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Found 8 results

  1. Recently I’ve stumbled upon a tumblr post regarding Polywatch being a suitable scratch buffer for color Tamagotchi’s, such as magical meets. Unfortunately after about 2-3 days of play, I got a nasty vertical scratch on my meets screen. I went with Polywatch because it seemed like there was a fair amount of debate on whether or not Duplex works or not, or ruins screens in general. After about 4-5 applications, the smaller screen scratches are nearly gone, however the larger one is still present. I’m going to post my overall results on my tumblr to show before/after images. Anyone have any positive experiences with their own solutions to removing scratches?
  2. So I recently traded for a Tama IDL, 15th anniversary edition. And it isn't in the best cosmetic shape. It isn't incredibly horrible, no marks on the actual screen and the purple shell is not "sun burned" which I never even knew was possible until I aquired this Tama lol... but the "15" symbol is very scratched off, and the clear plastic surrounding the screen is very scratched. I am wondering if displex (which I know is for fixing scratches on screens) could work if I tried to use it to fix some of the scratches on the clear plastic around the screen? I do not want to attempt if it will make the plastic cloudy. So, anyone who has attempted this, or knows anything about displex at all (I've never used it) I appreciate any suggestions ^-^
  3. Hello all! I have quite a few deep scratches on my tamagotchis. mostly on the screen though! I dried displex on the screens and it worked ok, but there are still some scratches on it any suggestions for fixing that? and what about the rest of the toy? there are quite a few scratches on there too sadly... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm willing to try just about anything! ~Miau
  4. Help please! I have tiny but noticeable scratches in the corner of my tamagotchi screen you can see them only in sunlight but It bothers me a lot. Is there any way to seal or cover the scratches without some fancy scratch remover? I've heard erasers work on some screens but I don't know if it will actually work.
  5. Well, I love the design of my TMGC+C and TamaGo, but the way the screen was made so round makes them EXTREMELY EASY TO SCRACTH, I mean, I've been taking the carefully inside a sock all the time I take them with me, and the screen gets scratched I don't know why. My Music Star doesn't have a SINGLE srcatch and I've taken it everywhere in my bag without a single protection, so I'm guessing is the round shape and the materials what makes them so scratchy. I recently bought some displex for mobiles with regular screen (non touch), I'm guessing that's the right one for the Tamagotchi's right? I heard it can help a lot to make the screens look like new, and I don't know anyone who has screwed their Tamagotchi's by doing so, so I guess it works? o3o Also bought some iphone protectors for my uncle (the pack of 6 was cheaper than just 1 lol) and I'm keeping 3 of them, could I cut them and put them into my Tamagotchi's after applying the displex on them? or will it do something weird? it doesn't matter if it's a protector for a touchable screen right? I hope you can help me guys, because I'm trying to keep my tama's in good condition as well as I can
  6. Hello everyone!! I'm new to TamaTalk, so it's lovely to meet you all! I used to own a Tamagotchi as a child but I don't have much memory of that. A couple of summers ago, I started up a V4 and had so much fun! I've decided to buy a Tamgotchi P's beause they are just so pretty. I am so excited, it should arrive really soon! I was wondering - how much protection does my P's need? I do not want it to get scratched, but I am not really a fan of the crocheted cases. They are very pretty, but I personally prefer it without a case of any kind. How necessary are the crocheted cases? Do the P's scratch easily? I plan on giving it a screen protector, is that a good idea? I believe I will be carrying it on a lanyard most of the time. I'd love to know your experiences with damage to your tamas and any advice would be great. Thank you all! :3 Also! Another quick question... Will the Yumemiru Change Ribbon lanyard be long enough to put around my neck? I am not really sure what kind of lanyard to buy. Thank you again!
  7. I have lots of scratches on my Tamagotchi P's, both on the screen and off the screen. Some of them are really bugging me, and I'm wondering if there is any way to remove them? They're not clearly visible, but you can see a few bumps/scratches. I'm willing to buy any scratch remover or just use a tip.
  8. So I got a Digimon D3 and noticed the screen scratched up here and there. I'm rather OCD about my stuff so looked for a way to fix the screen if possible. I read about Displex on here but was iffy about spending so much on such a tiny bottle of something I wasn't sure would work. Looked around online and then found out about Meguiar's Plastx. This stuff works great, it's not harsh at all and got rid of most of my scratches. It's a plastic cleaner and polish all in one and it's only about 6 bucks at Wal-Mart for a 295mL/10 fl oz bottle. A lot more for your buck than Displex! You can find it in the automotive section next to the waxes. Here's a link to it on the store site: