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Found 17 results

  1. So, for years now, my Tamagotchi Connection V4 doesn't really ever turn on.. Once I put in the battery, the egg appears on the screen and it works normally for about 10-15 seconds or so.. it then shows one or two horizontal lines on the screen and it shuts off. If I press the reset button, it will show the egg all over again, but it's a matter of time for the same thing to happen.. I believe it's not a battery problem, because it turns on with the reset button without moving or changing the battery (also, the same battery works on my V4.5 just fine). Lastly, I recently opened it up and cleaned everything inside, even the buttons, but it still won't work. Please, anyone who may know something or having experience on that matter, let me know on what to do! I feel very nostalgic lately, and I really want to bring my "dead" Tamagotchis back to life, starting from this one. Thank you all in advance!
  2. Heya,new to tamagotchi. Found a morino tamagotch in a thrift store But it wasn't working so i replaced the very old batteries with semi old ones. It kinda worked until the batteries ran out Though i noticed that theres something wrong Like,it turns off and on with a light slap So it means egg after egg after egg Then i bought some new ones but while screwing it on to close the screen fades to nothing But when the lid isnt fully closed,it works just fine.though that'd make it hard to put in a bag or my pocket Also works without the lid except everytime the batteries move it turns off then on again.
  3. I try to login and it doesnt work. Neither does making an account.
  4. Hello. I reached 16th generation on tamagotchi friends, checked memory when it way a toddler and every previous adult I had was registered as usual, as Well as friends I connection with. After a while, checking on the same memory list to decide which adult to evolve in this time, I found everything was empty. All of my previous adults removed, and only a baby Named AAAAAAA as friend was left. My jewel collection and foods were not affected and are the same as they used to. Now, I got a rightchi but it hasn't been registrered in memory as Well! Why did this happen and how do I fix it? Thanks.
  5. I have an infrared phone and I already patched it to English and deleted the destinations so I have free space in my P's. But I downloaded games and wallpapers as images on my smartphone and sent it to the phone with bluetooth and they failed to be sent by that phone by infrared. How do I download the wallpapers aND games otherwise? Note that I can't go on the page I downloaded the images from with my smartphone using my new phone because its internet connection doesn't work from the SIM card and it's too old to connect to wifi.
  6. So my Terupotchi was supposed to evolve at 2:30 PM but at 2:00 PM the battery ran out and for 45 minutes I couldn't get to change it and after I changed it in the end, I noticed she hasn't evolved for more than an hour after that. Why is that and what happened? Can anybody explain to me?
  7. Hey guys, so I have two v3s a boy and a girl. I took the battery out of the girl so the boy could catch up and evolve. He did this morning, so I took his battery and put it in the girl Tama, then got my spare battery and tried to put it in the boy but there was no response, I tried both of the batteries on my male v3, none of them work and I am extremely frustrated and worried. What can I do for a Tama to read a battery when it won't? None of the parts seem broken or missing at all. Thanks for any help in advance.
  8. Hi. I currently have 5 tamagotchis on, and I was wondering why my V4 and V1 cannot connect, when my V2, V3, and V4.5 can connect with the V1 and V4. When I connect my V1 to the V4, the V4 screen reads "connect" and after about a second "Fail," but my V1 says the typical things until it times out of the connection and says "Fail." I'd like some help in case anyone else has had this problem (also, it might be helpful to say that my V1 was ordered online, is black, and has a few quirks that I think mean it is foreign; for example "style" instead of "gender," "Proceed" instead of "Connect," grams instead of pounds, and "gene." instead of "GEN")
  9. I have two tamagotchi connections (V 4.5) and they used to connect all the time. I stopped playing with them for about two years and just started again a little while ago but now they won't connect at all. They just say "stand by" for a while then go back to the normal screen. Sometimes it will say FAIL. Is it cause the two different tamagotchis are different ages? If not is there anything I can do to make them connect again or do they just stop working after a while?
  10. ACK!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, well I was getting bored of always having the turntables as my tamagotchis instrument. So I changed it to a guitar. It showed on the main screen that I had the guitar but when I clicked on the status icon and went to music genre, it showed up as the turntables! I know the turntables is he's favourite instrument but why isn't the guitar showing?! Has this happened to your music star??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Do any of you know what is wrong with my tamagotchi ID? I have two of them: Milky Blue & Pink and a Silver & Blue. The Silver Blue one (Hanipatchi) is acting a little bit weird. This is the basic story: After the two connected and got married, they had two baby boys. One envolved into a Mattaritchi and the other one Hanipatchi. So I decided to have a little fun with Hanipatchi and I did something weird... I collected his poop in the living room. So far I have eight (two piles)... Two of them where black, which I guess are sick poops? My Mattaritchi pooped like about every 2 hours but the Hanipatchi didn't... Is something wrong?
  12. I revived my old tamagotchi v3 the other day and today I tried to log in and use tamatown. But every time I tried to use a password, it kept saying "error". My tama is a child, could that be the problem? Or is it outdated? I have had it for many years now, the tamagotchi. I really hope you can help
  13. When I was on my first and second generation, I was able to go to tama marche and buy/sell stuff because tamagotchis would turn up there, but now, on my fourth generation a tamagotchi is NEVER there! This started on my third generation, I thought maybe it was just a problem with the gen I was on, but now on fourth, my tama just goes to the tama marche and looks left and right and starts crying because no one's there. This is only for the tama marche, pets do turn up when it's the times for pets, but on my third generation, when I had already got a pet, no one turned up at tama marche or just the play place thing at donut park. I've tried many times, and I've changed the time trying to get one to turn up... I'd understand if it was just a few times this happens, but there hasn't been anyone at donut park since my 2nd generation. Has this happened to anyone else? -ChocoKuchi
  14. Hello:( Ok, here's my problem,I have a blue V6 and i'm very confused.Every time I put a BRAND NEW battery in my tama,it says it's dead in 5 Minutes! I'm so very confused. This has never happend to one of my tamas before.Help?
  15. Hello everyone. I am new on Tamatalk and this is my first post. First,I have a problem with my V5. It's the first generation and I have an Onputchi,a Furikotchi and a Mumutchi.I have two V5 Tamagotchis and I have the same characters on both. When the both tamagotchis were ready to marry,I pressed the heart,v5 and marry,then when i pressed "sure" after choosing characters the red one made a long beep and the the reset screen appeared.I pressed download and nothing was wrong but I had to wait another three days to marry them. I haven't played with them for a while,but then I began playing with them.The white one was ready to marry,but the red one needed one more day.I was bored so I tried to connect them to play some games and win gotchi points but when I pressed "connect" the red one reseted again!I pressed download but I had to wait (again) another 3 days. Now everytime I try to connect them the red one resets.Now I am afraid to connect them again. What should I do?I really want to marry them togheter and raise the children at the same time. Please help!
  16. i have 2 tamatown tamales and the boy won't sleep and the girl will only sleep she will eat if i wake her up but thats it if i try to connect it makes a beep noise when you can't choose that option she won't go to the park, play games or shop, she'll usually sleep a lot but i can still do things if i can wake her but not anymore and when both the boy and the girl the background will be blank i didn't use cheats/glitches and their times are right so i need help
  17. okay I know this has been brought up before but I never found out the answer I have a v6 when it has a child it leaves it with no money why does it do this and can I stop it? (1st post by the way)