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Found 21 results

  1. I thought that every evolution phase after the baby phase was 24 hours for tamagotchi on, however, unless I’m remembering the time it evolved into the child stage incorrectly, that doesn’t seem to be happening. I’d appreciate any info about this.
  2. I’m new, so I just don’t know how if you can. I want to post pictures of my family tree from tamagotchi on.
  3. Hey welcome to my blog fellow Llamas!! I have a Tamagotchi On, Wonder Garden edition, and I am currently on generation 10! I have every location but sports plaza. I have the Llama fluff gene for 8 generation (lucky meeee!) and I currently have twin girls. I have questions about the tamagotchi app that can connect with your tamagotchi. Is it true you can marry people there and then they will come back to you tamagotchi as a new character? I'm confused. Do they have sanrio characters in the app on events? Can I connect to the japenese version on my english tamagotchi.
  4. My tamagotchi on will not grow up it remained a child this morning and it was supposed to evolve like usual but it now will not evolve. ❓
  5. I was wondering if they could connect because i found one for a low price and i wanted to see if itd work with my english tamagotchi v4.5 since my v6 cant connect to it. if it cant is it still worth the buy if you want a v4 tamagotchi? i did hear the entama had some differences from the english v4 so i was wondering if that alone would be worth it. its also in good quality (atleast for me) for its lower price
  6. Hey guys! I'm getting a Tamagotchi Dreamtown soon! Do you guys have any tips or anything? I'm worried that when I wake up, it's going to die! 😂😂 Wake/Sleep times would be appreciated. Also, how do you sneak it into school? Pencil Pouch? Wouldn't it awkward if it starts beeping in the middle of class? LOL! Helpful information is needed! Thanks to whoever helps! ☺️💕
  7. Will the screen go bad if I use this LCD tweak for a longer time? And how to prevent anything bad that might happen to my P's if I use the red color on my LCD?
  8. Hello! I'm new on this forum! I'm planning to buy a new tamagotchi and at first it was like " I will buy the latest one of course." but then I discovered that the 4u+ rather than having more than the previous versions is completely diffrent and the diffrences got me confused. I searched for old threads but the "4u opinion" where merely right after the release and now it's been some time. I have a whole list of questions so I think it's best to make an actual list to make it easier: What's your opinion on both 4U and P's? Which one do you prefer and why? (I hope for as many opinions possible ) Will I have an access to any downloadable content if I don't have a Nexus or Galaxy phone? Are the 4U touchspots located only in one city in Japan? (Tokyo maybe?) Can I get the downloads from touchspots on the internet or through the app? Is P's offering more than 4U? What can 4U offer that P's doesn't have? P's offers more locations than 4U is that right? Which one offers more in-built stuff (accessories and food): 4U or P's? Are there more downloads for P's or 4U? I LOVE some of the custom faceplates you can make for 4U. Can you custom P's other than the pierces? Which one looks better to you, P's or 4U? And the last one similar to first: Which do you think I should buy knowing my limits (no nexus or galaxy and I dont live in Japan haha) OR if I should wait for the newest release? There have been rumors about a new release in 2016, do you think I should wait? Those are hard questions and I'm sorry I couldn't find more answers myself. But most importantly I would love all of you to tell me your very own opinion which one you think is better! Thank you for any reploes!
  9. How do you get married? Im pretty sure both my tamagotchi friends are both adults... but im not completely sure.
  10. The title says it all. I'm currently reading Ranger Rick, Muse, Cricket, National Geographic Kids, Highlights, and some of Good Housekeeping. My mom buys me like 4 different other mags but I don't even read yet she still insists on subscribing because they're educational.
  11. So, um, I'm not sure if a topic has been done like this (if there it's certainly locked). Anyhow, what's the biggest secret you can spill to someone? You don't have to give the darkest, most hidden secret, just the one that can be told to someone. Here's mine: I play one of those social avatar games, you know, where there's this place and you have a customizable avatar and you walk around and play games and you chat with othe players. So, anyway, when I first started, I named my avatar a name opposite to my gender . I didn't think it mattered if you chose a boy or girl, and my mom said that I was safer from crazy sexual ppl (you know what I mean). I made lots of friends, and some were, you know :wub: I didn't really "like" them because they were the same gender as me, but one actually fell in love :o . So finally, that person who loved me had some wild friends, and he/she was wild as well. I couldn't take it anymore so I spilled my secret . He/she cried but got over it, and I told my others friends as well. Ever since then, I dress my avatar according to my gender. But now I bet most of my friends think I'm gay . Before (when my friends thought I was the opposite of my true gender), I never really socialized with lots of ppl so I kinda acted crazy and super-silly without knowing it. Now I act pretty mature. But even though they wouldn't admit it, I probably annoyed most of them. So now I try to avoid most of my friends because I can't shake that past. I'd tell them I didn't mean to annoy them and that I'm not gay, but they're server moderates all the words that go through chat and won't even allow numbers to show (plus half the time when I'm talking to my friends they have to say "did it show?"). Wow I can't believe I said all that (I hope I won't regret it).
