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Found 18 results

  1. my paletchi has had a tear on her face since yesterday, i can perform all the actions with her (feeding, games, shower, going out, playing with toys), but not the medicine, so i know she's not ill. if i praise her, all the usual happy animations and sounds play, but she still has the tear. i've seen people suggested giving timeouts for other versions, but i have an idL and idk if i'm just not seeing it, but idk where to find it :c :c i have a japanese tamagotchi idL, i can't read japanese so i've been getting by using online guides and google translate, pls help me huhu
  2. Recently, my well loved Pianitchi left me and died, and Im very sad 😢. I am here to remember it and share her interests with fellow Tama fans, who ( hopefully ) feel the same as me. Pianitchi loved playing piano 🎹. Her favourite song to play was the tamagotchi dance. She loved eating corn, and always went to the park. Her mother, cofrietchi was sad when she heard the news ( obviously ). Pianitchis best friend was memetchi and they always exchanged presents. Here is here photo album: 🌽 her first corn on the cob 🎹 her piano 🏡 her house her best friend I am still getting over the grief of losing her. I hope you feel the same way. Lucky Cat
  3. Today Maeve, my Coffret Set P's, died. I tracked her progress on my log, as she was going to try and be the Longest Living Tamagotchi. Or at least manage for a long time. Manage she did, reaching the ripe old age of 50. Today, however, she died due to my negligence. I sent her to work and completely forgot to check up on her when she got back. Rest in Peace, Maeve. You will be desperately missed, as my own personal record for the longest living Tamagotchi. <3
  4. For me, it's Toy Story 3 and Wreck-It-Ralph. What about YOU guys? I bet someone here is gonna say that they cried while watching Big Hero 6..
  5. I've pictured a scene: a plump, old lady sitting in her armchair and holding out a yellow Tamagotchi P's, saying: ‘My dear Kira, my best friend, we'll be together till the end’. She walked out of her dressing room and headed to the living room of her tiny house. ‘Today is a ceremony day! You turn 50 years old! ‘she said to the Tamagotchi. ‘You’re an old lady now, but you still look wonderful, like you’re still 20! Let’s party like you party in Dream Town! I wish I could throw you a parade. People here wouldn’t understand. They say it doesn’t have feelings if it doesn’t live in real life. But You, Kiraritchi, are a part of a world called TamaPlanet. You exist in my world thanks to technology. You indeed exist. I raised you, you gave me joy. ‘ She said and suddenly closed her eyes and became silent. After 5 minutes Kiraritchi beeped for food, but the old lady wasn’t there. Her soul was in the Angelgotchi Heaven. Her body stayed still, with the yellow Tamagochi in her hand.
  6. This poem, with each stanza a haiku, was written as a tribute to my bff that moved on the 29 of October to a new school. I miss her, and I wish she had never moved. Tears clouding my eyes Running down my face, silent I lost my best friend Empty hole inside My stomach falls each morning She's not on the bus Cafeteria At the table I sit down She's not at her spot Walking home from school She's not at the house I know Somewhere else she is Goodbye, Piper dear See you once again my friend I wish you were here
  7. I miss... I miss... I miss... I miss the way the sunshine blazed through the clouds I miss the flowers that bloomed on both sides of my path I miss the shade of blue in the great sky, up so high I miss the sound of gentle wind rustling the tall grass. What happened to that special feeling I felt? Butterflies in my stomach at your very thought What happened to all the happiness we shared? A smile, a giggle, whenever we talked. Now the sun is just a illusion that was never true The flowers have all wilted and I can't find my way The sky isn't there, no matter how far I look The grass is gone, never to return another day I miss the love, I miss the joy, I miss the life The butterflies have flown into the dark. There's no such thing as happiness. There's just an empty void in my heart. I miss you I miss me I miss the way it used to be I miss me I miss you I don't know what to do
  8. I'm staring at the chatroom tonight, not a message, to be seen He's talking in main chat, yet in private, he's ignoring me The guilt is biting, yet I'm not going to apologize, This relationship won't work, no matter how we try Don't let him in, don't let him see that you weren't what you were made out to be conceal don't feel well now he knows crap now he knowws so let him go, let him go, I don't want to cry anymore let him go, let him go the happiness is out the door here I stand, and here I stay let the silence rage on, he's in another country anyway ************ it's funny how some distances make everything seem small, and the fears that once controlled me, can't get to me at all its time to see what I can do go on dates and have 500 crushes too no right no wrong to rules for me, I'm free~ Let him go let him go Find hope in the clear blue sky let him go let him go Too many times I've cried here I stand, and here I stay let the silence rage on *********** I will say what I have to say even if you don't care even halfway across the world the tension swells and fills the air For quite a while in the happiness there was a crack so I'm never going back the past is in the past so let him go let him go it's a new day a new dawn let him go let him go that cute lil girl is gone here I stand and here I stay let the silence rage on he called me unfaithful anyways (this horrible excuse of a parody was brought to you by the Shower. Please excuse the lack of capitalization as the singer is not in her right mind at the moment)
  9. I used to play with them all the time when I was little, up until they stopped selling V6s in stores. After that, I put away my collection and did other things. I got back into Tamagotchi after my dad died, when my family and I were staying with my grandparents. After a few months, we moved back into our house, and I put my collection away again. A while later, I felt like turning on my V4.5. I noticed that the date was almost exactly a year from the last time I played. It seems like whenever I feel sad or lost (even if I'm not fully aware that I am), I turn to my Tamagotchis. I guess it just brings me back to when I was 8, when the most I had to worry about was making sure this little toy wouldn't die, and keeping my room clean.
