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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! I recently restarted few of my older Tamagotchis. Sadly, some have faded shell designs, rubbed off of faded letters, or scratches in the shell paintings. I think this does apply for any tamagotchi with painted shell designs. <---- this is an example. Not mine. My designs, letterings are luckily only a very, very little faded. Im a person who likes his tamas in best condition possible and i do have good drawing skills. These little damages of mine would be very easy to touch up with a suitable paint. I tried to repaint the silver wings of my angelgotchi with a silver permanent marker but it got rubbed off very quickly, its seems not permanent enough on plastic. I wonder with what i can repaint the shell designs best. i thought of Nail polish, but i think nail polish does not dry as flat as the original paint and it would be visible that it was repainted. Do you guys have any tips for me? How about gundam markers? These are intended for painting action figures. Do anyone knows them? Are they more rub resistant?
  2. I've become curious about what shell designs the rest of you have ever since a few members paralleled with me in having the transparent blue shell. I actually bought two minis on the release date, the transparent blue design and the blue clock face design. I was quite uncertain which ones to get as I thought buying two clock faces might be too match-matchy, but I wasn't sure if two blue designs would also be too matchy. Well, as I've said, I settled on the two blue designs which really had very little to do with my favourite colour being blue. While I do consider the blue clock face to be the best of the lot, I started up the transparent blue one first. I really like transparent shells as they don't become worn and there is something so cool looking about them. Of course, the minis are such a cute size but the programming isn't the most outstanding, thus they parallel with the V5. So, what are your shells and any thoughts?
  3. So I found this Morinaga P1 and I can't really find any information about it. I've only found some stuff about the white Morinaga P1, mostly from some posts made here in like 2006. I even tried doing reverse image searches with pictures of it and I haven't been able to find anything. So has anyone seen one of these before?
  4. I was browsing Ebay a short while ago and I came across this shell design: I thought it was a rather pleasing, especially since vintages are rather plain. I've seen the usual burgundy with yellow shell design before but never with numbers, and also ProjectTamaShell doesn't have it listed either. I suppose it might be an uncommon shell, if not rare.
  5. Post a photo of your favorite Tamagotchi shell that you own! Here's mine: Sorry the view is all weird but I didn't want to get the reflections of my ceiling light in it.
  6. I was just wondering... do all of you guys care if a Tama is very big or small? Like is it a turn-off or something if the shell is big, like a v7/Tama-Go? I personally don't mind but I prefer the Connection sizes. I find the Nano a bit too small.
  7. I was wondering if the V5 decorating kits also fit the V4 and V6 models. I'm aware there would be a wider opening at the IR hole because the V6 lacks an antennae but I wonder otherwise if the fit is good.
  8. What do you think of translucent Tamagotchis? I think they look really awesome! Some people think they are ugly though. Translucent Tamagotchis with patterns on are pretty cool too, such as this one: Anyway, I wish they would make translucent Tamagotchis sometime again! You know what I really want to see? A translucent color-screen Tamagotchi in Japan. It would be weird if the whole thing was translucent, so maybe only a certain section, e.g. the metallic body on the 4U part could be translucent.
  9. I just found something amazing! Ever seen this before?? It's basically a golden Tamagotchi and it's a P2! I seriously had no idea that they were making these in the designs because I've never ever seen it before. Also... Wow. What an imagination they've got.
  10. I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on how Bandai does their releases of Tamagotchi products. I have seen shell designs that were only available in one area or another, but I was wondering what the breakdown is. In North America, do the United States and Canada always get the same things, or are they considered separate? How about Europe? Do the United Kingdom and Spain (for example) get the same things, or is the breakdown more specific by country? And is Australia (and surrounding areas) its own region release-wise, or do they share releases with the European regions? Clearly Japan is it's own thing, but that's about all I know for certain! I hope this question makes sense. I basically want to know how regions are grouped when it comes to how releases (be they product lines or simply shell designs) are done. Thank you!
  11. What's your favorite shell design? I really like this one!
  12. Does anyone know when it comes to vintage P1/G1 and P2/G2 Tamas, the rarity level when it comes to shells/colors? Such as going from most common to most rare? Or are they all about equal? I assume the limited editions ones, though, are expensive and rare of course. Also, i can't find a certain color combination on Tamenagerie. Just won a lot that has a Tama that has a pink body, green border, and blue buttons. Looks almost Easter-y but brightly colored. I don't know what version it is or what language, can't see the background of the screen in the picture. Any ideas?
  13. Hello, all! I have a Tamagotchi with a white shell that is yellowed with age. It is not just in spots, but the entire shell is more yellow than white. I know this for sure because I removed the sticker on the back, revealing a bright white rectangle that had not been affected. How can I clean the shell?
  14. I am trying to figured out what all of the shell designs are for the Tamago Chu currently in existence! So, I've found pics on the web showing theses: ↓ These come in a Black square box: • King/Queen - Black/Pink • Checkerd - Black/White • Moon/Flowers - Both white outer shell, Blue/Pink ↓ This one comes in a Pink bus shaped box: • Pink Bus Box - White/Pink shells, and some indiscernible design Then on Tama Wikia, they described the designs as the 3 that come in the Black box and a rare set as being a Silver/Pink one..... problem is, I see no mention or pics of this "rare" set anywhere. Seems a bit odd that no one would have ever taken a photo of a rare Tamago Chu set if they had it?! I suppose my question is, can someone please give me the comprehensive list of the designs, does the said Silver/Pink one exist, and also what is up with the cheap looking Pink Bus Box design? *Hoping maybe Binary or Ra might shed some light on this, or anyone who is familiar with these... thanks HF☼