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Found 4 results

  1. This is my first time making a poll. I hope it works! I went nuts and collected a few secondhand colour versions at once! When I joined this forum I was gifted a P2. I bought a V3 & 4.5 for my boyfriend and I. I got them second hand at a good price. Then I bought myself a P's because the P2 bored me after a while and I'd never tried the colour ones before. I need a new pair of jeans, and other unnecessary things around the place...but you know when that collector bug bites! (I'm not rich, I'm just spending all my money on rent--food--bills---Tamagotchis!) This makes me happy. I'm the type of person who still uses an old phone and a beat-up tower fancy things...but when it comes to my hobbies that is different. I have no interest in the latest fashions or expensive make-up my friends seem to like. They may think "wow aren't Tamagotchis ollld" but hey, I think their lipstick is overpriced! So I ordered a few colour ones and they finally came in the mail---all at the same time. I also had an Angel Gotch, but the screw are stuck in the back. I'm keen to try them all, but I know that will result in a Tama-Extinction. All I know is that I am keen to connect the P's at least once, but I'm also getting sick of it because of the mini games. With everything happening in my "real' life right now, I wish this was the only "dilemma" I ever had to face. I think that would be a very happy life indeed!
  2. Hi guys, I've had my id L for a while but only recently started looking after it properly. I've got Makiko at the moment and I'm trying to get all the happy stickers, I've gotten all but one and it's the one for using the make-up bag that you're supposed to be able to buy from the TamaDepa, but the bag doesn't seem to be there. I have the Japanese one so I might not be recognising it if the item looks a bit strange but I've bought everything except the microphone and toy car from the TamaDepa and tried using them all to get this sticker but nothing is working. Has anyone else had this problem or knows how to fix it? I'd love to be able to get a full happy bar for Makiko. Wasn't sure if this was a common problem which is why I posted it here instead of in the advanced users questions.
  3. This Christmas a friend made a bet with me that I couldn't raise all the tamagotchi's I currently have here with me. I took her up on this bet and so for the next 2 weeks I will be trying to raise 6 tamagotchi's Let's meet my darlings: This is liz. Shes an intellegent little girl who loves to play mimic. Shes begged me at least 3 times today if we could play. She can't get enough. This is Lacey shes my bubbley little angel. Shes always a talkin' away Next up is Little Rodger. He's got big dreams and easily entertained by going outside for walks My cute little nerd, Drew over here is just too adorable!! He went on his first date today and I swelled with pride. I'll miss my little drew when he leaves. Here we have Mike.Hes a little sweety always wanting to help clean up around the house And finally here is Cathy: Shes my drama queen of the group
  4. O...M... G! I made a gorgeous plush of the newest Tamagotchi character, Himespetchi! I used pipecleaners for her arms and legs so she can MOVE! I made it in one day and I haven't even told my mama about it yet. Here's a pic: When she saw my Mametchi plush, it was love at first sight! ♥ (Um... Mametchi's a little filthy. I'm a bit reluctant to put him in the washing machine for the second time. I can't bare to be away from him for an instant!) Isn't that cute? Now both Himespetchi and I are married to Mametchi. XD Lol, no, this plush is NOT for sale! MWAHAHAHAAAA!