toys like paint-with-water books and talking Yumecantchi plush...I'm obsessed. ._. I better stop ranting now, but yeah, Tamagotchis are a big part of my daily life which is why I can't resist collecting more.
  12. What is your favorite color? 8D Vote in the polllll X3 The only colors I like are blue, orange, and yellow and out of them, I like yellow the most because of Mametchii I dislike purple the most. And also green. And red. And pink but at least pink is better than purple, green, and red. I'm so fussy, lol.
  13. I still can't decide whether to but a v3, a v4 or a v4.5! Which do you think I should get?
  14. So, which do you think I should get? (Poll)
  15. I don't want to insult someone. I took tamagotchis who are most said to be ugly so...just vote and don't be sad if I took your fave.
  16. Time for another debate! I love making polls about characters that are similar in some way. Now, Ringotchi and Ichigotchi are both... red... and make good snacks. But who is better? I used to think Ichigotchi was cuter, but now I prefer Ringotchi because... I dunno, she has hands... and she is in the anime. :3 She's still not a big favorite, but you've got to admit she's a really adorable apple. Let the voting begin!
  17. Who's better? Memetchi or Makiko? For some reason, I prefer Makiko--she's funny because she's always going on about how good her hair is and making Memetchi mad! I like how she is such a self-satisfied's hilarious! She thinks she's the best tama ever, lol.
  18. It seems as if Bandai America won't be releasing any more versions, but if they do, like Tamagotchi in color, would you buy it? Maybe if Bandai sees how many people vote for yes, they will be willing to make more versions for us English-speakers! Please vote and state your opinion.
  19. Here is just a poll about id l / 15th anniv. id l that I am starting to see what everyone thinks.
  20. What do you think of these bands, mindless music that all sounds the same, or rocking cool Kuro-sounding songs ? Which ones do you prefer?
  21. Seriously, what do you think of Memetchi? I know she's the main character, but I hate her because I don't get what's so great about her! Too many people seem to like her, but I think she's a bit ugly in the digital pet. Her mouth is too wide and her popularity's beginning to get on my nerves. Give me Mametchi any day; he's the best! What do you think of Memetchi?