  10. Here's just a random rubbish poem thing I wrote and I don't even. ▁▂▃▅▆▇ If I had died yesterday ▇▆▅▃▂▁ If I had died yesterday How would things be now? A different today It doesn't matter how You'd wonder where I'd gone You wouldn't yet know my fate You'd want me to come back But it would be too late When you find out I just know you'd cry I'd miss you too I never wanted to die And forever after my death Things would never be the same All my friends grieving for me A gravestone with my name If I had died yesterday You'd be full of sorrow A different today And a different tomorrow Each day my heart still beats Is a blessing, a miracle so true I don't need heaven just yet I already have one with you
  11. Spent most of the day moving houses and realised that I forgot to pause my Tamas! When I finally came to them, they were no more :<
  12. This was the worst day of my entire life. My favourite Tama, Petal, passed away at 5:43 AM, just as I was about to feed her her morning scone. I've been dreading this day since I first saw her emerge from that egg. I will be sad for the rest of my life. I am traumatized for life. I really would appreciate any condolences as I am heartbroken over her passing. Thanks Tama lovers, I know I can count on you Love Northie Jones <3
  13. I CANNOT BELIEVE TAMATOWN IS GONE FOREVER!!!!!! I was really looking forward to going there after changing my tamago and music star's battery. but when i got on there all it said was OK! don't believe me? see for yourself! But i am sooooo glad i found tamatalk so i can express my ANGER!!!!!!!! anyways, if any of you know why tamatown is gone, please let me know and rage with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps. why are most of the smileys memetchi? kind regards, fingerbudstchi
  14. So I left my Tamago alone for a few hours and when I came back my poor lil Kilalatchi's health was all the way down and he had a little word bubble over his head that said, "Taylor...." So does this happen when they are close to dying or leaving? Props to this tama making me feel the worst after neglecting my lil guy for a bit ahaha!
  15. Tamagotchi's Name: Feliks 2 Tamagotchi's Age: 8 I think Date of Birth: 5th June 2012 Date of Passing: 16th June 2012 (I think there was one time I paused him) What Generation? 1 Other Information? He looked exactly like Feliks 1, and I thought he'd make it through just one hour. Apparently I was wrong. Your Comments: Feliks 2, you were married, had a son, you might have got an award tonight. We will never know now. I was so sure you would get me to Generation 2. I checked you just before I left for my netball game. You were perfectly fine, I thought you'd last an hour at home being unpaused. When I got back home and checked on you, you were gone. I was so sad I cried. Now I'm too sad to restart my Music Star, I actually took the battery out. ;-; R.I.P
  16. Tamagotchi's Name: Feliks Tamagotchi's Age: 7 Date of Birth: 26 May 2012 Date of Passing: 5th June 2012 What Generation? 1 Other Information? Tarakotchi, 7yrs, in a band called Awesome Your Comments: Feliks, your leaving was so sudden, I could have sworn you were fine. I miss you so much, I actually cried when I found out you left. I was like "Why Feliks?! Why did you leave me?! No!!" In your honour, I named the new little boy Feliks also. At least I saved that log in code of yours so I can visit you on TamaTown whenever I like.
  17. well, i suppose most of us have grown up with a special pet or animal that we loved. and for most of us, these animals may have moved on into a different life. feel free to share your stories, and have us all feel a bit of your love for them as well. as well, if you remember a story of maybe a little bird or animal you helped nursed back to health, feel free to share it. here's mine. when i was maybe 5 or 6 i got a dwarf hamster. i named him silver for his lovely gray, soft coat. he was a very calm and nice hamster, and i loved playing with him. he lived in a small little cage behind the dining room table. every day i would get up and play with him, feed him, and put him in his rolling ball. it was so funny to look at, this little teensy silver hamster racing around the house in a little plastic ball! sometimes i would even take him up to my room in his rolling ball and show him around my room. he prob'ly didn't really mind. then one day i came down [this was probably 1 or 2 years later] to play with silver and my dad was crouching by the cage. i asked what he was doing and he said that silver wasn't moving. that sentence was probably the worst thing i had ever heard. he asked me if i wanted to hold him. one more time. i didn't want to, i was grasping on to my shirt so tight, and tears were streaming down my face. i remember running to the living room and collapsing onto the couch. i didn't even want to look at my little silver, that little hamster who brought me so much fun. i look back on this and i realize he was a hamster. usually most people don't really think hamsters are very good 'friends', or anything. but gosh, silver was amazing, and i'm so happy i had him. RIP silver. <3 as of now i have two guinea pigs named muffin and jane. they are adorable and so nice, as well as a bit skittish. but i love them and they're so funny. the only thing i'm worried about is that i got them in grade 3, when i was 8. they were probably 2 or 3 by then. now i'm in grade 7, and they're about 7 or 8, which is the desired age of a guinea pig. i really hated when my family joked about eating them when they die, so i hope they live just a year longer.
  18. OMG I just restarted my V2 instead of pressing download! R.I.P ollie To see more head on to my log.... ..... .... ... .. . My log is on my signature WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH