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Found 9 results

  1. A few weeks ago, I had some free time to sit down and watch a movie, and having added a UK retail copy of Tamagotchi: The Movie (something that can easily be gotten for peanuts on eBay) to my virtual pets collection a short while before, I opted to watch that. I've been wanting to write up my thoughts on it since then, so here they are. Going in, I didn't know what to expect from it - I wasn't sure if it'd turn out to be too saccharine and schmaltzy for my liking or not (thankfully it wasn't, but I suspect that, had it been a Western production of that era, then it might've been at risk of that), or if the quality of the dubbing would make viewing unpleasant, or even if the story would be any good. However, I was pleasantly surprised by it as a whole. The plot is nicely executed, but at its core it's nothing that we haven't seen before in a Saturday-morning cartoon: On Tamagotchi Planet, Mametchi will soon be a big brother, and on Earth a girl called Tanpopo will soon be a big sister, and both feel uncertain about this responsibility. Then, a Kuchipatchi-driven accident causes a new invention of Mametchi's to transport the human girl to the alien world, and she and the new friends that she meets there have to undergo a few trials, figure out a few problems, and learn a few relevant life-lessons while they all patiently wait for older members of the Mametchi family to create a new invention that can set things right and restore everything to how it was the moment before things went wrong. If this sounds like a cop-out, that's because it is. Still, it has plenty of fun and weird flourishes that make it feel like a proper part of the Tamagotchi franchise, and though, as I said, the core plot is basic, it takes a lot of unexpected and sometimes bizarre twists and turns along the way, so it's not completely predictable. The movie is quite fast-paced, but thankfully it never feels like things are moving too fast or that they're being glossed over. Tanpopo ends up staying on Tamagotchi Planet for a while, so quite a bit of time passes due to this pacing, with montages filling in the events of longer time-skips. Since there are so many nods to the virtual pets, I suspect that the intent is that this is the "one Tamagotchi year equals one Earth day" gameplay-mechanic, but implemented as part of the plot. Other neat nods include a brief sequence where Mametchi's little sister, Chamametchi, is fed from a bottle and the contents disappear in three gulps/"blocks", just like feeding the virtual pets, appearances from many familiar characters (particularly from the Connection era and onwards, since this film is from the 2000s and was therefore intended to promote these), and a staggering amount of cameos for characters who don't get speaking roles (if you have a favourite Tamagotchi character that isn't tied to an outside license, it's very likely that they appear here). The movie also subtly and smoothly transitions from the initial Tamagotchi lore, where the real-world toys were supposed to house a tiny alien who couldn't survive in Earth's atmosphere, into the Connection-and-onwards approach where the devices are apparently supposed to be communicating with a creature and locations on Tamagotchi Planet instead, as implied by Tanpopo's Tamagotchi Connection toy ceasing to operate while she's on Tamagotchi Planet. The dubbing is perfectly fine, and is similar to what you'd expect from most popular dubbed Japanese television-animation from the late-1990s and early-2000s. It felt along the lines of the Digimon animated series' dub to me, with similar casting for and intonation from the character archetypes that both productions share, and a number of moments that suggest that the translation is pretty straight. It's perfectly acceptable and there's nothing intolerable here, although it's worth noting that Kuchipatchi is occasionally tricky to understand due to the speed at which he speaks and the preservation of a verbal tic that you wouldn't normally expect to make it into an English dub (things like this usually just stay in the Japanese versions, since they're based on sentence-ending suffixes that don't exist in English). I don't know what the Japanese audio sounds like, since I didn't check to see if it's available on the UK DVD - I'd guess that it's about what you'd expect from a production like this, too, though. There are a few moments where it feels like the resolution to an issue is a bit of a cop-out, including the means of reaching the end-goal of the adventure by way of someone setting out to invent a magical set-it-right button, but