  12. 1. How much memory is inside of a P's overall? 2. How do I check how many more things I can download? 3. Why is there a limit of 2 downloadable locations but no limit to meals or snacks?
  13. Note: Ok, just so you guys know, this is a follow up on my last topic "Should I get an ID L or a P's?": (This is the link ) Ok guys, my ID L is shipping, and it'll be here in a month or less. So I thought I would prepare by asking this question: Are there any things I need to know before it comes? Like any extra details, codes, links, etc? Also, it'll be nice for someone to give me the growth charts.... -MametchiWarrior
  14. Could someone give me a complete list of every single Music Star design?
  15. Hi! I don't technically have a pierce yet (it's on its way here), but I have some questions: One, how long is it safe to keep a pierce linked to your P's? Two, how do you link/delink a pierce? Answers to either will be appreciated thanks!!
  16. Ok, so I know that you can get happy mail and letters in the mail, on the ID L. But... -What is it for? -Where do you get the mail? -I kinda get how you have to give the happy mail to 3 or more people, but, how does that work? -So you can only get mail by downloading it onto the ID L? Sorry I have so many questions!
  17. Out of all the Tamagotchi's, which would you recommend I choose? I like lots of features, places to go, decorating, putting on clothes and hats, etc. Lots of features.That being said, I've heard about the iD-L, apparently it's the latest Tamagotchi, and it seems like this is the one I should get. But I do have some questions. Are there lots of things to do? Does it have weather such as rain, snow, thunder, storm clouds,? Will new downloads keep coming? (I've heard there is over 1,000 downloads from, does anyone know if these new items have stopped or will more be released? Thank you.
  18. Hello, I've looked around and TaoBao seems to have really cheap prices for v4's and v4.5's. The one I've been looking at is and this is roughly $6.22 CAD. Now that's cheap but, I can't seem to find how much shipping will cost. Could anyone tell me how much the shipping would be? and perhaps if TaoBao is reliable? I was also wondering if anyone has ever bought from this seller before because look at all the Tama's they sell!
  19. All you have to do is make up any question you like, write four options to choose from, but replace the correct answer with the word cucumber! The next person has to guess what the right answer really is and then make up their own question. For example... Person 1: What color is the dress I'm wearing? A. Green B. Yellow C. Pink D. Cucumber! Person 2: Blue? How many hot dogs did I eat today? A. One B. Cucumber! C. 50 D. four Try it! I'll start: What male Tamagotchi do I have on my Tama-Go? A. Mametchi B. Kuchipatchi C. Cucumber! D. Kikitchi
  20. I've read some of Binary's review blog, and I noticed that at some point a new wallpaper pops up, followed by two new ones. The two new ones that appeared later did so when his tama was 5 years old. Mine's 7 years old, and only the first one has shown up so far... and I had to make room for it. When my tama became an adult, I purchased the 4th of the original wallpapers, which was replaced with the first of the new ones, which I then saved up for... but which was then replaced by the original 4th wallpaper. Due to the pricing of the two that still haven't shown up (according to Binary's blog), and the fact I can't get on tamatown to earn more gotchi points than games on my tamagotchi will allow, I'm really leery to purchase more of the original wallpapers to make the new ones show up. Is there any other way to make them show up? My tama's already married, and will have an egg tomorrow, according to Binary's timeline (I'm using his blog to figure a lot of this stuff out). What other factors may affect whether or not I unlock those new wallpapers? I was also wondering how many different faceplates there are, and if anyone has links to any large pictures of them for study. I like to study my options until either I find one I absolutely must have or I choose the one I like best of all of the ones I've got to choose from. My tama, 1st gen, is a Chamametchi. I'll also post any future questions I have as responses to this topic.
  21. if you ask questions someone will answer them.. maybe me... or other users. this is for those with questions. and those who want to answer