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Found 7 results

  1. This is a very long Minecraft story I wrote. If you don't play/know about Minecraft, prepare to be confused. Also, for those who know nothing about Minecraft, the character Delphine is actually terrible at it so don't take anything in the first few paragraphs seriously because it's meant to be funny, not accurate. Everything that happens is realistic and could happen in the game though. Also, this story contains some co-ordinates. I'm terrible at co-ordinates. I made up some random numbers and I don't really care if it's impossible for those co-ordinates to exist. Anyway, here is the actual story! I like spoilers.
  2. This is another really bad random poem that I will regret posting 2 minutes after posting it. Yay. However this poem is not sad because I'm fed up of sad poems. When you're alone, no-one can break you When you're alone, no-one can take you When you're alone, no-one can make you Do things you don't want to do. When you're alone, nobody holds you down When you're alone, you belong to you and no-one else When you're alone, you can look after yourself I like to be alone because I can be myself.
  3. My method is making useless topics like this one. What about you? I would say more but my battery is on 5% and there are no chargers in the school library.
  4. What's your favourite Tamagotchi character couple(s)? Mine are Himespetchi x Mametchi (both cute characters I like) and Doyatchi x Coffretchi (both make-up-obsessed weird things that should leave the anime and might as well do it together). What about you?
  5. This is the log of random randomness! And I'm actually going to update it. Hopefully. I wanted to do the log on PowerPoint, keep it for a few days to make sure I could actually do it then paste everything into a TT log, but I found that the formatting came out all wrong here and it took ages to correct. I didn't want to do that with a whole lot of entries, so decided to just start the log here. With that over with, the first Tamas I'm logging will be the three in my V5 Familitchi family. It has the very (un)creative name the Tama family. In the Tama family are Meredith, a female Omututchi, Tamary, a male Mimifuwatchi and February, a female Futabatchi. All of their names can be used for either gender so I needed to point out whether they're male or female. My logs are boring without photos or random conversations or both, and since I can't get a photo right now, here's a random conversation: Meredith: Hola, mi nombre es Meredith. Tamary: Meredith, will you stop speaking Spanish! Meredith: No. Tamary: Finally! You said something in English! Meredith: It was supposed to have a Spanish accent! “No” in Spanish is “no”! Notice the difference? Tamary: No, I don’t actually. But at least you spoke some English for once. February: Will you just stop arguing! And Meredith, nobody can understand your Spanish, so just speak English. Meredith: Usted debe saber españolas. Tamary: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! February: You are really annoying, Meredith. Meredith: Just go on Google Translate and you’ll know what I’m saying. Tamary: I really don’t understand how you were born knowing Spanish. Meredith: I really don’t understand how you were born knowing English. February: The rest of us don’t know anything but English. You do, and it’s really strange. Meredith: No, it’s not. February: Yes, it is. Meredith: No, it’s – Tamary: WHERE IS THIS ARGUMENT GETTING US? Dazz told us to have a random conversation, and all we can do is quarrel about Meredith knowing Spanish! February: You’re right, Tamary. Meredith: Don’t you know that all – I mean all – of Dazz’s “random conversations” end up as arguments? Tamary: How exactly do you know THAT? You read all her other logs? Meredith: I did, actually. Tamary: You’re not even a toddler yet and you’ve read thousands of words of nonsense. Meredith: You should too! The Familitchi conversations are always best. They’re really funny. February: We’ve been talking for ages now. Whoever’s reading must be really bored. Meredith: ¡Hasta mañana, amigos! Tamary: WILL YOU JUST STOP WITH THE SPANISH? It seems that while I was fixing that conversation from when it was on PowerPoint, the Tama family became toddlers! Meredith is Belltchi, Tamary is Mousetchi and February is Tororotchi. And they all have empty hearts except 1 hungry. ~ Dazz, Meredith, Tamary and February ~
  6. Ok...... So I was randomly thinking, are there any good Tamagotchi couples out there? I thought of a few. If you have any please let me know! I would love to hear some ;P
  7. Well hello there everyone This is my Brand new, exciting, Daily(?) Log, I will mainly focus around my V6 music star though I may add in some more when I buy new batteries . Now I know what you are thinks: "Oh Hurr durr, Who needs another log? There are millions out there" Well Mister... I don't know why I am starting this up , I was bored and I thought it would be fun . *!Warning!* I will probably not have too many pictures, unless I get a better camera Every Tamagotchi I will be running through the duration of this log will have its own colour. Okay Lets get started! The time is:20:55 The day is:1st of June And my Username is:Ross Now for it to hatch, we play the waiting game... oh how I despise you... *Several Seconds of being Bored later* Oh thank god! You hatched! The wait is always sooooo long! So he is a boy... now what shall I call him? Should I do an alphabetical run? or...? Maybe a backwards alphabetical run? yes that should be fun So the name of our very first generation shall be... Zach (with a 'H' at the end!) Zach and all his children... and his children's children shall speak in RED! Zach: Rwed...? Oh god.. Baby talk... great Zach: Bwaby tawk? Anyway... I will play some games with him, then he will probably fall asleep considering it is almost 9pm Starting stats: Name: Zach 0 years old 5lb Gender: Boy Hunger : 4/4 Happy: 4/4 Stress: 00 Tone: 0 Rhythm: 0 Original: 0 Type of music: Classical Generation: 1 Instrument: BoomBox Toy: U.F.O Well... This should be fun.. hehe... ~Ross & Zach