because the movie is such good fun this doesn't really detract from it very much. Before too long there'll be an unexpected crazy moment, a fun visual-gag, or a new plot-twist and you'll quickly forget about it. Also, there are some script and editing issues that I think bear mentioning: The introductory theme-song is a little bit long and repetitive which makes the accompanying montage drag on a little bit (though it's played again over the credits/epilogue, where it fits much better), there are a couple of scenes where dialogue is deliberately repeated a few times, and there's one incredibly long scene towards the end of the film where the EXACT SAME VERY SHORT LINE gets repeated over and over and over and over and over and over without pause for what feels like a solid five or so minutes, and this gets aggravating to the point of almost dragging the entire movie down. I'm legitimately not sure why this wasn't trimmed down a bit or given more varied dialogue, because even though the scene in question is meant to be tense and a bit drawn-out for drama's sake, the monotony simply makes the repeatedly repeated repetitive words lose all meaning, instead. I'm the last person who would normally call for cuts, but sometimes, scenes like this are a good reason to do a little bit of snipping - after all, good editing would still preserve the impression of a particular amount of time passing. Thankfully, though, the rest of the movie being fun just about manages to save this moment and make it bearable. Also thankfully, the ending is nice and it makes this slog of a scene worth sitting through so that you can get there. The less-patient will be forgiven for turning the movie off here, or for fast-forwarding through this scene. All in all, I think that Tamagotchi: The Movie is a fun film and if you're a hardcore Tamagotchi fan at all - which, if you're on this site, you probably are - then you really ought to have it in your collection, even if just for the sheer novelty of owning an animated feature film based on a keychain virtual pet toy, since it's something that you don't see every day. The animation and presentation are nice, and the ending and epilogue are woven around the credits, so that you're not just stuck watching a bunch of lifeless text after it's all over, which I thought was a nice touch. There's also a brief post-credits scene to cap it all off, and that's nice, too. Still, even though it got a theatrical release in Japan, I would suggest not approaching it with that in mind - though it's fun and nicely-made, it's not a spectacular production that can compete with other animated movies released in this way. It's better viewed through the lens of Saturday-morning cartoons and straight-to-DVD productions (which may very well be exactly why the PAL-regions retail release went the straight-to-DVD route), and by this standard it's a solid movie and a good time - it's fun, and there's a lot to see. Those of a certain age will probably remember a few movies and TV-specials that were based on 1980s toy-lines (for me, the ones that immediately spring to mind were based on the Care Bears, Pound Puppies, Teddy Ruxpin, My Little Pony, and Rainbow Brite). For the subset of TamaTalkers who get where I'm coming from with this, Tamagotchi: The Movie is that sort of solid-and-fun film - it exists partly to advertise a toy-line, but it has nice values/morals and creativity in spite of obviously not being a super-high-budget production, and it's making a genuine effort to tell a story from a popular fictional universe. It's a pleasant, non-violent, family-friendly animated movie that's well worth spending part of a slow afternoon with.
  2. This is my first review! I'm gonna try to cover as much as I can + post some pictures of mine. So! Lets get started. I recently bought the pink My Meeba. It was used, and thus didn't come with the plush inside, but I'm happy with it the way it is. Hardware: My Meebas take two (2) AAA batteries. It has a sliding screen, three (3) buttons for maneuvering your meeba, as well as a reset button is located on the left of the main screen. Finally, there is another button to open the lid of the cylinder part of the toy. To start up the device, you have to take it out of "demo mode". To do this, push any button, then set the screen all the way at the bottom for two seconds, then finally set the screen at at the very top. A small animation will play and then you're ready to start it up! Basics: You start off with a little baby blob. they look akin to a tiny raindrop. From here, you have a few things to do. There are no feeding or cleaning options for this toy, which is great if you want