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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all! Does anyone happen to know what type of screw the large back screw is that holds the back cover to the connection tamas, and where I can find replacement screws for it? ;_; I'm thinking they may sell them at a home improvement store if I just knew what type to get! 😅Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi All, I am new here Hoping someone would be able to please advise me on the following: 1) What size is the screw (single large screw) in the back plate of vintage (1996-1997) Tamagotchis? 2) What size are the 4 screws (4 small screws in corners) under the back plate of vintage (1996-1997) Tamagotchis? 3) What size is the screw (single large screw) in the back plate of Tamagotchi connection V2-V4, etc.? 4) What size are the 4 screws (4 small screws in corners) under the back plate of Tamagotchi connection V2-V4, etc.? Was anyone able to find suitable replacement screws for Vintage and Modern Tamagotchis? If yes, would you be able to please share the brand/type of screws you are using? Thanks a ton!
  3. I have the perfect screwdriver for removing stuck and stripped screws. Even for screws that wouldn't budge with any other screwdrivers, this one did the job like a breeze. I bought it for just $3.25 in an electrical store and it was worth it for opening my poor, stuck TamaOtch! The link is Australian sorry ouo; A screwdriver with the same measurements (000 x 40mm) and a nice big handle should work nicely too. Thin handles are bad because you are unable to exert enough pressure to turn the stuck screw. So if you have a problem with screws, get one of these screwdrivers
  4. Long story short, a few of my vintage tamagotchi's screws have become very striped over time, and I greatly need to replace them. This leads to my main question, what size (Or specification/type) of screw will I need to get to replace these screws with? Also while I'm on the topic, a saw a few members suggest using the 4 smaller screws from an un-working connection model as replacements, although they seem almost twice as long as the originals. These would need to be cut to size, no?
  5. Well I have a purple tama-go and I've been wanting to play with it but I can't because I can't get the back to unscrew. It looks like the edges in the screw are dull so there's kind of just a circle in the screw. I think it's because I've been using a screwdriver that was POSSIBLY too big in the past... Any help with this issue?
  6. I received my p1 Tamagotchi from Ebay a while ago. I got one screw out but the second won't budge. I've tried many different screw drivers and it hasn't moved one bit! I don't want to warp the screw heads but want to be able to run my first p1. Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  7. I ordered it about a week ago, but I didn't expect it to come so soon (Ebay said it would be a couple of weeks probably.) I'm going to wait until tomorrow to activate it since I don't have to work, and I can enjoy the day with it after Church, and yes I know it is very dusty!
  8. Hi, everyone! So, as most vintage Tama owners know, soft screws are a pretty common issue with the older models. I recently stripped a screw on my Umino really badly, and while a friend was able to get it out for me, there's only one screw holding the back in place now. That's why I'm wondering if anyone was able to find any GOOD replacement screws for the vintage Tamas .I had the idea of bringing my Tama to a watch and jewellery repair place to see if they have any small replacement screws. I've also heard that eyeglass repair kits should have some small screws that are about the right size, but I was hoping to hear some personal stories. Thanks!
  9. So, I found a vintage Tama that I really want for a good price, but the problem is that one of the screw heads broke off and the rest of the screw is still stuck in the Tamagotchi. Is there any way of removing the back or the screw when it is in this condition? Thanks in advance.
  10. I recently aquried a P2 Tamagotchi off of eBay. When I went to replace the batterys, I discovered that one of the screws has been stripped quite badly. I would like to avoid damaging my tam if at all possible, so I don't want to just pry the back off, and would only like to use power tools as a last resort. So, does anybody here have any suggestions about what I could do?