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Found 7 results

  1. Today, after being prompted by the success of restoring my V4's sound with duct tape, I decided to clean off the button contacts of my V3 which had becoming more and more unresponsive. To make a long story short, I cleaned of the contacts and the buttons themselves, let them dry, and screwed the whole thing back together, and was greeted by a third of the screen missing. I screamed. Although, my screams are more of a sudden, perhaps a single pitch upward, "no!". In the next few moments I panickedly worked on my V3, fixed it, and breathed a sigh of relief. It was completely reset but that was a small price to pay for a still working Tamagotchi. I was so relieved that I barely noticed how responsive the buttons were, the real reason I had decided to mess with it in the first place. What fixed my V3's screen problems was simply turning the screws on the back of the circuit board the farthest they would go. As I encountered the same screen problems when I took apart my Angelgotchi - a story I may just one day recount - I've concluded this a general Tamagotchi reassembly principal. Thus, if any screen problems - be it faded pixels, blank screen sections, or a blinking low battery symbol - appear after taking apart a Tamagotchi, make sure that the screws on the circuit board are tightened the farthest they will go. And as a little extra advice, make sure the reset button is in place and the screen is clean before finally screwing a Tamagotchi back together. :^)
  2. After I english patched my tamagotchi 4U with the 4U app the sound no longer works. I went to settings and turned it off and back on and have reset it as well. When I reset it it worked for a little while then went back off again. It could just be a side effect of the english patching and I am aware that I accepted the consequences when I did the patch knowing it could potentially cause a problem. However, I am just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or knows a way to fix it. Thanks!
  3. My tamagotchi (4u) kuromametchi is 3 years old and I dont understand why sometimes I give him food (rice) he acts extrange, he looks like he doesn't like it but he eat it anyways. It happens too when I buy him some snacks at the restaurant! Help please!
  4. My angelgotchi's button b and c are a bit broken. They don't respond if I don't force them to be pressed. I have to get a pen to make them activate. Is there any way I can fix it? I hope there isssss.
  5. Today, I went to connect my friend's tama-go with my own, and my tama-go gave the "negative" sound (meaning no). I found this was weird because I could connect them a few days ago, and now I can't. I tried to change the batteries, but it didn't help. I also tried giving it a time-out, feeding it a snack, and giving it a meal. Please give suggestions on what I should do! I am very confused about it. (An hypothesis I thought up was maybe it was a glitch and will never be fixed, and I hope this isn't the case!)
  6. Yes, I know this has already been asked and answered in another question, but the answer didn't work! My shop doesn't re-stock, even after trying the 10:59 cheat. It has been quite a while since it was re-stocked (with it mostly on pause, playing once a day, every day). How can I re-stock it, without using that 10:59 time change? (I also don't want to keep it un-paused, because I like it the way it is, being a teen and all.) I really hope that isn't the only way to re-stock the shop!) Please help!
  7. Please post here if you experience any problems with the update to TamaTalk. Please be as descriptive as you can. Also, please include which web browser and browser version you are using. If you can take a screen shot that would also be great!