something low maintenance or something to pass time. They grow and evolve like a tama, but dont need all the attention of a tama. The right side of the screen has a few "portals" with cute little animations you can play with, while the left side has different games for you to play! The very top of the screen has a small heart, thats where you can see how many hearts your meeba has. To swim to the "portals" you move the screen up or down, then use the little arrow keys to swim to them until you hear a little "ping" Evolving your meeba: Meebas can evolve seven (7) separate times by gaining hearts. They gain hearts by playing games! Once your meeba has at least three (3) hearts, you can choose to evolve it or keep gaining hearts until it has five (5) in total. There are two set games, plus another that changes when your meeba evolves. The games are pretty easy. The game that you can play in the top portal is a card matching game, match all the cards without too many mistakes and your little Meeba friend will be happy! The second portal is a bowling game. An arrow goes from left to right indicating where your bowling ball will land. Hit the center button to choose where you want your ball to go. The third portal changes with each evolution it looks like. I'll update this one as I see my buddy grow. 1st evolution game: Cup game. Meeba will hide under a flower and get switched around 3 times, you get to keep track of your friend and find him by using the arrows and hitting the enter button on the flower you think they're in. 2nd evolution game: Eat the flowers! Your meeba swims through the screen and its your job to help them eat some tasty treats. Hit the enter button to help them eat as many flowers as they can! Pros and cons: Pros: - Very cute animations and characters! - Super cute concept - Easy to pick up and play with - Innovative design - Low maintenance Cons: - The sounds can get annoying pretty quick and there's no mute button - The set games can get tedious after a while, the third game is a life saver - It feels a bit bulky since you can't take the screen off the tube - No time or nurturing settings, depends on games alone Overall: SUPER CUTE! I'd recommend it, but I'm pretty partial to low maintenance "v-pets" More detail + pictures to come ~ Miau
  3. Hello and welcome to my log for unboxing and reviewing tamagotchis (and perhaps other things if I can get my hands on stuff) But I hope you find this to be very fun and educational! Note: These are my own thoughts so please don't feel offended if my opinions differ from yours. I'll see you guys tomorrow!
  4. Part 1: The Viewer Itself The viewer is a colorful (or not-so-colorful, depending on if you buy it multi-colored or black) unit and has lenses that ensure your VR experience is complete. It is a very powerful rig that allows to do anything from explore the human brain to seeing what should be Inori Aizawa's best friend for gaming, Unity-chan perform live. Rating: ★★★★★ Part 2: The Setup After getting your package open and getting all the parts out (don't forget the lenses and head strap like I did!), constructing it using the guidelines, ensuring it's on right, downloading the Cardboard app on your Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, or iPhone 6, and scanning the QR code below using the built-in QR code scanner, you're ready to play the base apps. I'd recommend the 360 degree YouTube channel. Then you can download what you want! Rating: ★★★☆☆ Part 3: The Experience Seeing stuff through lenses is fum, and VR is fun. Albeit the fact that the NFC prevents me from doing anything, the experience is fun. Rating: ★★★★☆ Part 4: Overall Overall, I'd rate it 8.5/10 for its entertainment factor and the ability to amaze yourself with it - whether it be by color or by the VR experience.
  5. r package open and getting all the parts out (don't forget the lenses and head strap like I did!), constructing it using the guidelines, ensuring it's on right, downloading the Cardboard app on your Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, or iPhone 6, and scanning the QR code below using the built-in QR code scanner, you're ready to play the base apps. I'd recommend the 360 degree YouTube channel. Then you can download what you want! Rating: ★★★☆☆ Part 3: The Experience Seeing stuff through lenses is fum, and VR is fun. Albeit the fact that the NFC prevents me from doing anything, the experience is fun. Rating: ★★★★☆ Part 4: Overall Overall, I'd rate it 8.5/10 for its entertainment factor.
  6. Could you tell me what you think of this thing I wrote? It involves my OC Tyler and I had just made it up on the spot, but I ended up really liking it.
