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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, everyone! It’s time to start logging our tamas for the Back to School Hatch! Here are the people who signed up: *FluteLoop *Kuchikid *Iza *Jazzijk *Knighttchi’s Ballad One important note is that the original hatch host, FluteLoop, has appeared absent but all the work has been done so the last thing we need is this hatch log. Based on what came up in sign-up thread, I’m tweaking the hatch rules a bit while still being in line with the spirit of the idea. The goal of this hatch is to run a Tamagotchi for a minimum of 3 generations with a maximum of 5 generations (enough to be an accomplishment and also reasonably allowed by FluteLoops remark of “You can drop out early if you must, but please try not to go over, and do your best to stick with it until the end!” ). There is no restrictions on logging style or version. Start logging anytime – you’ll see me post a bit later – and, as FluteLoop has so aptly said, “do you best to stick with it until the end!” It’s not too late to join, so if you gotta tama and you want to log along with us, go right ahead! :^)
  2. Hello, everyone! I couldn't help but notice the lack of group hatches happening recently, and I thought since the most recent post here was for a summer hatch that the only logical course of action was to host a back to school hatch for everyone (especially those going back to school, but everyone's welcome)! Although it's hard to pinpoint a specific day, as all schools start at different times, Wikipedia states the start time of schools in the U.S. and U.K. to be anywhere from the beginning of August to early September. I was thinking a solid compromised date of August 15, which is about in the middle of the earliest start date I know of (my own, August 1) and the broader scope of 'early September.' You can start at any time that day (but it would be cool if you could start close to when your school day starts/started). It will last for 5 generations if all goes well. You can drop out early if you must, but please try not to go over, and do your best to stick with it until the end! This hatch is open to all versions and as many tamas as you'd like. Pictures are appreciated but not required, and you can use any format (basic description of the day, RP-style with all of your characters, etc.). All I need is for anyone interested to post below the tamas they'll be using so that I have a rough idea of how many people to expect! I'll be running my Music Star and my Tama-Go.
  3. So I've started my Tamagotchi P's up again after being on a hiatus, and trying to find the school/daycare option for my teen. The problem is, the option is greyed out in the menu! How do I access it again?
  4. So I read the thread on how to gain skills, and I am trying to up my Tamagotchi's sport skill set in an attempt to get a Kuromametchi. I understand you need the study set and the soccer ball, but since I can't read Japanese I'm not sure if me sending my Pokapokatchi to the school is actually doing anything? From reading it sounds like only adults can go to school, but if that's true then I don't know how you are supposed to be able to up your skills to get certain tamagotchis. I guess what I'm asking is: Am I understanding correctly on how to increase the sport skill? Can toddlers attend school? Or have I sent my Pokapokatchi to chat with that worm outside multiple times for nothing?
  5. Hi! I have a v6 who is 1 year old and has been a teenager all day. She hasn't recieved an invitation to go to school, and/or I have missed it (it's been a busy day). When I click Away, she can't go to school. I've waited the past few hours for an invitation, but nothing has changed. Are there times that are known for getting this invitation? Is she somehow too young? Have I missed the boat and she will never get to go to school and have a band? Please assist. Thanks.
  6. I'm ninteen, so I'm in college, but during the summer I work 9-5. I love taking care of my tamas, playing with them in the evenings, and watching the generations grow. But I'm also very busy, and hide my tamagotchi use from my peers and family (embarrassing). Any one else in this position? How do you find time to take care of your tamas? I hate putting them on pause all day, b/c that means they will grow half as fast, and I do get bored if they don't change frequently. Wanted to open for discussion
  7. Still can't get this incident off my mind so I figured I'd vent about it here. It started when I first sat with him in math. The funny seventh grader (I'm eighth) that plays the trumpet, the cello, and basketball. He captured my heart then, but I didn't know it. I thought I still liked a kid who has my same age (and height for that matter). Eventually the power of my own feelings took over me and I fell head over heels over a kid I hardly even knew. This went on from November to mid-way through January. I swear math teachers have magic powers or something because she placed me next to him for four more units, through those months. Then she separated us because we talked too much. My feelings slowly faded away. A few months later, March, I had a dream about the kid. Being me, I built up a crush that was even stronger than before. I felt a need to see this kid and I was totally off when he ever missed a day of school. I missed sitting next to him in the only class we had together. Fast forward to April, the night of the middle school dance. It was the first time I really got to see him interacting with other seventh graders, and he seemed to be really close to this one girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She's really sweet, but at the time I hated her instantly. My feelings for the band kid were so bad, my friends had to pull me away when I started unconsciously gravitating towards him every five minutes. They made me stand in the middle of our circle to keep me from escaping. Fast forward again, to the beginning of May. This was when I wrote it. An anonymous letter saying how much I liked him and why. I signed it with a drawing of a diamond. I folded it up and stuck it in an envelope. It didn't get delivered until two weeks ago. Wednesday. In fifth period theater, I gave it to the friend I trusted most who was in seventh period band with him. She delivered it for me. I had PE seventh period. During PE, me and a friend went to the bathroom before class started. Since I'm stupid, I managed to forget they were having a dress rehearsal in the cafeteria during that period. The bathroom we were in was in the cafeteria. I left the restroom, still not knowing there was a band rehearsal when I saw him. He had the note in his hands and his friends were all surrounding him. I panicked. I sped towards the exit onto the field but one of his friends stopped me. He asked me if I was in fifth period theater. I said that I was and then said that PE was starting and that I had to go. He shouted after me, begging me to talk to him, but I ran towards my class on the field. The next day, during recess, I was sitting in a circle with the same friends from the dance. I saw one of them pull the note out and begin reading it. There were only two people in my friend group that knew at the time and she was not one of them. I quickly and quietly explained that I wrote it and she let me see the suspects list they had written on the back. My name was the first on the list. I had her tell him that I liked someone else. She did, and I thought I was in the clear. That's when my messenger told me that someone else knew. On the day I had her deliver the note, she had a fifth grader with her to explain what middle school is like. This fifth grader told another seventh grader. This seventh grader told the kid's best friend, and the best friend told him. Now he thinks I'm psychotic, and to make matters worse, he asked the blonde girl out on the last day of school. I'm still sad about it and I still like him to this day. End of rant. EDIT: I'm rereading this and realizing how silly I sound! Sorry
  8. Haha okay. I'm bored so... Once, I brought my Tamagotchi Dreamtown to school. Apparently, the sound wasn't off... and then... BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! People were looking at me like... Dafuq?! But they all knew that I didn't have a phone. Luckily, the beeping stopped and no one suspected that it was me. Moral of this story... TURN THE SOUND OFF! The end.
