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Found 4 results

  1. Chry

    Pony by Chry

    My pony sona, Chrystal Night. Took me a few hours, but I finished her in the end, and im really proud of the result
  2. Everything started when Rainbow Dash woke up on the floor in the middle of her room. This was the fifth time this had happened. Dash grabbed an empty cider bottle because she thought it would make her feel better. Before Dash could continue, she realized that her beloved map was missing! She decided to visit Pinkie Pie. In Dash's opinion, Pinkie was both attractive and abrasive. When Dash visited Pinkie, Pinkie said that she had been using the map. Dash had no idea why Pinkie would use the map. Before Pinkie could use the map again, she heard Dash playing an electric guitar. Then Pinkie sneezed on the map. Dash looked at the map. "You ruined it!" Pinkie did not say anything. "YOU RUINED MY MAP, PINKIE!" Dash's mind went blank and she could not comprehend it. She fainted. She woke up on the floor in the middle of her room. This was the sixth time this had happened. "How did I get here again?" Pinkie was there, and she said "I brought you here because you fainted, and I will try to fix the map." "No. You sneezed on it, and once that happens it's ruined forever!" "Get a new map," said Pinkie. So Rainbow Dash looked around Ponyville, and found a map of Ponyville. "I have a new map!" she said. Dash was so happy that she fainted. Rainbow Dash woke up on the floor in the middle of her room for the seventh time. Dash grabbed her map that was nearby and it made her very happy. "It can be difficult to know where to begin," said Dash. Pinkie was there again, and she said, "Continual enlightenment can be found elsewhere, but I'm unconvinced about the feeling." "Fine then," said Dash, as she threw the map at the wall. "I'm certain that was a removal attempt." Then Dash noticed the map had gotten a tear in it. "I TORE THE MAP!" she wailed. "I will find more maps!" said Pinkie. So Pinkie went out and returned with maps of different places around Equestria. "YAY!" said Dash who was happy again. This time Dash decided to draw and scribble on the maps. She drew happy faces and other things that made her happy. Dash would be very careful not to tear the maps now. She fell asleep in her bed this time instead of the floor, while grabbing her maps that she scribbled on. THE END
  3. CHAPTER ONE The moon shone like walking donkeys, making Rainbow Dash afraid. She grabbed a wet map that had been strewn nearby and massaged it with her hooves. "Look Rainbow," growled Pinkie Pie, with a noble glare that reminded Rainbow of cold-blooded rabbits, "I hate you and I want sadistic revenge." "This map isn't mine!" said Rainbow. "Why are you talking like that to me?!" replied Pinkie in a different voice. "I'm annoyed!" replied Rainbow. "Now get your skinny ears out of here before I hit you with this wet map." Pinkie Pie looked relaxed, her party cannon raw like a tense, tight toy. Rainbow could actually hear Pinkie's party cannon shatter into thousands of pieces.
  4. The new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic app for Iphone/Ipod Touch/Ipad? The one where you have to rebuild Ponyville after Nightmare Moon puts it into eternal night. If you know of any others, say them here so we can all play!!!! GO MLP:FiM!!!! <3 *LOUD, AUDIBLE GASP!!!*...............coughcoughsuspensioncoughcough.... yay...