  7. Hi guys! So I just restarted my v4.5 recently, in time for my log, and I decided, why not review it and help people out there who are considering about getting a v4.5? My v4.5 has the red snakeskin shell, a yellow star antenna, and a Tamagotchi Gotchi Gear Deco Ratchi cover for it (the cover is kind of like the soft iPod cases, ughh sorry I suck at describing stuff! ) Anyway. On to the review. Please be noted this is not to be confused as a guide, and everything here is my own opinion. Overview: The v4.5 has a really awesome concept! It has tons of features, such as letting your Tama go to school & work, unlock passwords, codes, & earn souvenirs, and my favorite-MAIL! All of these features are jam-packed into a reasonable-sized Tama! The games are awesome, but a bit too long for my taste. The concept of naming your Tama is so cute, I swear! The food section already has a variety of choices in stock, which is awesome. The post section is my favorite feature, as you get mail, fortunes, and letters. Pros & Cons: PROS-awesome features jam-packed with mini-games once you get to the adult stage and begin working lots of codes & passwords you can use to get bonus items amount of Gotchi Points earned though games; they don't give you too little for a long game shell designs are great, size is great since it's suber portable characters are cute skill points affect your Tama's lifestyle can connect with v1, v2, v3, v4, Ketai, Akai, & Plus CONS-games are long happy and hungry hearts drop fast-in my own experience buttons are not very responsive-in my own opinion Conclusion & Recommending: I'd recommend it to people who are looking for a fun, feature-packed (gosh I've typed 'feature' a lot of times!) Tama, Also to those people who want a Tama that is not too easy yet not too diffiult. And of course, to those who are collectors (duh!). This Tama is medium-maintenance, and there's always a PAUSE option if you feel overwhelmed. Rating: 4.6/5 Where To Find v4.5s: There are quite a few new ones and a lot of used ones available on eBay which are a little pricey. But if you look well, you can probably find one at a reasonable price. There are Tamagotchis on online stores like Amazon as well. Additional Sites/Topics/Reviews on the v4.5: Erica Griffin's Tamagotchi v4.5 Review & Walk-through- Atlantic Raven's Tamagotchi v4.5 Review- Tamagotchi Wikia on the v4.5- Tamagotchi Connection (scroll down to see the v4.5 one)- Tamametchi v4.5 101- v4.5 Guides & Cheats: TAMAGIRL2008's v4.5 Guide- missana256's v4.5 Guide- v4.5 Cheatbook- I'm sure I forgot about/did not include some guides, reviews, and cheats, and I apologize for that. Overall, I hope you liked this review, I had to rewrite it again because some portions of it got lost due to my laptop glitch. Thanks for reading! I hope I helped! @amarie out. .
  8. I hope it helps any of you.
  9. I posted this on PCKF, but I'll post it here too. I originally played this game years ago, and I decided to play it again. I sort of like it, but I feel some parts could have been a lot less "weird". It's a trilogy similar to Bio Menace, Duke Nukem, and Commander Keen. First of all, the storyline is just bizarre. What is this "GORG" asteroid thing? Why are there human-like "Eloi" creatures inside it? The overall plot just seems so weird. What are the bearded "wise men" that are sitting around? They rise in the air and say a message when they are approached, but are they supposed to be helpful or not? The first "wise man" says "You will die!" suggesting they are unfriendly, but the other wise men seem to give some sort of hints. But usually, this "hint" is some strange message that I can't even come close to understanding...stuff like "Seek solidity. It may let you pass." and "Asteroid is factory, factory is asteroid" or whatever. It sounds like random gibberish. The camera is atrocious. In games like Commander Keen, the camera centers on you, but in GateWorld, it's just annoying. You have to "drag" the camera around by moving, so that for example, if you want to see what's to the left, you have to move all the way to the left of the screen and drag along the camera...and you can barely even see what's in front of you! Often, things will fall on your head, you'll land on stuff where you can't see what's below you, you'll enter teleporters without knowing if it will teleport you right into an enemy, and so on. The music: The music is just awful. I tried the General MIDI setting and the OPL settings, but none of them do the music any justice. The music on the first level sounds like several songs playing together at once. It's a jumbled mess. Another song sounds like a bunch of random screwy notes on random instruments, and the boss music is extremely lousy. Most other DOS games like this, especially Apogee's, EPIC's, etc. have very well-composed mood-setting music. But the GateWorld music doesn't even fit the theme of the game. Some of it is so bad it sounds like someone opened up their MIDI sequencer and drew a bunch of random notes everywhere without even attempting to make it sound musical. But aside from that, the game is ok, and I still actually managed to enjoy some of it. It's kind of nice and still playable, but I think Homebrew could have done a better job.