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Found 1 result

  1. (Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in, but anyways..) I just got scammed in Adopt Me!. Here's how it went. I saw a person in Adopt Me whose description was "Follow me if you want to duplicate your pets". So, just out of curiosity, I followed the person. Me: "I want to duplicate my pets." Scammer: "sure, just send your pets here." I sent four of my ultra rare pets, which I regret doing.. Scammer: I need more pets in order to duplicate. Me: That's all I'm giving you. If you're not going to duplicate them, give them back. Now. I started to worry. Scammer: Okay, okay. Just-- Wait! Me: Hand them over. Now. Please. The scammer sends a trade request to me. I decline. Scammer: Do you want to duplicate your pets or not?! Me: Fine, fine. I trade my pets to the scammer, one by one. Scammer: Duplicating........... Duplicating.......... The scammer just ran off. I took off after him/her. I just ran and ran. Thank GOD I had made "friends" with her in Roblox so I could teleport to where she was in-game. I arrived in her house. She kept locking it, but that didn't stop me. Until finally, the scammer decided to stop locking him/her's house. Me: Give my pets back. Please- I'll do anything. The scammer didn't say anything. I just kept sending trade requests to her, but the scammer kept declining.. I was panicking. The scammer's.. accomplice?: STICK YOUR HANDS UP LADY I thought he was the scammer's accomplice because their usernames were almost identical. accomplice: GIVE ME ALL YOUR PETS I didn't understand, but suddenly scammer no.1 started dancing. I sent yet another trade request to scammer no.1 when THIS happened: Scammer No.1: I don't have your pets! I gave them all to him! Me, in my mind: WHAT?! Omg, I never should have trusted her.. I send a trade req. to scammer no.2. He was more sympathetic, so he gave my Shiba Inu, an Ultra Rare, back to me. After that, I only got my common and uncommon pets back. My God, I was so overwhelmed so I just left the server. Here's a list of all the pets I lost. 2x Red Panda(s) [Ultra-Rare] 1x Robin [Common, they just decided to take it because it wasn't in the game anymore. ] Reindeer [Rare- again, it's not in the game anymore.] Deinonychus [Ultra-Rare, obtainable from the Fossil Egg] Sabertooth (tiger) [Ultra Rare, Fossil Egg] Frog (Ultra-Rare) [unobtainable. thats why they took 'im.] Dilophosaurus [Rare, Fossil Egg] Pterodactyl [Rare, fossil egg] Bunny [rare, obtainable from permanent in-game eggs] Woolly Mammoth [rare, fossil egg] Glyptodon [uncommon, fossil egg] Neon Cat, my first ever Neon. 13 pets. I know. If anyone wants to help me git my pets back, here's what you can do. -Walk up to anyone in the game and ask them to show you their pets. I only named one pet, so that might help. The cat's name is "Kit n e o n". -Look for anyone in the server with the words: "follow me if you want to duplicate your pets" "follow me if you want a fly potion" Help is most appreciated. If you find any of my pets, please contact my Discord. I'll provide my username below. And if you ever get hold of any of them, please send a friend request to me in Roblox and give it to me. My Roblox username: Tacoburritotchi My Discord username: tacoburritotchi#1731