  9. Hello. May I know... 1. when will the tamagotchi ps adult go to school 2. weather or not you need to let the tamagotchi try out all the classes and 3. If the tama will automatically go to school 4. How does your tama get a job and when will it go to work 5. Lastly, how do you raise your Tamagotchi with multiple personalities Thanks!
  10. So yesterday I was at the solon getting my hair done. I brought all five of my tamagotchis because I knew it would take a long time before I was at there. One of the tamagotchis I brought was my new 1996 tamagotchi, which I had wanted since I had started playing Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. I few hours later I lady who looked like she was in about her twenties or so came in and noticed me playing with my tamagotchi. She asked me about and I told her about my little tamagotchi collection while she told me about stories of her giga pet. At one point she told me this funny story about how in 1996 you couldn't play certain games unless you owned a tamagocthi or other virtual pet. Was that really true about tamagocthis? Does anyone have a similar story?
  11. Okay, I'm writing a novel and it begins when this girl enters a new school. I haven't specified which grade (in the book), but I've been hinting at middle school. So, what happens when you very first enter a public middle school??? Do you sign any papers or something? Also, what age do you start middle school? And what age do you graduate from it??? I have no idea because I'm homeschooled and never went to public.
  12. *knocks* Anyone homeschooled? We could all compare curriculum and stuff.
  13. Uhm so the old topic died (, well at least I think it did ._. So ok whatever I'll just start Today in math this guy was looking at me so I said "Stop looking at me" and then he looked at me again and made this weird chicken noise xD And today In English this girl saw bananas on the back table and then said "I want a banana" and then I said "that depends, which kind do you want?" Today there was a sub in English and then this guy told the sub "I eat raccoons" and the sub said "You need counseling" xD
  14. I know there has already been a couple topics like this but all of them are dead. So I decided to bring it back up again. I'm in high school now, and all of my teachers are nice and don't yell unlike in Middle School where there was at least 3 teachers that liked to yell at their students. Now teacher's in my school don't put up with that crap. But my only problem is my EPS subsitute teacher. (my regular teacher is sick until after the Holiday Break, and EPS is a type of Special-ed class) First off, she has a big problem with people creating art. There is this girl in my class that has a panic disorder, and she creates bead-art to help calm herself down. The first week the sub was in the class, she saw the girl doing her bead-art and guess what the she did? Dumped the beads on the floor. Well, let's just say that didn't help with the poor girl's nerves at ALL. Similar incidents like the one above have happened so much, that one day I felt like taking my iPod and recording the teacher's actions on camera. It was THAT bad. So, do you have a mean/nasty teacher at your school? Or have you had one at your previous schools?
  15. I wonder why no-one created this already... Anyway, what is your school like? The teachers, the other kids there, the classrooms, how many bullies or annoying people there are, whether you get picked on and stuff. Remember NOT to include anything unsafe, like the name of the school, the exact number of students/teachers/rooms/whatever, or the names of anyone there (except your first name, if you say it online anyway). My school is very boring. I'm stuck in elementary school for another 2 or 3 months I think, and I can't wait for that to be over. Elementary school, in my country (UK), is called primary school and consists of ages four to eleven. I am almost eleven and the second oldest kid in the school. I do not enjoy all the kiddy "fun activities" we do. At least MY teacher has some idea of what 10 and 11 year olds like, because we get to play on computer games (not even educational ones!) once we've finished our work. She yells a lot and has an odd accent, she pronounces the word "science" as "signs", so since it's not actually proper science, I came up with the idea of calling the subject Signs, lol. The teaching is really bad at my school and the lessons are boring. The 4 and 5 year olds are super annoying, they always get what they want and get the best of everything. It's okay though, for some reason even though everyone tries to be mean to me, it's funny. So, what's your school like? Just remember, follow the TamaTalk safety rules .. TM Edit: Please try to remember, this is not a thread to discuss bullying, (we already have an active topic on the forums about that here: )
  16. Let's get straight to the point. Teachers are supposed to help us learn stuff but sometimes they teach the wrong stuff. My old social studies teacher pronounced cacao as kah-kay-oh but that's wrong and it confuses me and now I don't know how to pronounce it... And once when I showed some preschoolers my science experiment, their teacher said "Did you saw that?" OMG how will the little kids turn out in the future if they are surrounded by people like this? But I did have an awesome teacher once, he taught me music in grade 5, best music teacher ever!!! He wasn't strict and his classes were fun. I still remember him from grade 5 even though now I'm in high school.
  17. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I need tips on how to take my Tama-Go to school. Since the Tamagotchi is really huge, its impossible to fit in my pocket, and if I put it in my book-bag, it'll get crushed by my heavy textbooks. And What should I do with the figurines?