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Found 10 results

  1. I saw this topic and wanted to chip in but it was locked :c so I remade it. Feel free to write whatever habits you have with your Tamas. I have a habit of playing with the P's pierces by taking them out and putting them back in continuously. Also I take my yellow P's everywhere in my left pocket of my black jacket. I'm always afraid it'd fall out if I started to run (for example if the green light is blinking and I have to run to make it on time so as not to get a notice from Police) but I keep carrying it like this. I also zip up my jacket pocket with my tama inside whenever I'm on a bridge to make sure I don't yank it out of my pocket and into the river accidentally by the lanyard. I have a habit of keeping my Tamas on lanyards, although I hardly ever wear them around my neck. It's just something about the feeling when you see a lanyard sticking out of your pocket and you know your Tama is inside your pocket, safe from falling on the ground. Although I recently am running only my yellow P's, I made sure it has a crochet cover with a front flap and I'm obsessed with keeping the red part clean, although I colored the closing Velcros with permanenent markers so that they don't catch my eye anymore (too much) (white Velcros on red and black- eye-catching!) and THE BLACK MARKER GOT AROUND THE RED VELCRO AND IT LOOKS DIRTY :C I might have OCD here but I hate getting my crochet cases discolored unless I want them discolored. I like having various keychains on the lanyard of my P's. I have a snowflake charm, a pink heart charm, a keychain with a picture of my bae and a scoubidou that is completely black and made with my special technique that nobody knows about. Any habits you guys have?
  2. What do you have on your copy-and-paste? This is just a game where you have to press CTRL+V and post what you have X3 (If CTRL+V doesn't work, just right click and paste) I'll start -- I want to touch his cute little face and hold his gentle little hand and tickle his soft little belly and kiss his sweet little mouth <3 -- ...ಠ_ಠ Anyway, your turn! Remember to comply with TamaTalk rules! If the content on your clipboard happens to be inappropriate, don't post it!
  3. Hi everyone! Welcome to the remake of Instrument Daycare! We're back in business! Just adopt an egg, each one having a musical instrument surprise inside. I'm just trying to be friendly, but here are the rules: 1. No 2 users have the same instrument friends. 2. No duplicates. 3. Be nice to others. 4. Follow all TamaTalk rules! Here are the 7 eggs: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Pink And here are the instrument friends: Mr. Abrukwa Miss Accordion Mr. Bagpipes Banjo (evolves into Mr. Banjo) The Castanets Mr. Cello Chimes (evolves into Miss Chimes) Clarinet Mr. Didgeridoo Drum Mr. Electric Guitar Flute (evolves into Miss Flute) Miss French Horn Mr. Guitar Harmonica Miss Harp Mandolin Maraca Mr. Oboe Organ Mr. Piano Pipe Organ Miss Recorder Saxophone Tambourine Miss Triangle Mr. Trombone Miss Trumpet Mr. Tuba Violin (evolves into Miss Violin) Xylophone (evolves into Mr. Xylophone) You know the drill. Play some upbeat music for your egg if it gets "hungry", turn on the heat lamp if it gets cold, talk or sing to it if it gets lonely, and play it a lullaby or soothing classical music to make it fall asleep if it's tired. Oh! And don't forget to check its heartbeat every so often. Keep taking care of it until it hatches. I'll tell you more about it after it hatches.
  4. I was just thinking that new color tamagotchis are cool and have a lot of stuff to do... but I miss old characters like Ginjirotchi or Nyorotchi and I'd like to see them in brand new colors, better sprites and more things to do than in their old tamagotchis! So basically I was thinking I'd really like a color-remake of the P1/2 and the Connection series, instead of having new (and "same-human-shaped") characters for every new edition!! Would you like it as well? ----> Miss them so much!! XD And I will never see them in color in a game except for the DS Games, that are cute but have nothing to do with raising a Tamagotchi!
  5. What operating system are you using? just for fun Linux Mint 16 Xfce Edit: turned this into a poll
  6. So, we were working on making a TamaTown Tama-Go favorite foods chart pretty near a year ago, and I guess we kind of forgot about it. However, I think it's still a good idea to get this thread up and running again and work on making a chart. Here is the old thread. This was the verdict we reached: (And please note that the Tama-Go has no food dislikes.) Does anyone here know how to make pixels of Tamagotchi stuff? That would really help in making our chart. We'd probably want pixels of the characters and foods. If pictures are necessary to make into pixels, I can take some pictures, too. Any ideas for programs to use, more reconfirmations of or corrections to the current list, please post them here. Thanks, everyone!
  7. Alright, a remake of the topic that I really enjoyed. Basically, caption the avvie above yours. Say Teri posted Teri: *whatever she used for the avvie above her* Me: Shwabambambam! (bc its poland) yeah you get the drift i thinkkkk? ok person below me starts uwu
  8. This is a remake of The Ultimate Doomer's game, In the box. It goes like this; Me: In the box is a hat You: In the box is a hat and some shampoo Some homeless dude: In the box is a hat, some shampoo and a dog. So you keep on listing 'In the box is ___' but you need to say the previous stuff ok thanks im not good at explaining things! D: In the box is Tumblr.
  9. So, everyone, random facts about you all? Don't list them all at once, one per post, that way the topic will be more alive, I'm not surreee I NEED TO START 1.I like Rugby (wow who knew? I didn't, it's a complete shocker!)
  10. remake yes good How many people here are simmers? What game ver. do you have? (Sims 1, 2 or 3?) Any stuff or expansion packs? Do you use hacks and/or mods? What about cheats? Any skills, traits, hobbies, relationships or anything else you'd like to share about your sim? Maybe you could post some pictures or videos~ I have just installed Sims 3: Supernatural and I have 3 current families. One human family - -Two couples- Roderich Edelstein (recently revived from ghost form via Ambrosia) - Elizaveta Edelstein Bella F. Carriedo - Antonio F. Carriedo Children -Patricia F. Carriedo - I hope Jack Keating will date her soon! Annabelle, Kan and Matt F. Carriedo (Triplets, only teenagers) SUPERNATURAL Unfortunately, I forgot the names of my first family so.. Molly Strawf [FAIRY] Madison Strawf [WEREWOLF] Forgot the name of the witchh I can proudly state that I am a user of hacks/mods, though I mainly download clothing items and I don't often use hacking mods, the only one I really use is NRAAS Master Controller. I use cheats often though. Molly Strawf: