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Found 10 results

  1. Please excuse any spelling errors or just weirdness in how I type. I haven’t been breathing good for over 3 months now and I am really starting to see the effects. I have a serious type of asthma where I am baisically never breathing normally. It can be made worse by extreme emotion or other triggers suck as smoke. Besides some extremely stressful family issues, I live in the woods and there is currently a very Smokey wildfire going on. The house isn’t in any danger yet but the wind blows the smoke to my house. If my breathing gets worse, I will be hospitalized. I’m currently bedridden and really lonely. Having a tamagotchi would help. The Tamagotchi P!x has an incredibly short battery life and while I can ask my family for help opening the battery compartment, they are incredibly busy and never around. I waited months to get this tama, had it running for 2 1/2 days and then it died. I will not be able to get help with the screw for probably another month or so. After that it will be yet another month before I can get them replaced when they inevitably die again. Is there something else I could use in place of a screw that would allow me easy access to the battery compartment without a screw? I was thinking about using tape but I can’t really grip it anymore. I think something where I add a bit of pressure to the area where the screw is would work best since.
  2. A while ago, I bought 2 used Tamagotchi Connections at a pawn shop. They worked just fine, but the battery cover screw was corroded in both of them: I searched the internet for ways to remove the corrosion. Some people would even use ketchup, but the most effective way was letting the screws sit in vinegar, then using a toothbrush to remove the rest of the corrosion, and finally cleaning them with alcohol. However, due to me being busy with school, a year passed and I still hadn't tried cleaning the screws, until a few days ago when I had some spare time and decided to try it out. I thought, why not demonstrate the whole process on TamaTalk to help people out? First, I removed the screws from the battery covers. Tamagotchi Connection battery covers have some sort of retainer that keeps the screw from falling out. To remove the screw, I had to hold the retainer using my fingernail, then pull on the screw while twisting it counterclockwise. Now, both the screw and the retainer came out. The retainer was also a bit corroded, as well as the screw hole in the battery cover. I cleaned those with alcohol. Now, the fun part. I let the screws sit in apple cider vinegar for around 30 minutes. Then, I scrubbed them with a toothbrush several times. Both the screws came out looking way better, but one of them still had some ugly black marks where the corrosion was. As a last resort, I sandpapered it. I have no idea what the exact grit of the sandpaper was, but eyeing it, it seemed to be around ~200 grit. This improved the appearance of the screw drastically. Here are the results! Comparing it to a non-corroded screw of another tama, the finish looks less shiny. But it's a lot better than a corroded screw! I hope this tutorial was easy to understand! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  3. Hey all! Does anyone happen to know what type of screw the large back screw is that holds the back cover to the connection tamas, and where I can find replacement screws for it? ;_; I'm thinking they may sell them at a home improvement store if I just knew what type to get! 😅Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I bought a Devilgotchi and I tried to remove the screws. (I used a little mechanical oil before) (Of course I used the right screwdriver) I thought already I had it, but then both screw heads just broke off!!! (They broke very near the screw head) The screw shafts still remain in the shell and they also don't stick out a little. look for yourselves: I don't need to say, I'm devastated. Still I ask you guys, do you think there is a (destruction free) way to remove the screws?
  5. hi, i just bought an old, original tamagotchi from a yard sale. on the back it says 1997, and its green with yellow and black. it has the back a bit lifted, so i can see it has no batteries, and that there are two spaces for batteries, but i cant open it to apply new ones, since the screws on the back are destroyed, and they look like someone tried to open it but failed. the left screw looks on the outside like someone tried to remove it with heat. its my first tamagotchi, and i really dont know how to remove the lid or what kind of batteries it needs. thanks in advance! ^^
  6. Hello again! I have a Tamagotchi that just recently lost it's sound due to one of the wires detaching. I'm trying to open the cover to get to the circuit board, but it appears one of the screws is stuck, because it will not budge from it's spot. It isn't stripped, and I use a cheap screwdriver that is used to fix eyeglasses (the screwdriver itself is as small as my index finger). Do I need a new screwdriver, or is my tamagotchi out of luck? Thank you in advance.
  7. Stripped Screws and How to Fix Them So we've all had that problem, you're trying to get inside your tama to clean the contacts, and the screwdriver slips and then the screw won't come out. This is incredibly frustrating, and possibly damaging to the tama. After wrestling with an angelgotchi for three hours last night, I thought it was time that someone made this topic. Prevention If your screw slips 2-3 times and doesn't seem to be catching, DON'T KEEP TRYING THE SAME METHOD. This can further strip the screw and make it harder to remove in the long run. I've found that vintage screws are particularly susceptible to stripping, and so are the internal screws (the ones underneath the battery cover). Use a Different Screwdriver Most tamagotchi screws are Phillips heads (an x-cross), and the most common cause of stripping is using the wrong size or kind of screwdriver. If your Phillips head keeps slipping, use a slightly larger flathead and press it firmly down into the middle of the screw. Tilt it slightly and twist it slowly in the direction you want it. If it continues to slip after a couple of tries, continue to the next method. Create Some Traction If the screw is still not cooperating, the best thing to do is to create some traction. Get a wide rubber band (I've found that duct tape with the sticky side on the screw aslo works) and stretch it over the screwhead. Then, press your screwdriver into it and use the method above to try and remove the screw. This method is also less likely to cause further damage, so if you have a particularly stubborn screw this is the best method Loosen the Screw From the Inside Sometimes, the screw is just plain stuck. You might have to grease it to get it to come out. Some DW-40 (or vegetable oil, or any other kind of oil. Just NOT WATER) is often best for this job. Apply a small amount around the base of the screw and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Then wipe it off and use the combined methods above to further coerce it into cooperation. This doesn't normally damage the inside or the shell, but still be careful where you grease. Get a Jeweler Many places where you can buy jewelry or watches will be happy to open your tama for you (often for a relatively low cost) and sometimes even have extra screws that you can use. If you're really having trouble, this is the best way to go. Jewelers are professionals and get the job done with the least amount of damage to any of the components. They often have batteries, or know where you could find some. Brute Force If none of the above methods worked for you, and you don't care much about the shell, you might just want to pry it open. Jam some scissors into the seam between the two plastic plates that make up the shell and wiggle it back and forth. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. YOU MIGHT AS WELL GET A NEW TAMA AT THIS POINT. I would love to hear some of your other methods for removing screws, and I'll add them to this list with your permission.
  8. I have the perfect screwdriver for removing stuck and stripped screws. Even for screws that wouldn't budge with any other screwdrivers, this one did the job like a breeze. I bought it for just $3.25 in an electrical store and it was worth it for opening my poor, stuck TamaOtch! The link is Australian sorry ouo; A screwdriver with the same measurements (000 x 40mm) and a nice big handle should work nicely too. Thin handles are bad because you are unable to exert enough pressure to turn the stuck screw. So if you have a problem with screws, get one of these screwdrivers
  9. I just recently acquired these two Tamas and the screws are MINISCULE. I didn't know screws were even made that small. I have a bunch of small screwdrivers that I've used for my newer Tamagotchi models, but I don't have any small enough for these two. If you all don't use a screwdriver to open the back, what do you use? I've had no luck trying to use a knife.
  10. So the past few days have been a rollercoaster of emotions for me, and I just wanted to share my experience with older model's screws since I had done a lot of research on these forums beforehand. ** Sorry in advance for the quality of these photos. I am lazy and don't want to get a real camera. Cell phone + email is so much more convenient! ** Also, keeping these to links of pictures because the photos are rather large to post here. My favourite, and first purchased, Tamagotchi is orange. A lot of things are orange in my life, and therefore liking orange Tamagotchis best comes naturally. For a while, I had been eyeing the orange/yellow Japanese gen 1 Tamagotchi... you know, the one that typically can run $50 and looks like this: I ended up stumbling across one while refreshing Ebay at work - $19.99 buy out! I snatched it immediately. Shipping was something like $5.50, so it was awesome (Canadian dollars, btw). I was suuuper excited. This Tamagotchi is my favourite generation 1. I love the colors, and I especially love the design. So, it arrives at my house. I'm ecstatic. Being super anal about corroded batteries, I carefully cut the tape and pop the Tamagotchi out the bottom of the package. I grab my handy-dandy screwdriver that I use for 99% of my Tamagotchis, and begin unscrewing. Well.. it's not really turning. I keep slipping. I get worried, and call up my father (works as an electrical technician of sorts - so perfect for the job!) to maybe help me. I knew it'd be worth the wait. Dad's turn and he can't open it. The screws are so old that they aren't really holding. He turns me away saying he can't open it. I leave, being really upset because again, I'm anal and want the batteries out ASAP. Later at home, I looked on a lot of forums and guide of how to get out tough screws. I tried everything. Rubber band, oil, wet cloth - it wouldn't budge without slipping. Of course I was frustrated, and among trying all of the above ways... I had stripped the screws. Yes, of my beloved, favourite generation 1 Tamagotchi that I found for a wicked deal. I was really sad. Again, I hit the forums looking for ways to get the screws out. I read a lot of posts with using a tiiiny drill bit to power screw them out. So - went back to my father and he was able to get parts to hopefully get these screws out. For about 3 hours, we stood at the kitchen counter trying to get them out and it just wasn't happening. Even after the heads were finally removed, the screw tails were embedded in the plastic underneath. You'd think some pliers would pull/twist them out - but the metal was SO soft, and you couldn't even grasp it without it just breaking away. I was frustrated to the extreme. After spending hours carefully trying to remove the screws with a drill.. this is what the back panel looked like: My father told me before he went drilling into my toy that if anything happened to it - I couldn't complain. I followed, and kept my mouth shut. He did try as best he could to get those screw heads off. I was quite upset the holes in the back were now ruined, and unuseable. But - it wasn't over. I held my emotions back. Even though the back was off, there was no way I could replace the screws with the little screw tails stuck in the plastic. Out of desperation, I asked my father to continue trying his best to get them out, and they weren't budging. I was heartbroken. Heartbroken more than I would ever expect to be over a toy. Not to sound silly, but I was crying. This was my favourite faceplate/color scheme (let me stress that), and I really strive to keep my Tamagotchis in perfect condition. After removing batteries, I put them back in the package and seal it up - keeping them safe. To see this Tamagotchi's back all beaten up really hurt. A while later, my boyfriend found out how upset I was. Heck, even my MOTHER somehow knew (perhaps he told her). They both reassured me it was just a toy and I'd find another. My Mom was even looking at Devilgotchis online (LOL, should've let her keep going). After a while, my boyfriend purchased a new one on Ebay for $50 + $15 shipping. At this point, I was happy.. but still upset over what I had done to the original. I was frustrated with the screws, and again went back to my father asking him to get them out as best he could. We went back at it with a drill for the 3rd time. A few yelps from me later, they came out. It's incredible how tough they were.. but the softness of the metal was what did it. The inside ended up looking like this: At this point, the toy was worthless. It was no longer in acceptable condition to me, and in it's honor, I decided I'd use it. I mean, I might as well.. after all this work. It's my favourite, and if I was that upset over ruining the screw holes in the first place, it deserves to be cherished. In the heat of the moment, I decided to put clear nail polish over the top "TAMAGOTCH" decoration (it really adds to why I love it so much) because if I were to use it, I'd still not want to scuff off that banner. Well, 5 seconds later my boyfriend asks me something to do with the back holes, and I flip it over in my hand (obviously not thinking). When I realise the nail polish is still wet, I freak out again and try and brush off where some little dust bits got caught in it. OF COURSE, next I scuff off the paint. Brushing at the nail polish also picked up the paint under it, and yep - I scratched the decoration. It's hard to see, but there's a line scratched through the "GOTCH" part: I don't know why it got to me so much, but I seriously broke down at this point. It was as if all my good intentions were getting horribly ruined. In my mind, I destroyed this beloved toy. It took me a while to get over it, but I feel okay at this point. I've decided to find new screws that will have large enough heads to fit in the back, and that the scuff on the front should just be a reminder of how I tried to keep it safe. It's still very special to me. The new one in the mail will be special, as well, but I plan to keep than locked away from everyone (even myself), lol. This once perfect generation 1 will now be taken around and see the world with me (21 - I do lots of things! ). I won't be afraid to drop it. I won't be afraid to scratch it with my car keys. It shall be enjoyed as it was meant to be. Last photo is of my (one two, now three) main Tamagotchis. Note the color coordination I've got going on! Dark orange = first official Tamagotchi I purchased, connection v1 Yellow = English IDL Orange/yellow = obviously the poor gen 1 that will now be treated as royalty. If you've actually read all of this - yay! I just really wanted to share my experience since it was pretty intense.. and as I said earlier - I used these forums as a resource before trying what I did. Not to say that it's a bad way... I'm sure it works perfectly for some, I just had an unfortunate time with it. Cheers~!